9 Mistakes you are Making with your Product Photographs and how to Avoid them

How many times has it happened to you that you have finished that beautiful job you do (stationery, crafts, craft), you imagine the beautiful photo you want to make?

: with good light, background, adequate exposure, divine complements, clear … you prepare everything, camera in hand, illusion to rage,   and in the end the result is very far from what you imagined ?

This type of situations I have lived on more than one occasion, especially in my beginnings. It joins the feeling of “I can not”, “this is impossible” … makes that level of frustration is high. And it goes wrong.

Do not worry because today I’m going to talk to you about 10 of the most common problems we find related to the theme of craft photography every day .

The best that this type of errors cover basic very basic issues, but no less important. These types of errors are most commonly related to:



Composition and

Camera configuration It is particularly important if you market your products via online store or shop (I love that name :)) or if you sell on Etsy or any other online craft market, that your photographs are successful, striking, beautiful … that you curres them, and work them well.

The poor composition, bad lighting, style problems, will not only make possible customers leave  , but in the end also other bloggers and colleagues in the industry will not want to talk about your products.

I have noticed that if people see a beautiful picture, they comment it, share it, tell other people about you, about your work. Bloggers look for beautiful and eye-catching images. If your photograph is not up to the task, you can also lose some opportunity in this way.

Come now with some very common mistakes and simple to fix . The solution to each of them uses simple techniques that you can find at home, and a professional team is not required. I hope these examples help you, and if you suffer this problem, these solutions will help you.

1. Accessories that do not add, but subtract

In the course “Photographing the beautiful” I talk a lot about this. Your objects, along with the work that you want to appear in the images, have to tell a story. Accessories can help tell the story of your work, and also your brand.   Think well when you add a supplement if it adds up, if it adds value. If you think it does not add up, it’s probably that it does not. I sometimes, if I doubt, I make the same photo with and without that complement, and then I stay with the one that transmits me the most

When you start and do not know very well what add-ons you can start by putting some detail of the materials or ingredients with which that product has been made.

We can completely change the appearance of a photo when we eliminate the prop that does not change and we put the appropriate

2. Use an inappropriate background

Many people use a base without thinking much. With a fabric with spots, wrinkled, folded, different materials that mislead.

Think that the fund does not have to call attention too much, but be a subtle base that makes your photographic composition something beautiful.

If the background is too dark, unless you take pictures of still lifes or just look for that mystery effect, those backgrounds act as a distraction. Neutral and soft backgrounds are a better option. And now the marble background is fashionable. I have got a piece and I love it. (it is the base of an old bedside table)

In case of doubt, remember that the simplest is generally the best. If you use a simple background, you allow the client to completely focus on your product.

3. Edit the photo a bit, do not miss it

On everything related to trimming .

In my case it’s the first thing I do, I remove from the image what I do not like and distract .

I usually photograph the area well, and so I avoid that I forget something, but then at the end when I download the pictures on my computer if I see something that I do not like I usually cut out the photo.

Seldom do I not do the truth . By doing this, you already have the base to later put more light or see what you want to do with that picture. See the space that you have left for example to put a beautiful phrase. When you cut a lot, and a small photo is left, it’s worth shooting the photograph again.

See the same cropped photo

4. Avoid whenever you can use the direct flash. We use the direct

flash believing that we give light to the photograph, especially when we are in a dark room. And the “flash” what it does is burn that part and get it white more. If you also photograph objects that shine (mirrors, glass, fruit …) be careful with the use of the flash so that rare flashes do not come out.

My photo of the apples on Instagram, you can not imagine what it cost me that there were no strange reflections in the photo.

To avoid it if I use flash, what I do is put a little piece of kitchen paper in front of it, and that makes the strong light of the flash diffuse.

5. Moved photos, more focused

This I see so obvious, it happens a lot.

I see photos moved, and that dizzies a little. Balance the exposure, maintain an adequate distance between the lens and your product, choose the appropriate aperture setting, the focal point and stay still.

Using tripod if you have it is perfect. And if not bad a box. Sometimes I use my children’s shoe box as a basis to leave the camera.

