7 Popular Apps Among Millennials.

The world has become a lot more fashion oriented and style concerned. You need to keep track of the trends in fashion and stay updated to be noticed in the outside world. Fashion speaks a lot about a person’s mind and life. It is of utter necessity for you to keep the fashion statements in line and be specific about it. Often we are entirely clueless about the fashion world and want assistance. For such times there are professionally designed applications these days that will help you sort your fashion and stay in the league or ahead of the others. There are many apps today about fashion, and you may think which one to prefer. Here are the seven popular fashion apps to lift up your style statement.

1) PS Dept – This app was founded by a fashion expert and a technical expert, Michelle Goad and Wolf Klinker. Since 2011 this app has come a long way in helping you decide on how to change up your fashion statement and accordingly shop for it. It helps in last minute shopping requirements and confusions and makes them a pleasure. The app is claimed to be ‘the genius bar for fashion.’ Lately, fashion shopping has become more of a chore from time to time, and the primary aim of this app is to rejuvenate the excitement and enthusiasm of people in to shopping function and style culture. This app also provides the access with in-store experts of many luxury clothing and fashion apparel brands.

2) Mallzee – Founded in 2013, this app provides a swipe system for liking and disliking the various fashion apparel. It is a shopping app provides you with a profound array of items from a vast number of authentic brands from around the world. Due to its system of swiping it has been given the name of ‘Tinder of Fashion.’ This app was developed by Cally Russell in 2012 and was released the next year. Along with the swiping option, this app also features a search option, feeds of fashion, saving options, brand preference and price drop suggestive functions.

3) Spring – This is a fashion apparel app that presents to you a list of trending options to purchase. You can select what you want from among its collections of around 900 brands. It helps you update your cupboard for the new trends. You may follow your favorite brands, designers or categories. Accordingly, you will be sent notifications if there are any sale or new release of products. This App has a bold and robust presentation factor and is quite user-friendly. They showcase items belonging to various ranges and a number of different designers. Spring fashion app also features a cash back facility and multiple offers to attract its customers.

4) Stylect – This app released in 2013 is a superb fashion accessory hub for women. From shoes to hats and handbags are all available here. There is a collection based on over 800 brands and designers. The designer products are more relevant in this app. This is one of the best apps for women to check out for the fashion compliments. Eyewear, backpacks, and scarfs are among the other most showcased articles in this application. Designer dresses for women are also one of the varied product lines. There are separate sections for new arrivals, daily fashion hypes, and brands. Collection and offers and discounts are also other features that are provided to the user on the app.

5) Craftsvilla – This is a fashion app based out of Mumbai, India. It was released in 2011 and has since been a top-notch app for Indian ethnic wear, shoes, beauty products and fashion accessories. This app sells ethnic wear for men, women as well as kids. There are vast bases of items here that influence your ethnic style sense. It has sections for separate sections for men’s wear, brand collection, and accessories. However, the women’s fashion is more emphasized in this app. There are distinct features for kurtis, lehenga, and saree. The app helps in bringing back the ethnic fashion culture.

6) Pose – This app is a marvelous example of what a fashion app should be. The users can instantly upload photographs of them and explain what they are wearing. This inspires a lot of people to take up new fashion trends. It is an app that can be browsed anytime you run out of ideas for your personalized sense of fashion. The name is also inspired by the fact that a ‘posed’ picture is uploaded, and that explains as well as encourages a style statement for many people. This app helps you best to lift up your style. It has over two million users and has a firm hold on the new trends in fashion.

7) Stylebook – This app helps you to organize a wardrobe for yourself. Stylebook has a lot of pictures of fashion styles, and it brings out the style statement of Cher Horowitz. You can upload the images of fashionable items into your wardrobe and virtually arrange them to bring or discover a new sense of fashion. It helps curate a personalized form of style for a person. It enables you to organize your clothes and apparels virtually with the pictures of your real life clothes. It keeps track of what is worn by you and also may help you plan a packing list for any purpose.

These are the top 7 fashion apps that will help you lift up your style statement. These apps also bring out a new outlook over the fashion statement and the recent trends in fashion.



Most Convenient Logo Making App for Mobile Users

Logo Maker app is an easy to use application that provides you with a space where you can design your original logo. The logo maker gives you logo ideas which you can use in generating your own cool logos. If you are looking for an application which can help you with free logo ideas and logo designs, then you should opt for logo maker as it is offering you many categories.

Today, we are going to share with you about one such logo making app that is available for both Android and iOS user. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to experiment with logo designing. Read what we have to say about the app before trying it yourself.

