Best Online tools and PC Softwares to Make a Birthday Card

Whenever your friend ,collegue,relative or your beloved ones have the Special day of their life ,you wish them with gifts,dedications and Greeting cards.Now let us take an example, your friend has his Birthday or any other special day and you want to wish him with a Birthday card,you usually purchase a printed and designed card from he market but  suppose you want to include your name or your friend’s name or your desired words in that birthday card.

Then what can you do , you cannot edit the printed card. So the only way to do this is to make and design your own birthday on PC (with softwares) or Online(with online tools), in which you can easily include the text , insert animations and choose a desired design. So, today in this article, I will explain you the best tools to make a birthday card online.I will also post about the best softwares to make a birthday card offline on your Computer.So let’s begin first with online tools to make a simple birthday card.



BestOnline Tools and Pc Softwares to Make a Birthday Card

Below are the online tools and Computer Softwares to make a simple or colored birthday card:

Pic Monkey:

Pic monkey is one of the best photo editing,logo and card designing tool which is available online .Basically it is an photo editing online tool but you can also make a stylish birthday card here for your Mom or Dad or your beloved one.You can easily design a birthday card with Pic Monkey as it has many tools, animations and textures available.So now start making a birthday card with this tool.

Card Funk:

Card Funk is an online card design site that lets you make and design birthday cards as well as other greeting cards. It offers users with many types of templates using them in the birthday card,it can be made within minutes.It also lets you to upload your images  from your computer.Here, first you have to select a template and then you have to do customizations.If you upload your own image then you have to resize them as per frame space.Once you have designed the card , you can save it and you can also share it on Social media by pasting the link.So , making a birthday card online is easier than a  handmade birthday card.

Face eCards:

Face eCards is a online card design tool on which we can make many types of greeting cards.Here you have to upload your own photo and have to place it on any of the templates available.You also have to resize and customize the image as per the frame .After doing customizations you have to fill the sender’s and recipents details and you are done.Click here to visit Face eCards.

Cards.Photo: is an free online website that lets you to create birthday cards and other greeting cards.It also provides you  with card design templates like other tools explained above.Here you  also have to upload your own images and fit them into the template  frame.Above all here you can also insert the desired text into that  birthday card.Once you created a birthday card , you can send that to your beloved ones.

I wish you to:

I wish you to is another online free application  for creating birthday cards.It offers user with a photo gallery which consists of various templates like fireworks,greetings,cities,animals ,flowers etc.You can directly  paste the URL of an image and make it as a background here.It has many customization options like adjusting the thickness,transparency and shadows etc.It also offers color options where you can choose the color you wish.Above all you can also embed the code of the birthday card created and  share it on other sites and blogs.It the best application among all these explained above to make a birthday card online. So now start making a stylish birthday card for the  birthday occasion of your loved ones.

Microsoft office Publisher and Office Word:

You all may be knowing about Microsoft office and its Softwares so I don’t need to explain much about it .Microsoft office easily lets you to make a birthday card as well as other greeting cards.To create a birthday card simply open Ms publisher and select greeting cards, then designs and start making a stylish birthday card.You can also make a birthday card on Microsoft word and Microsoft Powerpoint. On Ms word simply create a shape and fill color,texture,text , animations and clip art and vice versa.On Ms Powerpoint you have to select a template and start adding text , animations and vice versa. These are free and default greeting card softwares for making a birthday card in windows 7 and other windows versions.

DRPU Birthday Cards Designing Software

DRPU birthday card designing software lets you to make birthday cards for your beloved ones.It offers users with multiple templates ,background themes as well as embedding text messages,images and watermarks etc.You can also design your birthday cards in triangular, rounded,rectangular and star shapes here.It is one of the best software to make a birthday or greeting card on a computer. Click here to download this

 Belltech Greeting Card Designer

Belltech Greeting Card Designer is a software application for making Birthday and Greeting cards.Here you also start by selecting a template and pick a fold type as well.It also consists of various editing and designing tools.Users can design their birthday cards in multiple shapes like triangular ,rectangular etc. Moreover you can also upload your images and do color adjustments on them.It is also a good software to design a birthday card or other greeting cards on PC. To download this software click here.

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How to download Torrent file with IDM

Torrent is today’s most used system in the world. Torrent is used to download extremely large file from the internet. Torrent is actually depend upon Seeders and Leaches, if the seeders and leaches and few then the downloading speed of that torrent file will be very slow. There are many software’s comes to download torrent files most famous among them is utorrent and Bittorrent. Torrent will become slow if you have low upload speed because torrent is uploading file as well when you are download any file.
In “Downloading” purpose, Internet Download Manager (IDM) use in a very large amount because of its speed and many useful functions. If you download the torrent file through Internet Download Manager (IDM), it will be download too fast with compare to utorrent or Bittorrent. Also it will never depend upon your Upload Speed. So without going to further details, in this tutorial we will discuss and know that how we can download torrent files with Internet Download Manager with maximum speed?