6. Photos in low light

Under-exposure is one of the easiest problems to detect . These types of photos are very dark . Just without color, and the colors tend to be black or gray.

To avoid this problem, try to use the natural light that comes in through your window (provided it is not direct, to avoid shadows) and reflector to reflect the light through all the parts of your object.

The reflector that I use is homemade, a poliespan board. In Leroy Merlin you can buy it for four dollars. You can also move the camera settings if you shoot in manual mode to allow more light to enter through your lens. If you raise the ISO value, as long as your camera accepts it and does not create “noise” (grainy) in the photos, it is very effective. Normally I have 200 but sometimes 400 gives me more luminosity in the photos and it looks very good. You can also lower the shutter speed or raise the aperture.

The first with low light, the second with more light.

7. Overexposed photos

I have to admit, and I’ve said it more than once that I like photos that are a bit overexposed. I really like the photo where the dominant color is white. But you have to be careful because if you are very overexposed at the end the image is burned and information is lost and you stop seeing parts of the photograph. There is no data that creates the photo.

To avoid this, you have to do the opposite to the previous case, lower ISO, raise the shutter speed, or decrease the aperture. This kind of thing can only be done in semiautomatic or manual mode.

8. Very blue photos

When you take a picture, you have to try to make the color as true as possible. I also see many photos with blue or orange tones.

You can solve that by setting the white balance well. Depending on the light you have, use one another: neon, cloudy, sun, shadow … The white balance tells the camera what is pure white. Neither bluish, nor pink or orange. And the drawings that appear help you to know what kind of light you have.

In the photo below you can see the blue but very little. However, the one above is totally bluish. 9. Very hard shadows

Another problem that I see is also the subject of very hard shadows. When it gives the direct sun to your objects this makes you see very dark shadows and it does not usually look pretty. Very dark shadows are black and “sharp”

You have to try to avoid direct sunlight . Think of a cloudy day, those days are perfect. Those days when the sun passes through the white clouds and fades is perfect that light.

Pay to the window, put your hand, if the light creates a very strong shadow that window is not correct. You have to find the window where the sun comes in softly

And here’s what I had to tell you today. How are you? Do you make any of these mistakes?

If you have a camera in which you can play with the parameters of the manual mode you have a lot of won. I hope you get the game right from that camera and your photos tell stories, your stories.

If you need a little push to make the photos of your dreams,   the second edition of “Photographing the beautiful” begins at the end of the month and it comes with a great offer if you have a SLR photograph machine and you do not know how to use it. 

All the info by clicking on the image :). Two sensational courses if you want to learn once and for all to make beautiful beautiful photos of your work.

Chinchin for some beautiful and wonderful photos


Funny Photo Maker Software

Funny Photo Maker

Funny Photo Maker Software

Funny Photo Maker is among a lot of apps that permit you to add some fun for your photos. Unfortunately, it isn’t one of the best.
Funny Photo Maker lets you help to make humorous addendums to your own (blank) – as well as from of two hot girls offered as one example. Then click the particular + button and are ready include a amount of picture platforms from your Personal computer. Then you definately need to choose one regarding Humorous Image Maker’s effects. These are divided into 3 types Casings, Face exciting along with Inventive.
In themselves, Funny Photo Maker’s effects are generally pretty good. The structures are humorous, there’s a good selection regarding well-known as well as amusing situations beneath Face exciting, and the imaginative results : despite the fact that standard — could keep a person amused. The challenge, however, is that they are nearly extremely hard to use effectively.
Funny Photo Maker enables you to change your own photographs a bit in order to pinpoint the essential elements of the photograph, nevertheless it seldom retains the actual change once you add the outcomes. The same goes for once you don’t revise the particular image : there’s no smart confront Identity below it simply plops the result around your own image, transforming the quality however it sees match. While you could possibly get lucky with a decent match, almost all of the pictures tend to be extended and also distorted, and look horrible perhaps the versions provided with the designer for example!
If you want to have fun with your own photographs, test Photo Frames & Effects, Pixlr-o-matic as well as Polarfox they are all much better options.
photo collage maker seems very good the theory is that, in exercise, it is really badly completed and also does absolutely nothing to your photos.


