8 Top Secret IPhone Features You Should Know About

Hy Freinds, This Is Jimmy Rapper. I Phone users u must be know about 8 top secret Iphone features.

8 Top Secret IPhone Features You Should Know About

There’s actually more in store in your iPhone that you have thought. Most people though, do not know how to make the most out of their iPhone experience especially with the new update of the iOS7. That is why here are the top secret iPhone features that you definitely need to try.

Torch Facility – Flashlights may have been a thing in the past for other mobile brands but Apple seems to neglect this feature before. Finally, Apple had seen that the torch facility is becoming a necessity for most users especially when they are having a hard time in looking for the proper keys of their phone or finding their things in the dark. This cool new feature is located at the back of the iPhone and can be turned on through the control center.

Control Vibration – Many don’t know that it’s not only the ringtones that can be customized on iPhones but also the vibrations for specific contacts or groups. The feature is present in both iOS6 and iOS7. To customize the vibration for contacts simply go to “Ringtones” and from there choose “Vibrations”. Afterwards, choose “Customize” and start creating your new vibration pattern by tapping your hand on the screen.

Do not disturb mode – This mode is especially useful for people who frequent the cinema or those that jump from one conference to another. The “do not disturb mode” gives you the ability to bring your phone with you without having to turn it off during important events.

The great part is that you can also customize it by setting messages and notifications from important people to still get through. In iOS7 the “do not disturb mode” can be accessed immediately at the control center by selecting the half-moon icon.

Control function using your Head movements – Isn’t it a cool idea to control our phones without having to use our fingers? Think of navigating your phone with a single movement of your head, astounding isn’t it? Yes, iPhone now have this function. This feature is made possible through the Switch Control function. Select on “Switches” and from there you can edit and add functions that you can activate thru head movements. For instance, access the home button by moving your head to the right.

Customize Gestures – Another cool function that you can get from your iPhone is the customize gestures. You can access it by turning on the “Assistive Touch” located in “Settings” and from there you can either add new gestures or edit existing ones.

Flashlight for Alerts – Sometimes it’s really hard to know when you get notifications or important emails and messages especially if you’ve put your phone on silent mode. So say hello to another cool function of your iPhone – the LED flash for alerts. By turning this on your phone with light up whenever you receive important notification or messages.

Keep updated on Twitter – If you’re browsing the Internet using Safari, you don’t need to bother to go to twitter anymore just to check up on what your friends have been sharing. This is because with the new iOS7 update, Safari now has the ability to automatically sync with your twitter feed. To view your friends recent tweets simply go to the bottom of the Safari window and hit “Bookmarks”. After that all you need to do is to press the “@” sign and all of your friends recent tweets will show up instantly.

Email delete by Shaking – deleted an important mail by mistake? Fret not because iPhone allows undo delete option by just shaking it. This is especially useful if you want to retrieve an important message you mistakenly deleted.

Indeed, iPhone offers a whole lot more than you probably know, so don’t be afraid to explore. Get the most of your phone by trying every little feature you can find.

8 Top Secret IPhone Features You Should Know About

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