Do not you see applications in the Windows 10 volume mixer? So you can fix it

The volume mixer of Windows 10 allows us to control the volume of each application individually. However, when opening the Windows 10 volume mixer, we may find that some applications are not available to control the volume of them independently. Next, let’s show what we can do if there are applications that do not appear in the Windows 10 volume mixer.

To open the volume mixer, all we have to do is click with the right mouse button on the speaker icon that appears in the Windows 10 taskbar and then clicks on the option Open volume mixer that we are shown in the context menu.

How to fix the problem of not showing certain applications in the Windows 10 volume mixer

This will open a window in the bottom right of our desktop that a volume controller for each of the applications that the system itself detects that its volume can be controlled independently. If we miss some application there, the truth is that this window does not show any menu option or access to the settings.

Therefore, what we are going to have to do is open the Windows 10 Control Panel and navigate through the options Hardware and Sound> Sound> Manage audio devices. This will open a new window where the audio devices of our team are displayed. By default, we will have the speakers marked as an audio reproduction device, so we are going to select this option and click on the Properties button.

Inside the window of properties of the speakers, we select the tab Advanced options and there we will be able to select the sample speed and depth in bits to use them when running in shared mode and an exclusive mode section in which we are Two settings, Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and Prioritize applications in exclusive mode.

In this case, the one that interests us is the first one, allowing the applications to take exclusive control of this device. Therefore, we make sure to check this option and click Apply and Accept so that the changes are saved. Of course, to be effective, we will have to reboot the system and the next time you start Windows we can see how to right click on the speaker icon and open the volume mixer windows 10 and we all the applications appear in which we can control the volume so that we can do it individually for each one.

These are the best antivirus in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update according to AV-Comparatives

The security of our equipment, and therefore of our personal information , is key when working with our devices on a daily basis, so it is advisable to take the appropriate measures that serve as protection elements.

That is why one of the most widespread solutions is to use an antivirus software that protects our systems, although at that point, we must also have a good eye when choosing the most appropriate program in each case. For all this we have independent testing companies for this type of tools , such as AV-Test or AV-Comparatives , which every time carry out a new test bench for the most recent security solutions and in all types of platforms .

Well, to say that in what refers to the most recent tests that have been carried out in this regard, four have been the antivirus that have come out winners in this case, we refer to Windows Defender of Microsoft, Kaspersky Internet Security, F-Secure Safe and Trend Micro Internet Security, since all of them obtained the maximum score in the tests carried out by AV-Comparatives . Moreover, the four blocked 100% of the malware, although F-Secure also recorded the highest number of false positives , with 14 samples incorrectly marked as infected .

At the same time Windows Defender only scored 3 false positives, while the Kaspersky solution offered an impeccable performance with zero false positives and the best protection. In contrast, the BullGuard Internet Security and Quick Heal Total Security programs scored the lowest. In the first case, 2.5% of the malware managed to pass through its protection, while Quick Heal allowed 1.6% of the malicious code .

These are the most efficient antivirus in Windows 10

Contrary to what has happened on other occasions in the past, it should be noted the high performance of Windows Defender included in Windows 10 , so we can say that it has evolved substantially with the latest versions of Windows 10. So, now offers features security features that are often available in third-party security products , such as real-time protection and daily definitions updates.

At the same time this antivirus product has been revised to become the Windows Defender Security Center in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update , so now it groups all the security features available in the operating system itself . This means that the same application provides quick access to other security tools such as firewall settings or parental controls.

To finish we will say that these recent AV-Comparatives security tests were performed in a system that executes the mentioned version of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. In addition, these tests are based on a set of 203 real-time controlled attacks focused on local exploits and URLs that point directly to Internet malware.