You can use the sample logo ideas which are absolutely free and create logos, stickers or labels for your brand or company. It is a handy tool which helps you to create a customized logo in just a few moments. Deciding on a logo is a challenging task for any business or company. But now, with the introduction of the logo maker application, we bet that logo making was never this much easy and fun before. With the help of Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator, you can design a business logo by yourself in a few minutes instead of spending thousands on designers and still not get the satisfactory results.

The logo generator helps you generate logos on your own. It allows you to type the text as a template in your logo, add a label or sticker to make it more eye-catching. The logo generator also enables you to resize the text you have entered. With this logo designing software, you can add various shapes to your logo designs.  Our logo designing software also provides you with multiple backgrounds, overlays, and colors to create a logo. The logos you create with Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator will be saved in your phone’s photo library, making it easy to access and use.

You can find Logo Maker – pro  Logo Creator on both Google Play Store and App Store respectively. It is free to download and provides a variety of logo ideas for free to all the users. The Android, as well as iOS users, can download this amazing logo creator app for free on their devices.

The logo generator never involves any tool or designing program with itself. There is an option of redo or undo for the users which can help them to revert the last action. You can generate logo ideas in just a few minutes with logo maker. You can create cool logo ideas with using your creativity and hundreds of design elements on our logo creator. Logo maker is the most convenient way for the users to get a logo idea. There are several options provided by this logo creator which makes itself best for the people generating a logo.

If you are looking for designing a logo for your business or your brand; you can download our application from the play store or app store. We recommend you to use the logo maker application which is absolutely free, instead of relying on Photoshop professionals and paying them heavily when there is an alternative available.

We hope you’ll enjoy this app just as much as we did!

Google knows the importance of the Play Store, these are the new improvements introduced

One of the most important sections for the success or failure of a particular operating system is one that refers to the own application store that integrates, something that we have already seen in recent years.

Although it is clear that other elements come into play here, as an example the growth of Android or iOS with its corresponding Play Store and  App Store, compared to the failure of Microsoft’s mobile operating system due, among other things, to the low content of its own application store.

That is why now Redmond is trying to promote in many ways the arrival of third-party UWP applications to your Microsoft Store for Windows 10 in desktop environments. Also, something very similar is happening with Google and Apple systems, so the firms involved do not stop working in order to improve this aspect, both in terms of contentsecurity, functionality and external appearance.

Perhaps the most powerful and used official store in the world is the Google Play Store, among other things due to the widespread use of Android. Therefore, as we have been able to know, the search giant has just introduced a series of important improvements in order to satisfy the needs of its millions of users. First and in regard to its new design, the firm has wanted to adapt the interface of the aforementioned store to the current times, so it has been modernized in many ways.

Google improves several aspects of the Android Play Store

This has improved the quality of the photos of the applications available in the Play Store, something that affects the visualization of the sample captures of the apps that we consulted before downloading and installing them. Now, when we expand some of them, the wallpaper gets darker so we can see the details better, and a series of arrows have been integrated to navigate between them.

Another of the changes made refers to the comments section of the tools we have at our disposal, so now we can order them to our liking thanks to a series of filters that have been introduced. At the same time, we can vote the comments made by other users of the same Android store, or mark those that we consider are spam to help the rest of the community.

To finish, we will say that the section related to the number of downloads that have been carried out on the same app has also been improved, trying to make the figures shown more concise in this regard.

How to Protect your data in the Cloud with this Android, iOS and Windows application

In spite of the security measures that we usually take in the daily work with our technological devices, the risks are still there, since the cyber tailers are on the watch at all times waiting to find a security hole through which to access to our data and private information.

We can not forget that, as the years have gone by and to a large extent thanks to the Internet connections that we already have, the amount of personal data, and not so private, that we handle in all types of products, every time is older. That is why in parallel we have to launch a greater number of measures that protect us against possible attacks against our privacy.

To all this, we must add the constant treatment that we are doing with all kinds of services and platforms related to the Cloud since, through this way, we transfer large amounts of private and sensitive data. Well, for all this in these lines we are going to talk about a new application for the main platforms of mobile devices and desktop that will be of great help to safeguard our information on a day to day basis.

Protect your data in the Cloud with get2Clouds

In particular, we are going to talk about get2Clouds, an application focused on online protection that offers us an additional layer for all these tasks related to security and privacy. In fact, we refer to an app that has been developed by the firm specialized in these issues, NOS Microsystem, and which is designed to offer us a series of encryption functions for data processing through the Cloud. Thus, we can have secure transfers both when dealing with large files that we send to online storage services, or for texts that we exchange in instant messaging applications.

