How to Delete Permanently Files From Your Computer



How to Delete Permanently Files From Your Computer

Whenever you remove personal files, it’s often gone to live in the Trash Can to ensure that you are able to restore the file later if required. For details about recuperating personal files, see Recover files in the Trash Can.

To permanently remove files out of your computer and reclaim any hard disk drive space these were using, you have to remove the files in the Trash Can. You are able to remove individual files in the Trash Can or empty the whole Trash Can at the same time.

  1. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking the Recycle Bin on the desktop.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • To permanently delete one file, click it, press Delete, and then click Yes.
  • To delete all of the files, on the toolbar, click Empty the Recycle Bin, and then click Yes.

How to Delete Permanently Files From Your Computer


  • You are able to empty the Trash Can without having to open it by right-clicking the Trash Can after which clicking Empty Recycle Bin.

  • You are able to permanently remove personal files out of your computer without delivering it towards the Recycle Bin by clicking the file and then pressing Shift+Delete.

How To Install Windows 7 Easily

How to Install Windows 7 Easily

How to install Windows 7 easily

How to Install Windows 7 Easily
How to Install Windows 7 Easily

Locate your data in the proper place

Installing Windows 7 should be an easy process, but isn’t always. Here’s how to take some of the pain out of the upgrades process by locating your data in the correct place before you download and install Windows 7.


There are ways you can make the fresh install time shorter, particularly when it comes to getting all your apps and configurations in place. The most important to do is keep all of your data on a separate partition (or drive) from the Windows OS. I mean put EVERY BIT OF YOUR DATA on a separate partition, including your Documents folder, Downloads, Outlook PST and OST files, favourites, music files, videos, pictures… all of the folders normally under my documents.

If you were to drill down into my user folder on the C drive of Windows 7, you’d find all of those folders (Downloads, My Documents, My Pictures, etc.) empty because they’ve been relocated to a separate data partition. If you’re in a little larger company, that data can be located on the company’s Windows file server with local copies on your computer, though they may not want all your music files (and everybody else’s) eating up server file space.

Most applications will place data in your documents folder, but some like to be tricky and put it buried next to their own app folders, so check this when you install the application and relocate the folder to your data partition, placing a shortcut where they kept the folder. Most apps these days deal with that just fine. Also check within the app itself for a setting that lets you change where data and other files live.

With a separate data partition, installing a fresh OS (Windows 7 or otherwise) is now a much easier proposition. Install the OS, repoint My Documents, etc., to the data partition where they live, install the apps and also repoint them to the data partition, etc. Some applications, like Outlook, are a bit more involved. After Outlook finishes installing, go into the control panel, open up Mail, and create a data file reference pointing to where your PST and OST file(s) live on the data partition, and make the appropriate data file the default.

Windows 7 actually has a new feature that makes all of this even easier, Libraries. You can learn more about Libraries by reading Windows 7 Feature Focus: Libraries.

Also note that if you don’t have a separate partition setup to house your data (or a separate drive), the best time to do it is during or right after the Windows 7 install. Most computers come with some pretty hefty disk space these days so during install make your Windows 7 primary partition around 80GB and then make a separate data partition with the remaining space. You’ll want a lot of disk space for your data partition, particularly if it’s storing mp3, video and image files from your My Music, My Video and My Pictures folders. Another good time to do this is right after the OS install, by dropping into the Disk Management portion of Computer Management within Administrative tasks. Shrink your Windows 7 primary partition and then create a new data partition. This can be tricky to do if your OS isn’t a freshly installed OS (especially under Vista) so I’d recommend doing this right away after installing or go back and create the partitions during installation.

Final Words

Guys i hope you enjoyed this article very much,today’s topic ” How to install Windows 7 Easily “.You can install windows 7 easily through above process,if you have any question just comment below.

Top 10 Websites To Send Free Sms



One Of The Most Popular Online Service Is Send Free Sms(Short Message Service). Now A Days It Is Very Popular Service According To Fast Delivery And Quick Service. You Can Send Message In Pakistan Only. Most Of People Use This Service To Send Message To His/Her Friend , Family ETC. There Are Many Sites Which Can Charge For Every Message. But I Will Give You Free Sites To Send Free Sms.