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Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM:
Step 1: Download any Torrent with torrent websites.

Step 2: Go to, click on “Upload Torrent” and Upload the Torrent file that you have downloaded from Torrent Website.

2-28-2014 2-08-32 PM

Step 3: After choosing file, click on “Go!” and then choose Free Download.

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GOM Media Player – Free Download

GOM Media Player for Windows handles most of the more common video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. It comes with a sleeker, more media center-focused design and packs plenty of codecs under the hood to play just about any media format you throw at it.

The initial installation is standard, like any other Windows product: accept a couple terms, set a destination folder, and choose to opt in or out of an offer from AVG. After installation completes, GOM will guide you through an optional setup process to optimize initial use based on sound and monitor setup.
You’ll be introduced to a 4:3 ratio default window with an orange, black, and silver theme that will make you wonder if Halloween came early. Your token playback tools like Play, Stop, and Skip Forward and Back are located on the bottom left corner, and control panels for managing your media content are located on the opposite side. In the middle is a small, integrated upsell ticker that links users to any of GOM’s other products or video content. Though this can easily be removed by switching to another skin, it’s far less intrusive than other attempts at product promotions that we’ve seen in many other apps.
Right above is a timeline that’s extremely narrow; this is fine for standard keyboard/mouse users but hardly ideal for touch. Right-clicking anywhere on the player will expose even more detailed options and audio/video-related tweaks like those found in other open-source players. You can add custom audio EQ effects, tweak subtitle lengths, and even take burst screenshots to capture particular moments from videos. However, some of the language was a bit confusing: GOM labels screen rotation as “flip input/output.” Not a deal- breaker by any means, but not a labor-intensive fix either.
Power users are given the added option to set custom hot keys and even sync their remote iOS and Android devices like tablets and phones to control the media player over Wi-Fi. And though this feature works for the most part, buggy playback and less-than-stellar navigation do not make this prime time-ready.
But when it came to video playback, GOM was no slouch. Videos played and looked as they should, and it was easy enough to incrementally tweak your picture settings during live play.
Whether you choose this or VLC, both are solid media players, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. GOM tries to do a lot, and though some of those attempts could use some work, its core mode is rock solid: watching your favorite Global Starcraft II League (GSL) masters duke it out in this season of GSL.

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VLC Media Player – Free Download

VLC Media Player – Free Download

What is considered the most notable marketing gambler? Views are different, but when you necessarily mean one particular which is open-source freeware, has far more data versus others, may be entirely tailored and designed to accommodate, and isn’t just current regularly and also regularly gives fresh functions and selections created by a massive neighborhood connected with computer programmers and consumers, the solution can be VLC Mass media Player.

VLC Media Player – Free Download

The default media participant for some time, VLC offers managed to keep prior to the rivalry in capabilities as well as effectiveness, in any other case generally seems to be, nevertheless which is quick plenty of to correct if you wish to. VLC and it is source program code tend to be looked after with the all-volunteer VideoLAN Corporation.
VLC will be simple to install. You can create VLC your default media participant with regard to numerous (or all) record kinds, yet if you prefer to test VLC without letting go of your current participant, you can skip this record organizations. We engaged this common orange-and-white targeted traffic cone star to open VLC’s notoriously plain screen, and that is also some sort of model of successful design style (and completely personalized, naturally: pressing this skinned participant selection in VideoLAN’s Start off Selection folder unwraps VLC inside a luxurious fresh view).

VLC Media Player – Free Download

Effects? VLC has ’em: Audio, Video, and Synchronization effects, including a graphic equalizer with many presets; totally customizable dynamic range compression; an audio spatializer tool; AtmoLight video effects; interactive zoom; logos and overlays; and even special effects like blur, wave, water, and mirror effects. VLC’s minimized interface hides the player’s controls until you need them, and a raft of hot keys make it easy to toggle between views and to quickly access any of VLC’s features. Playback quality is as good as it gets. We’ve used VLC to play MP3s, WAVs, CDs, DVDs, Flash video, and other formats. As for support, few programs of any sort can match VLC’s Help files and wikis, and its dedicated community of users, forums and other online resources.
From myriad file types to playlists to codecs and video capture, if it’s useful to have in a media player, VLC has probably got it or soon will. VLC plays everything: if there’s a media file it can’t play but should, just ask!
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Google Chrome Browser Free Download

Google’s game changing browser chrome combines sophisticated technology with a simple UI.

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Mozilla FireFox Free Download

Mozilla Firefox is a fast and light open source web browser. its public launch in 2004 mozilla firefox was the first browser to challenge Microsoft Internet Explorer dominance.

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since then, Mozilla Firefox so popular are the simple and effective UI. browser speed and strong security capabilitites. The browser is particularly popular with developers thanks to its open source development and active community of advanced users.

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