6 Simple WordPress Instagram Themes to Boost your blog’s Online Presence

You know that your business website is an essential marketing tool you have at your disposal. If you can use it efficiently, it can ensure your organization’s growth in the marketplace. You even notice the effect of this trend on your establishment’s bottom-line profits. However, creating and maintaining a professional site is always a tall order for most entrepreneurs owning startup concerns.  You probably fall in the same category. Hiring a proficient expert for the task does not always guarantee you get the results you desire. Fortunately, WordPress is changing this bleak scenario. Now, it is possible for such businesspeople to come up with their professional website at a fraction of the cost.

How can Instagram WordPress themes benefit your online business?

Combining your Instagram profile to your WordPress website can help exploit the vast potential of the social media. You are probably aware that the number of people using this popular mobile photo-sharing application with approximately 800 million active users. Some experts predict that this figure is likely to exceed 1 billion in the next couple of years. Just imagine what could happen if you could sell your products to a fraction of these social media followers.The amount of revenue your business could generate online will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations. Experts specializing in this field say this is possible if you take steps to implement popular Instagram WordPress themes on your business website.

These professionals say you should consider installing the following six favorite Instagram WordPress themes for 2018 in your business website: –

  1. Piemont

You may be looking for a theme to install on your WordPress website within a short time. If this is the case, then Piemont should be your first choice. You can come up with an elegant homepage for all your photo galleries and content with this theme. For this, you need not hire a professional to carry out the task. You can do it yourself. Experts even say this theme will not fail to attract the attention of target audience. In the long-run, it can prove to be a catalyst for boosting online traffic to your website. That is something you cannot afford to ignore. After all, you do intend to gain the competitive edge in the market and consolidate your market share.


  1. Redwood

If your organization carries on business activities within the fashion, travel or food industry, this theme is a must for you. Redwood can help you connect with members of your target audience in ways you could never imagine. Some experts even say you could end up interacting with these followers at a personal level. Some of them can also end up become your close friends. This is bound to lead to a significant increase inonline traffic to your business website. The theme comes with an in-built Instagram widget plugin which you can customize to your needs. It allows you to showcase your photo gallery for either on the sidebar or footer of your business website page.


  1. Kloe

If you own online store catering to customers in a noticeable fashion sense, thenKloe is a must for your business.It allows you to showcase your high-end products in a manner which will not fail to attract their interest. Moreover, you do not need to be an expert in coding to upload such a photo gallery on your business website. You need to follow the simple instructions to perform the task on your own. This will undoubtedly result in an increase in the number of Instagram followers for your business website. You can even buy them from credible sites like https://gramblast.com/.


  1. Laurel

If you happen to operate an online retail store, you need to know more about Laurel. Implement this theme in your website can take your business to the next level. It comes with a unique WP Instagram Widget plugin which can make your photo posts stand out for your target audience. They will love to browse through these galleries whenever they log into your business website. Its features allow you to customize the layout according to the specific needs of your customers. You even use built-in MailChimp for WordPress to help you go through emails of your fan followers.


  1. Conall

If you are having problems deciding which homepage style to adopt for your website, Conall can help you out.This Instagram WordPress theme has 12 distinct layout styles from which you can choose. This is a boon for people carrying on business activities in food, fashion and pen manufacturing industries. The admin section enables you to create your professional website without hiring a professional.You can choose from a variety of features such as shortcodes, testimonials, grid sizes and five prominent headers. The result may even exceed your expectations.  You could have a site which is contemporary, elegant and beautiful.


  1. Journey

Many entrepreneurs love to give their target audience a virtual tour of their businesses. Some even go one step further and share their adventure with such customers. If you fall into this category, then Journey is the theme you need to install in your business website. It allows you to be creative with your blog contents and photo galleries to captivate the attention of such individuals. This Instagram WordPress theme has many distinct features and icons which can help you to achieve your objective.

The above six popular Instagram WordPress themes for 2018 can do wonders for your online business. Installing any one or more of them on your website can go a long way in attracting more social media followers to your business. This can boost your organization’s reputation in the market in the long-run. It will indeed enable you to consolidate your customer base in this environment and stay one step ahead of your competitors. You even notice the positive effect of this on your establishment’s bottom-line revenues. This can prove to be a win-win situation for you.

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