1 : 160by2

This is a very well-known site through which you can deliver 100 % free concept to any cellular number/network in Indian.This is well-known because of its quick distribution support and easy to use interface.Therefor more than 12 thousand customers use this 100 % free texting support.They Provide 160 Personality Restrict for Conventional SMS and 140 character for Personal SMS.160by2 is good support for delivering SMS withing india.

2 : Way2Sms

Way2SMS is popular because of concept providing time which less than 10 a few moments.Easy Delivering, Get in touch with Control these are some oher functions provided by Way2SMS.Not only this you can get 100 % free E-mail signals to cellular mailbox and also can Talk with your Gtalk and google buddies using Way2SMS simultionsely.But it has limitation that you can deliver concept only within Indian.

3 : SMScity

From SMScity you can deliver 100 % free Worldwide SMS everyday.Not only SMS you can also deliver free Image concept also.Using SMScity you can deliver free sms to 22 different nations.You can also deliver SMS via your MSN courier and SMScity distribution is Efficient.

4 : SMS404

his website is different from all other website because of this functions detailed below:-

It allows you to deliver lengthy personality concept up to 440 figures.
You can deliver SMS in many Other terminology other than Hindi and British.
You can also routine SMS for any day and here we are at upcoming.
Allows you to make Cellphone Book
And can also deliver Team information.

5 : TextMeFree

Text me Free Allows you to send Free SMS message to mostly every country in the world.TextmeFree Doesn’t require registration to send messages.

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How to create an Apple ID without a credit card

How to create an Apple ID without a credit card

create apple id with no credit card

Having an Apple ID is a prerequisite to do just about anything related to Apple services. If you want to buy music on iTunes, download apps in the App Store, or use iCloud, you must have an Apple ID.

A few years ago, linking a credit card to an Apple account was mandatory. But Apple has changed its stance and has been letting users create an Apple ID without a credit card for a while now.

Whatever your reason might be to do so, we are going to show you how to create an Apple ID without a credit card

Note that if you don’t link a credit card or other payment method to your Apple ID, you will obviously not be able to complete purchases, but you will however be able to download free content, such as free apps.

Creating an Apple ID without credit card or other payment method

The following steps were performed on an iPhone, but the process is the same whether you use an iPod touch, an iPad, or even iTunes from your desktop computer.

1) Make sure you are not signed in any Apple account. If you are, simply sign out.

2) Go to the App Store and look for any free application. The application doesn’t matter so just grab the first one you see.

3) Tap the “Free” button once. It will turn into an “Install” button. Tap it again to initiate the download. At this point, the App Store app will ask you to either sign into your account or create a new one. Select “Create New Apple ID.”

create new apple id

4) Select your country or region, then tap Next.

New account country

5) Tap “Agree” twice to agree to the terms and conditions. Alternatively, if you have 7 hours to spare, you may first go through the terms and conditions, then agree to them.

new apple id terms

6) Enter the required information to create your new account. This includes email address, password, date of birth, and a few security questions. Tap “Next” when you’re done. Make sure you use an email address that is not currently registered or was not previously used as an Apple ID. If necessary, create a new email address.

new apple id create account

7) Under Billing Information, make sure to choose “None.” Then enter your billing address.

new apple ID no credit card

8) Apple will send you a confirmation email to the email address you provided. Check your emails and click the “Verify” link in the email Apple sent you, then log in using your newly created username (your email address) and password.

9) Finally, go back to the App Store application, and sign in your new account.

sign in new apple id

Final Words

You should now be able to download free content from Apple. If you ever try to download paid content though, Apple will ask you to update your payment information and provide a credit card.

How To Make A Bootable USB

How To Make A Bootable USB


How to make a bootable USB for Windows

Bootable USB drive for Window 7, 8, Vista, Server and XP

Requirements for Bootable USB flash:

► USB Flash Drive (Minimum 4GB)
► Window Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation files.
Follow the below steps to create bootable Windows 7/Windows 8 USB drive using which you can install Windows 7 or Windows 8 easily.

