7 Popular Apps Among Millennials.

The world has become a lot more fashion oriented and style concerned. You need to keep track of the trends in fashion and stay updated to be noticed in the outside world. Fashion speaks a lot about a person’s mind and life. It is of utter necessity for you to keep the fashion statements in line and be specific about it. Often we are entirely clueless about the fashion world and want assistance. For such times there are professionally designed applications these days that will help you sort your fashion and stay in the league or ahead of the others. There are many apps today about fashion, and you may think which one to prefer. Here are the seven popular fashion apps to lift up your style statement.

1) PS Dept – This app was founded by a fashion expert and a technical expert, Michelle Goad and Wolf Klinker. Since 2011 this app has come a long way in helping you decide on how to change up your fashion statement and accordingly shop for it. It helps in last minute shopping requirements and confusions and makes them a pleasure. The app is claimed to be ‘the genius bar for fashion.’ Lately, fashion shopping has become more of a chore from time to time, and the primary aim of this app is to rejuvenate the excitement and enthusiasm of people in to shopping function and style culture. This app also provides the access with in-store experts of many luxury clothing and fashion apparel brands.

2) Mallzee – Founded in 2013, this app provides a swipe system for liking and disliking the various fashion apparel. It is a shopping app provides you with a profound array of items from a vast number of authentic brands from around the world. Due to its system of swiping it has been given the name of ‘Tinder of Fashion.’ This app was developed by Cally Russell in 2012 and was released the next year. Along with the swiping option, this app also features a search option, feeds of fashion, saving options, brand preference and price drop suggestive functions.

3) Spring – This is a fashion apparel app that presents to you a list of trending options to purchase. You can select what you want from among its collections of around 900 brands. It helps you update your cupboard for the new trends. You may follow your favorite brands, designers or categories. Accordingly, you will be sent notifications if there are any sale or new release of products. This App has a bold and robust presentation factor and is quite user-friendly. They showcase items belonging to various ranges and a number of different designers. Spring fashion app also features a cash back facility and multiple offers to attract its customers.

4) Stylect – This app released in 2013 is a superb fashion accessory hub for women. From shoes to hats and handbags are all available here. There is a collection based on over 800 brands and designers. The designer products are more relevant in this app. This is one of the best apps for women to check out for the fashion compliments. Eyewear, backpacks, and scarfs are among the other most showcased articles in this application. Designer dresses for women are also one of the varied product lines. There are separate sections for new arrivals, daily fashion hypes, and brands. Collection and offers and discounts are also other features that are provided to the user on the app.

5) Craftsvilla – This is a fashion app based out of Mumbai, India. It was released in 2011 and has since been a top-notch app for Indian ethnic wear, shoes, beauty products and fashion accessories. This app sells ethnic wear for men, women as well as kids. There are vast bases of items here that influence your ethnic style sense. It has sections for separate sections for men’s wear, brand collection, and accessories. However, the women’s fashion is more emphasized in this app. There are distinct features for kurtis, lehenga, and saree. The app helps in bringing back the ethnic fashion culture.

6) Pose – This app is a marvelous example of what a fashion app should be. The users can instantly upload photographs of them and explain what they are wearing. This inspires a lot of people to take up new fashion trends. It is an app that can be browsed anytime you run out of ideas for your personalized sense of fashion. The name is also inspired by the fact that a ‘posed’ picture is uploaded, and that explains as well as encourages a style statement for many people. This app helps you best to lift up your style. It has over two million users and has a firm hold on the new trends in fashion.

7) Stylebook – This app helps you to organize a wardrobe for yourself. Stylebook has a lot of pictures of fashion styles, and it brings out the style statement of Cher Horowitz. You can upload the images of fashionable items into your wardrobe and virtually arrange them to bring or discover a new sense of fashion. It helps curate a personalized form of style for a person. It enables you to organize your clothes and apparels virtually with the pictures of your real life clothes. It keeps track of what is worn by you and also may help you plan a packing list for any purpose.

These are the top 7 fashion apps that will help you lift up your style statement. These apps also bring out a new outlook over the fashion statement and the recent trends in fashion.



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