Its mode of operation is quite simple for the user since once we have downloaded and installed the application, it is responsible for encrypting that information transferred to the Cloud.  At the same time, it offers us the possibility of integrating an access password for the files we consider most sensitive or identifying contacts through FaceCheck technology

At the same time, it should be noted that on the other hand, we can generate our own custom timers to carry out these information transfers or send messages safely. To finish we are going to mention that the get2Clouds tool is available for Android  or iOS mobile devices, as well as for Windows desktop systems

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

We now have arrived with a different dosage of top quality Android mobile online games. March 2015 talented the Google Play store having a host of awesoem new games that you simply don’t have to pay a dime to download. Our best-of listing for this month features an exciting top-down dungeon crawler, a Gold Rush simulation, a cartoony platformer and also two addictive puzzlers. You’ll find the most fun beyond these top 5 best new free of charge Android games associated with March 2015.

1. Blood & Glory: Immortals

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Blood & Fame: Immortals ties inside its action-heavy gameplay using the Gods tied to Roman history. You’ll maneuver through a lot of expansive stages along with your chosen Gladiator, Warlock or Barbaress and reduce through your adversaries. The combo-centric combat and quick ranges makes this game ideal for players who could possibly be in a bit of a rush. For those mobile gamers willing to put more time with it, the extensive persona progression system and also presence of player-controlled guilds helps make this game a further experience.

Download Here

2. Westbound: Gold Rush

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Anyone who truly paid attention through History Class ought to have a clue about how exactly crazy the Platinum Rush was. The discovery associated with golden nuggets inside Sacramento Valley convinced a lot of people to migrate and try to get rich last 1848. Digging for gold is definitely an activity that’s greater experienced in video game form. Westbound: Gold Rush does exactly that by letting players construct his or her boomtown. Your duty consists of discovering gold and other assorted treasures though keeping your town and denizens happy always.

Download Here

3. King Of Thieves

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015
In terms of mobile platformers proceed, King of Thieves adds a very good wrinkle to their hop and bop gameplay. Players can create his or her dungeons to maintain their goods secure from other invading avid gamers. Your mini avatar have to hop over limitations, dodge incoming baddies and also retrieve the value chests that hide within each of the 80 single-player phases. This game’s concern is pretty substantial, so paying close attention to where you’ll work and jump is actually key here. Just ensure your own dungeon is actually well protected.

Download Here

4. Angry Birds Stella POP!

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Angry Birds’ female stars get to take the spotlight just as before. This time, they’ve moved from their usual catapulting things to do and headed into your world of bubble shooting puzzle games. Irritated Birds Stella POP! is an simple game to play, but one on the hardest to place down once things really ratchet up. You’ll have access to different characters, trendy power-ups, beautiful visuals along with the always fun bubble popping you’ve go to enjoy. Make sure those people piggies get freed and provde the bonus points anyone deserve.

Download Here

5. Jelly Jump

Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of March 2015

Mobile game builder Ketchapp are experts when it comes to putting out basic but supremely useful titles. Jelly Jump meets their criteria quite nicely. The main point with this game? Tapping with your screen helps ones block of neon-colored goo pass over closing platforms. You’ll would like to keep your credit score high and handling new records when you finally watch your obstruct get sucked in place by black acrylic on several functions. The push for just one more game can be a feeling you’ll encounter using this type of title. Time your jumps very well and you’ll reach those double number point limits.

Download Here


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Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android

- Mind Freak - YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android

Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android


Another approach to see and impart your reality to 360-degree feature by Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android

We detected a few references to 360-degree features in a YouTube APK Teardown a month ago, and now its live. Google has highlighted a few channels that have officially distributed the initial 360-degree features, which are basically moving Photospheres. They deal with desktop Chrome and in the Android application. Look at the playlist beneath.

You impart amazing features to your fans each second of the day, however consider the possibility that you could socialize considerably all the more in that feature. Like, socializing the whole minute that you’re shooting?

You could let viewers see the stage and the people of your show, the sky and the ground as you wingsuit float, or you could even have a pick your-own-enterprise feature where individuals see an alternate story relying upon where they look. Just you comprehend what’s conceivable. That is the reason today we are beginning to backing 360-degree feature transfers on YouTube, to keep issuing all of you the best assets to join with your viewers.

How It is Started: Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android

Prior a month ago we began catching wind of YouTube bringing the capacity to view 360 degree features to the administration, giving clients and substance makers and approach to view and make features in a completely new viewpoint for something dissimilar to ever before through YouTube. Things began off as talk and afterward were later affirmed, and starting today those 360 degree features are presently accessible through the administration. What was likely surprising is that YouTube has made the 360 degree features distinguishable on Android gadgets as well, and not simply on the site, giving the likelihood to view these features for all intents and purposes anyplace.