Procedure for Bootable USB Flash:

► Plug-in your USB flash drive to USB port and move all the contents from USB drive to a safe location on your system.
► Open Command Prompt with admin rights. Use any of the below methods to open Command Prompt with admin rights.
► Type cmd in Start menu search box and hit Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter.

http:/; Bootable usb; Or
► Click on Start Menu Button >>> Click on All programs >>> Click Accessories, on Command Prompt right click and choose Run as Administrator from drop down.
► You need to know about the USB drive a little bit. Type in the following commands in the command prompt:

Command Prompt Commands for Bootable USB:

► on Command Prompt Type DISKPART and Press / Hit Enter
► After displaying Diskpart on next line now Type LIST DISK command

(Hint: From the given list note down Disk number for example Disk 1 or Disk 2 of your plugged-in USB flash drive.
Now Type following commands shown in BOLD one by one and check the message after each command just like in picture below:
Bootable USB flash Windwo 7, 8, Vista, XP
SELECT DISK 1 (Used to select your Disk from list)

(Tip: Check the number of your USB Driver by size and Enter that No.)

CLEAN (This command deletes the partition of your flash drive)

CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY (Primary partition will be created on USB)

SELECT PARTITION 1 (Always use 1 after partition here)

ACTIVE (Makes the USB status as active)

FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK ( You may use fs=fat and if you want to format normally then remove quick)

(Formatting Process will be completed in few seconds)

ASSIGN (This will assign a Drive Letter)

EXIT (Command Promt will return to normal mode)

► Now put fresh DVD of Window Vista/ Window 7 or Window 8 in the Optical Drive (DVD / Super Drive)
► Now Copy all the Files or contents from Windows Vista / Window 8 OR Window 7 DVD to your USB flash drive.
► Hurrah! Enjoy your USB drive is Boot-able Now and install Windows 7 OR
Windows 8.
► Finally from BIOS, Change your Boot Sequence and Set Boot from USB First or Boot Priority to Top.

Software to Make USB Bootable:

► FlashBoot Setup ► Novicorp WinToFlash ► Windows7-USB-DVD-tool

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Best Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance

Best Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance
Best Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance
Best Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance

Hello Friends,How are you,I hope you all are fine,here i am present to tell you Some Best Ways to Improve Your Computer Performance,Most users asked me that told us some tips to increase their computer processing speed,So I am Here With:

Best Ways To Improve Your Computer Performance

1- Needless Programs and Softwares

Every so often there are several applications that take so much running while set-up. Although few are system applications that are necessary to function and set up, otherwise a number of unnecessary applications are just over-loading the RAM. For example i track assistant, printing device establishing and system updaters.

The preliminary remedy contains; obtain a better to remove the unnecessary applications. Keep in mind that the C better is a beneficial better.

Use the ms windows defaulting process for set-up the system company. However, make certain you to adhere to the appropriate technique or consult a computer professional. You can also do contact to the technical assistance numeral for help in such scenario.



2- Crap ware

Crap Wares also known as bloat ware, and are unnecessary applications that are mainly packed via the pc manufacturer.

They contain Help choices Ads involved alternatives and growth existing by the pc manufacturer distribution cases.

The high quality is to unset-up the applications. And be cautious from removing valuable applications. They are made up of audio, film, handle and system distribution. For being to the properly secured part, term the producer’s technical support group numbers for help



3- RAM Speed

Insufficient RAM will significantly reduce the speed pc, particularly while ongoing the including on distribution and store press. A RAM improve is rather affordable and very helpful. The recommended regular amount should be roughly 4 GB; anything less expensive should be enhanced.  This although demands participation from a used pc specialist.

As announced, the only explanation is to perform enhance. There are several online equipment that think about you computer’s RAM requirements then the recommended supply. Note that this is rather a lower but useful change.


4 – Viruses and Infections

Viruses and Infections take up mainly pc rate and gap throughout the running in the background. They are generally looking for the several ways to increase and contact the internet. Others simply duplicate the empty computer file to your hard drive, most important to overcapacity. Whereas the working programs may seem only some and light, the malware normally perform background activities. Getting reduces from viruses and attacks substantially update pc rate and efficiency. Follow the method that given below.

