7 Viral Fashion Trends Amongst Millennials

Each generation has its own characteristics. These set it apart from another. The same can be said about millennials. These youngsters are feisty, are not afraid to speak their mind and like to spend most of their time in the virtual world. They also have different tastes when it comes to clothing. Here are some viral fashion trends, which are a massive hit among today’s millennials.


  1. Combining vintage with contemporary

Millennials know their fashion game very well. They keep a close eye at al latest trends and have an idea of what is in and what is out of fashion. They stock their wardrobe accordingly, and so, it is rather hard to see a millennial who is wearing outdated clothes. These new age candidates are not afraid of trying new things. They try out several styles to figure out the best for themselves. Thus, millennials don’t shy away from combining vintage pieces with high-fashion outfits. Only millennials know that a multi-layered classic pearl necklace will complement a navy-blue short dress for a special occasion. The same trinket will offer a corporate feel when paired with a navy blue blazer and pencil skirt. They have mastered the art of mix-matching different pieces to create a new look.

  1. Sporting neon hues with style

If you think that millennials like to stick to pastel shades when it comes to clothes, then you are wrong. It is true that pastel shades give a sophisticated look, but that does not mean youngsters have enmity with bright hues. 2018 is the year of bright neon colors. Electric blue, orange, fuchsia pink, lime green, and purple are some of the colors, which will be commonly seen this year. Solid neon colors and printed garments will redefine millennials’ fashion game.

  1. Casual bottoms are “must haves”

Since its inception in the fashion world, women have been in love with shorts. These short pants hug them in the right places and enhance their feminine beauty. But men were not used to wearing shorts on the streets. Millennials have been rewriting history in their way. So, why should fashion be left behind? Young men have embraced shorts gladly. These are appropriate casual bottom wear for summers and monsoons. The online fashion stores are flooded with shorts for men.


  1. High on denim fever

From baby boomers to millennials, everyone is gripped by the denim fever. Yes! Whether you are a fan of classic clothing or like to flaunt your contemporary style sense, denim will come in handy at all times. They are available in several colors, designs, and textures, but the popularity of timeless blue and black denims steal the show every time. A pair of well-fitted denim jeans is a life-saver for busy millennials. Both men and women can opt for several styles. For those who desire to play it safe, casual denim pants or cropped jeans will be ideal. In case you are in the mood for some skin-show, snug denim shorts will keep your fashion quotient high. Girls of all ages go gaga over distresses acid-washed shorts. Guys, on the other hand, stick to knee-length or a bit shorter denim shorts. One can create several looks with a pair of good denim pants. You can wear it with shirts, T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops and underneath semi-short dresses. This year, double denim look has also created a lot of buzz in the fashion circuits.

  1. Floral prints are in season

Each year, fashion experts come up with something new for fashion lovers. Ace designers work tirelessly night and day to launch new trends, which will help millennials to add depth to their personality. 2018 is all about highlighting your style in floral prints. Both men and women fashion sector will see high usage of floral prints or motifs, especially 60s patterns. Men will be seen in floral shirts during summer and monsoon months, which will give a beachy feel. Women have been in love with feminine floral prints since ages. From long flowy gowns to jumpsuits, you will find these prints on all garments. Recently concluded fashion weeks have already given us a sneak peek into what 2018 fashion collecting has in store for us.


  1. Keen eye on accessories

Only a true millennial understand the importance of proper accessories. Youngsters no longer purchase random clothes. They realize that planned shopping not only saves money, but allows them to create complete looks as well. Accessories play a massive role to enhance the beauty of any outfit. Millennials believe in smart spending. Thus, they only purchase clothes, with which they will be able to create various looks, just by changing accessories. Both men and women depend heavily on accessories.


Bags, shoes, belts, hats, and sunglasses are a staple for any millennial. Another accessory that is a must-have is branded watches for men. With these, they will be able to dress up or down any outfit without much fuss. A short black dress, paired with statement earrings, golden clutch, and red shoes will jazz up your personality for special occasions. The same dress, with a blazer, tan colored pumps, and a sophisticated handbag will make you boardroom ready. Millennials will never take a chance with how they look. Thus, they have a vast collection of accessories to pick from.


  1. Graphic Ts for men and women

T-shirts are a young individual’s best friend. If you have to get ready for a casual outing, and you don’t have any idea what to wear, then you can keep faith in a T-shirt and jeans. These will not let you down. But millennials have taken it a step further. Printed or plain T-shirts are not cool anymore. Graphic T-shirts have replaced these. These are popular among men as well as women. You can wear these T-shirts with trousers, jeans, shorts or skirts.

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