In case you’re interested how these sorts of features will look, we’ve put the example feature underneath that YouTube made themselves so you can look at it and issue you a thought of what’s in store when a greater amount of the feature transfers get to be accessible for review. Basically, when clients start to watch a 360 degree feature, they can see all the edges the feature was being shot from by moving around the cell phone or tablet to face distinctive headings as the feature plays. Clients will have the capacity to turn the tablet or cell phone around to see pretty much everything, and they can gaze upward and down too, making it feel like really being there.

On the web the survey experience is essentially the same, however since you can’t turn around your portable computer or PC screen, clients can see all points of the feature by interfacing with the on-screen D-Pad catch that sits in the upper left corner of the feature player. It’s likely not as cool of an experience as observing through the Android application, as it seems like this survey experience appears to be more immersive. For substance makers, transferring 360 degree features obliges that a good 360 degree cam is utilized, and YouTube notice that Bublcam, , IC Real Tech’s Allie,Giroptic’s 360cam,RICOH THETA & the Kodak’s SP360 are all perfect cams that will work for making and transferring these new sorts of feature encounters to YouTube. Makers will need to look at the authority blog entry at the source underneath as it contains data and connections on what else is expected to verify features transfer as 360 degree features, and for anybody intrigued by going for some of these cams or adapting all the more about the feature idea, YouTube is facilitating showcases from now through April at YouTube Space L.A.

Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , Mind Freak – YouTube’s 360 Videos Compatible With Android , 


Android Studio Development Essentials by Neil Smyth


Android Studio Development Essentials by Neil Smyth

Android Studio Development Essentials by Neil Smyth


Android Studio Development Necessities, by Neil Smyth, shows the abilities essential to develop  based programs while using Android Studio Integrated Development Atmosphere (IDE) and also the  4.4 Software Development Package (SDK).

Android Studio Development Essentials by Neil Smyth


Subjects incorporated: Fundamentals • Establishing an Android development and testing atmosphere • An introduction to Android Studio: tool home windows, the code editor and also the Designer tool • Introducing the architecture of Android • Style of Android programs and user connects while using Android Studio atmosphere • Database management • Content companies • Intents • Touchscreen handling • Gesture recognition • Camera access and also the playback and recording of both audio and video • Features introduced with  4.4 including printing, transitions and cloud-based file storage • Applying maps while using Google Maps Android API • In-application billing and posting applications towards the Google Play Developer Console • Gradle build configuration and also the implementation of build variants to focus on multiple Android device types from one project code base.

Topics included: Basics • Setting up an  development and testing environment • An overview of Android Studio: tool windows, the code editor and the Designer tool • An introduction to the architecture of Android • Design of  applications and user interfaces using the Android Studio environment • Database management • Content providers • Intents • Touch screen handling • Gesture recognition • Camera access and the playback and recording of both video and audio • Features introduced with 4.4 including printing, transitions and cloud-based file storage • Implementing maps using the Google Maps Android API • In-app billing and submitting apps to the Google Play Developer Console • Gradle build configuration and the implementation of build variants to target multiple Android device types from a single project code base.

Book Particulars

Author(s): Neil Smyth
Publisher: Techotopia
Published: July 2014
Format(s): HTML(Online)
File size: –
Number of pages: –
Download / View Link(s): Online

Download Kik Messenger For PC

Download Kik Messenger for PC

Download Kik Messenger for PC

There are many instant messaging app for Android Smartphone, One of them is Kik Messenger. It was Launched in 2009 by a Group of Students. But now Kik messenger is one of the best and most used messaging Client in the Social world. Its not just a messaging app but you can also Share images, video, smiley, and many other features.
Download Kik Messenger for PC
Download Kik Messenger for PC

Kik messenger has a very Clean and customizable Interface, loaded with smileys and allows you to send unlimited messages to any other Kik user. It offers you to Change Chat themes and background Images. The  major difference between other messaging Clients and Kik is that it doesn’t need any Phone number to use this app.The Kik Creates your Profile when you uses it first time. And your Friends can find you using your profile user name to protect your Privacy.


Anyhow there is No verison of Kik messenger available for PC/Laptop forWindows and MAC. So here I’ll share a Step by Step Guide to Download and Install Kik messenger for Computer or PC.

Kik Messenger on PC/Laptop (Windows & MAC)

To download and install Kik messenger on you Windows PC or Laptop you need to follow the below Simple Steps.

  • Download and Install Bluestacks app Player on your PC/Laptop. You can download Bluestacks offline Installer from here.
  • After Installation Open it and Search for “Kik Messenger” using the Search tool in Bluestacks.
  • Click on the Install button, and wait till the downloading is Completed.

Final Words

And that’s it! You have Successfully Installed Kik Messenger on your Windows Desktop or PC. Now Start sending messages to your friends.If you liked our Post then don’t forget to Share it with your Friends.