Uninstall old and unrecorded anti-virus distribution. Set up recommended and well known anti-virus having short storage indent.

Execute a regular full analyze, as well as investigates on removable press. Make certain that the program is documented and recurrently enhanced. This guarantees that you are innovative with the most latest attacks and viruses.



5-Impermanent Folders

There are a range of auto-save conditions in ms windows. Such conditions involve information and webpages from the internet, i-e; term dispensation information and system set ups. They are properly secured on the hard drive and believe beneficial gap surreptitiously.

Just way out is to set up cleaning solutions, rather the information cleaning can be heavy and dangerous for beginner. The classes are present for a charge of monitor. Concentrate on the straight bio data with the least advertising. The overvalued and over-publicized varies are generally rather ineffective or incorrect organizations to automated restoration system.

Final Words

I hope you can do all above steps easily,and it is 100% Working tip.Today’s Topic was very interesting :),By doing above steps you can easily speed up your Computer.If you are facing any problem during doing this,Just Comment Below I Will Help You Immediately.

How To Download Dailymotion Videos Free



Hey Friends. I Am Rifat Hussain And Again Today I Am Come With A New Topic That Is “How To Download DAilymotion Videos Free. Dailymotion Is A Very Popular Site In Which You Can Listen Videos Songs , Watch Movies And Other Things You Will Watch Online. It Is World Second Number Popular Videos Site. And You Can Also Upload Videos In It. And Make Money With Daily Motion. Sometime It Takes Loading To Start. That’s Why People Want To Download Videos And Watch Free In It’s Computer. On VLC Or Media Player. There Are Many Tricks To Download Videos From It. But Which I Will Show You It Is Very Easy.

Download Videos From Dailymotion : 

Visit The Dailymotion And Navigate The Video You Want To Download.

Copy The Url And Paste Into Your Browser Navigate.

Go To And Paste The Copied Url In The Address Bar.

Press The Download Button Next To The Url

Click The Download Link Of Your Choice In The Download Link Section Of The KeepVid Website. A New Window Opens.

Click To Open Files With A Certain Program OF Your Computer Or Click “Save File”. Click The OK. The Video Will Start Playing Or Will Be Saved On Your Computer, Depanding On Your Section.

Now You Are Done. Thank You For Visiting Our Section. If This Method Is Not Work In Your Computer Just Comment We Will Solve Your Problem.


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10 most useful tips you must know to boost up your PC

10 most useful tips you must know to boost up your PC

Many People have slow computers and are tired of them as they hang hang and hang which waste alot of our valuable time………. so today i’ve prepared some tips for you so you should apply them and speed up your computers guranteed…….. believe me i also had a really slow PC but after applying these tips i’ve solved my problem so you should also try your luck…….. If you find my useful plz rate and comment……. Thanks!!!! 

1. First, run a scandisk or check disk. Let Windows fix any errors.

2. Run a disk cleanup utility…this will flush your temporary internet folder, trash can, temp system files, etc.

3. Delete any garbage files or data…if possible, run a Duplicate File Finder program.

4. Run Defrag on all partitions (NOTE: run this after you have deleted all trash and excess files!)

5. Run a registry cleaner utility and delete or get rid of any orphaned entries in that registry.

6. Check your exisiting swap file for it’s size and location (*will explain location later in the post). If you have alot of ram (i.e. 1 gig and over) set this swap file to something small, like 250 mb. The reason is that this will force Windows to load more into memory, resulting in faster performance (note: some games and applications actually require a certain sized swap file so check your applications performance after making a size adjustment for any error messages.)

7. Under XP, you can tell Windows to use Classic Style on your desktop, – this will remove the neat single click and internet-style desktop but for lower end systems this will improve performance in other areas, such as gaming and multi-tasking.

8. Run msconfig and under startup and only keep the programs that are essential to load in the tray icon (and hence stay resident in memory). Uncheck anything else non-essential, like an ATI or Nvidia control panel, Quicktime utility, Real Audio, etc.