Best Online tools and PC Softwares to Make a Birthday Card

Whenever your friend ,collegue,relative or your beloved ones have the Special day of their life ,you wish them with gifts,dedications and Greeting cards.Now let us take an example, your friend has his Birthday or any other special day and you want to wish him with a Birthday card,you usually purchase a printed and designed card from he market but  suppose you want to include your name or your friend’s name or your desired words in that birthday card.

Then what can you do , you cannot edit the printed card. So the only way to do this is to make and design your own birthday on PC (with softwares) or Online(with online tools), in which you can easily include the text , insert animations and choose a desired design. So, today in this article, I will explain you the best tools to make a birthday card online.I will also post about the best softwares to make a birthday card offline on your Computer.So let’s begin first with online tools to make a simple birthday card.



BestOnline Tools and Pc Softwares to Make a Birthday Card

Below are the online tools and Computer Softwares to make a simple or colored birthday card:

Pic Monkey:

Pic monkey is one of the best photo editing,logo and card designing tool which is available online .Basically it is an photo editing online tool but you can also make a stylish birthday card here for your Mom or Dad or your beloved one.You can easily design a birthday card with Pic Monkey as it has many tools, animations and textures available.So now start making a birthday card with this tool.

Card Funk:

Card Funk is an online card design site that lets you make and design birthday cards as well as other greeting cards. It offers users with many types of templates using them in the birthday card,it can be made within minutes.It also lets you to upload your images  from your computer.Here, first you have to select a template and then you have to do customizations.If you upload your own image then you have to resize them as per frame space.Once you have designed the card , you can save it and you can also share it on Social media by pasting the link.So , making a birthday card online is easier than a  handmade birthday card.

Face eCards:

Face eCards is a online card design tool on which we can make many types of greeting cards.Here you have to upload your own photo and have to place it on any of the templates available.You also have to resize and customize the image as per the frame .After doing customizations you have to fill the sender’s and recipents details and you are done.Click here to visit Face eCards.


Cards.pho.to is an free online website that lets you to create birthday cards and other greeting cards.It also provides you  with card design templates like other tools explained above.Here you  also have to upload your own images and fit them into the template  frame.Above all here you can also insert the desired text into that  birthday card.Once you created a birthday card , you can send that to your beloved ones.

I wish you to:

I wish you to is another online free application  for creating birthday cards.It offers user with a photo gallery which consists of various templates like fireworks,greetings,cities,animals ,flowers etc.You can directly  paste the URL of an image and make it as a background here.It has many customization options like adjusting the thickness,transparency and shadows etc.It also offers color options where you can choose the color you wish.Above all you can also embed the code of the birthday card created and  share it on other sites and blogs.It the best application among all these explained above to make a birthday card online. So now start making a stylish birthday card for the  birthday occasion of your loved ones.

Microsoft office Publisher and Office Word:

You all may be knowing about Microsoft office and its Softwares so I don’t need to explain much about it .Microsoft office easily lets you to make a birthday card as well as other greeting cards.To create a birthday card simply open Ms publisher and select greeting cards, then designs and start making a stylish birthday card.You can also make a birthday card on Microsoft word and Microsoft Powerpoint. On Ms word simply create a shape and fill color,texture,text , animations and clip art and vice versa.On Ms Powerpoint you have to select a template and start adding text , animations and vice versa. These are free and default greeting card softwares for making a birthday card in windows 7 and other windows versions.

DRPU Birthday Cards Designing Software

DRPU birthday card designing software lets you to make birthday cards for your beloved ones.It offers users with multiple templates ,background themes as well as embedding text messages,images and watermarks etc.You can also design your birthday cards in triangular, rounded,rectangular and star shapes here.It is one of the best software to make a birthday or greeting card on a computer. Click here to download this

 Belltech Greeting Card Designer

Belltech Greeting Card Designer is a software application for making Birthday and Greeting cards.Here you also start by selecting a template and pick a fold type as well.It also consists of various editing and designing tools.Users can design their birthday cards in multiple shapes like triangular ,rectangular etc. Moreover you can also upload your images and do color adjustments on them.It is also a good software to design a birthday card or other greeting cards on PC. To download this software click here.

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