Android Sailing And Boating Apps

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Android Sailing And Boating Apps

These days we can find Android applications for basically anything. Sailing and navigation apps have become super popular in the past few years. Recently, there have been introduced many new marine apps and interest among sailors and fishing-lovers has grown incredibly. You can now find many boating ans sailing applications available. There is a list of some of the most favourite ones that will help you safely find your way back to the port.

There are now many great sailing apps available for Android and the question is how to find the best ones for ourselves. It depends completely on personal choice. There are some factors to be taken into account in order to decide which app suits your needs best. It’s important to know that you can’t rely on WiFi connection, therefore most boating apps provide some way of offline connectivity. There are free charts that you should get, making sure you obtain details about all areas you might need. There are two types of charts – vector and raster charts. Both are reliable and the main difference between them is the fact that vector ones display more simple graphs and need less storage space on your Android device. Some of the apps allow you to create a route to follow. It’s essential for the app you choose to be fast and easy to use. You can get some sailing apps for free, others might cost a bit. In any case, you should not take a decision according to the price but rather to the features an app offers, in order to make sure you’re safe when sailing. Here are some of the best apps.
Navionics Marine

Android Sailing And Boating Apps

This one will cost you a bit more but it can surely guarantee excellence and safety. Any chart can be used on your device with or without wireless coverage. The app offers you to download  free data and articles from leading marine information providers.

Marine and Lakes

This one is provided by Navionics –  an experienced producer of marine charts. You can use this app offline to plan a trip, using information about safety, wind and fuel consumption. It also gives you information about boat repair services and even restaurants.

My Tracks

This is a free application from Google. Using this app, you can mark certain points on your route. A disadvantage it has is the fact that it relies on GPS, which consumes a lot of the battery life of your device (and can be basically used for about five hours).


This is an application by Mr. Tides, which gives you information about tide forecast. It doesn’t require wireless connection. All the data about every route you need can be easily accessed within the app. You don’t have to download any extra data or to worry about connectivity. The apps is also very quick and simple, which makes it ideal to use.

Smart Chart AIS

Android Sailing And Boating Apps

This is a free Android app which offers many great features. It shows your position on a chart, informs you about nearby boats and AIS ships and has a list of points of interest, such as anchorages, marinas and others.

Cruisers Forum App

This is a great app that allows you to contact a number of boaters who can help you answer any question you have. There are over 84 thousand accounts and many more users who are not registered, so you can easily get feedback about what interests you.

There are many great apps you can use and have a planned, safe and pleasant cruise. Check our list and have fun sailing.

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