9. Upgrade drivers! Check for the latest BIOS, video, motherboard, sound, etc drivers from the manufacturers. Alot of my friends had chipsets on their motherboard that had advanced disk management capabilities or AGP port settings but the drivers weren’t loaded for them so they were never being used. A simple upgrade realized a noticeable difference. For instance, they didn’t have the latest driver for their AGP port so it was set to 1x, instead of being used at 4x!

10. (OK, so this won’t speed up your PC but it could save you alot of time and trouble later on!) After making all these improvements, make a working backup! I use Ghost, but for XP users you can also use System Restore…


I’ve also written a post on the basic problems why PCs crash and which you must know and also how to increase ram in android…….. so interested people should read the following post…… to read it please click here and here


1. Take a look under the hood (for IDE owners). How are your IDE devices configured? If you have more than 1 hard drive, put the master hard drive on the primary IDE channel and the secondary hard drive on the secondary IDE channel (most motherboards have two IDE channels).

2. Place all CDROM drives, DVD readers etc. on the secondary IDE channel (or SCSI bus, etc). This will reduce I/O contention with your master hard drive which should have your OS and apps installed…

3. Remember when I mentioned the location of the swap file? OK, if you have 2 hard drives and you have one on the primary IDE channel and the other on the secondary IDE channel, move the swap file to a partition ON THE SECOND hard drive (on the secondary IDE channel). This will greatly improve system performance as the PC can write to the swap file while loading and running OS and system commands without I/O contention on the primary IDE channel!

4. Take a look under the hood (for SCSI owners) What kind of SCSI do you have? If it’s the newer Ultra 160/320 etc cards then guess what? Any devices placed on the same bus will automatically default to the slowest drive on the chain…this means that if you have say, an Ultra 160 SCSI card, and it has an Ultra 160 drive (capable of transferring 160 mb/sec) on the same chain as a SCSI cdrom drive (capable of only 40 mb/sec) then the whole bus slows down to the 40 mb/sec speed…use different chains for the slower devices and maximize those hard drives!

5. Run a utility like WCPUID and check the settings…is your CPU/front speed bus/AGP port running as fast as they should be? If not, check your drivers and BIOS configuration options. Also, are all of your chipset features enabled? If not, then enable them! (usually done in your BIOS!)

6. Dig in to the BIOS…check settings like boot order, for example…is it checking the floppy first? Change this! Select your order to reflect the hard drive first, then CD, then floppy for a noticeable boot time improvement. Also disable any non-used on board peripherals…for instance, – does your motherboard come with an on-board NIC card? Guess what, if you don’t use that NIC card and it is enabled it will eat up valuable CPU cycles and can be detrimental to your systems’ performance. DISABLE THAT MUTHA! Also, see if you can play with memory timing and CPU clock frequencies (NOTE! This is for expert users only!) Set these timings to “Aggressive” and see what happens in your games and apps…Also, check to see what your video aperature is set to. If you have a video card with 128 megs of on-baord memory, your aperature should be set to this amount too. Read the BIOS owner manual for further non-general performance tricks or improvements! Do you have the latest BIOS firmware version?

7. Under hardware properties, check to see that everything is working properly, and fix any hardware contention issues. You’ll see the dreaded yellow exclamation point (!) beside any hardware componenet that is not working correctly.

8. Evaluate the potential for system/hardware upgrades…usually, the best bang for the buck is adding memory so buy all that you can afford (don’t go much above 512 megs for Win 98 or ME). If you have a motherboard with an 8x – capable AGP port but you are using an older 4x video card, consider upgrading to an 8x card. You get the idea here…

9. Quit using software pigs like Norton system utilities, etc. These place files everywhere and can be a real system resource hog on lower end PCs.

10. Did I mention to make a good backup? Do it now! Also, while you’re at it, run a good virus program with the latest definitions.

There are more options to make your system faster, such as overclocking, etc. but (just about) everything I’ve mentioned in this tech post costs you nothing and will result in faster system performance! Good luck and if you have any questions on how to do anything mentioned here, ask a knowledgeable friend or consult a book, – don’t mess up something trying to do something you are not sure of!