A Web Designer’s Guide to Utilize the Power of Instagram Stories

Designers are today quite happy to use Instagram Stories that seem to vanish after 24 hours, for promoting brands, flaunting another aspect of their unique design portfolio, expanding their reach, and selling their products. There are over 300 million users of Instagram Stories suggesting that roughly 60% of total Instagram users are actually using Instagram Stories and people are devoting an increasing amount of time on this popular platform.

Since one out of every five organic Instagram Stories conveys a direct message, it is quite natural that brands are focusing more money and time on this aspect of Instagram. Using Instagram Stories does not involve just the selfies. It could be pretty tricky to tackle such an interface. You must find out effective ways of harnessing the maximum benefits of Instagram Stories. You must use the rich features. You must make sure that you are adding some value to Instagram feed. Here are some effective ways of harnessing the real power of Instagram Stories.

Consider Sponsored As Opposed to Free

You may initiate with the free Instagram Stories for honing your skills first. However, reputed organizations such as Lego, Samsung, and D. Franklin all have reported success from all the Sponsored Stories. A paid campaign could fetch thousands of clicks and real Instagram followers. But it is not always essential to come up with a paid campaign for reaping the benefits associated with Instagram Stories. You could do self-promotion through unique stories and your audience would appreciate that.

Experiment with Photos & Videos

It is important to keep exploring as Instagram frequently incorporates new striking features to Instagram Stories. By using a nice blend of the following key features you could easily add a distinctive personality to all your stories and boost engagement. For creating a new story straightaway from your newsfeed, simply swipe right. You may alternatively tap your camera icon present in the left corner on top. You may alternatively consider clicking on the profile picture. You could be using from the selection of saved pictures or opt for the following:

  • Live: Generate live video broadcasts lasting for a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Normal: Tap for taking a picture; hold the button for making a video.
  • Boomerang: Consider taking a whole lot of pictures creating a looping video.
  • Superzoom: Make a nice video that would be zooming in on an object accompanied by a truly dramatic sound.
  • Rewind: Come up with a video that would be playing in reverse.
  • Hands-Free: Take a video simply by tapping only once.
  • Stop-motion: Create a video using a series of pictures.

Along with the above-discussed options, you could also use the flip icon for switching over to the rear or front camera. You may use the face icon for adding fun face filters. You may swipe left for choosing a filter.

Use Stickers for Adding Interest

Once your photo or video has been taken, you could use suitable stickers for adding more interest. You may include both hashtags and your precise location for boosting the probability of others locating your story.


The fleeting tendency of Instagram Stories and the consistent addition of novel features imply that Instagram Stories is just the best platform for experimenting with novel ideas. Consider mixing the elements a bit. Do not concentrate solely on videos, photos, or selfies instead do a wee bit of everything. You could be using Instagram for not only promoting yourself but also others. This way you could establish a good community.

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