Make Your Facebook Status Update Blue

How to make your Facebook status blue.


This is among the best Facebook trick since it not just makes your status update color, it turns it right into a link where will the link assist you request? It results in the Profile page of the individual who clicked on it, so that you can really troll your buddies with this particular trick.

Make Your Facebook Status Update Blue

Now a days this trick just work from Mobile . don’t worry if you haven’t mobile and you want to use this trick from your computer . we found a way which helps you to make Blue status from computer.

If you have mobile phone then Ignore (  Step 1 ) and start from step 2 . If you haven’t mobile then Follow these all steps.


Step 1

Go to :

Step 2

Now Write the following line in your status update:

@@[1:[0:1: Write here ]]

Step 3

Replace the Write here  text with any text you wish to become blue. You can add more text before or after the code, to make this look even cooler.

Step 4

Post the Facebook status.



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