6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

Facebook is easily the most popular social media site with more than 350 million people. It’s not only an excellent tool for connecting with buddies, family, co-workers and much more around the globe, but it is additionally a useful gizmo to improve visitors to your site. Following are 6 idea to increase traffic with Facebook.

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook
6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

1. Complete Your Profile Smartly

Think about your goals for the Facebook profile. If you wish to utilize it like a tool to determine yourself being an expert inside your area and drive traffic towards your site, you will want to make certain your profile includes the data to aid your expertise. Be cautious about the kinds of photos, videos, and private you are interested in use in your profile though. To make use of Facebook like a tool to drive traffic towards your site, you will need to make lots of Facebook buddies, and it is likely you will not would like them all to determine individuals images of you consuming attending college!

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2. Find Buddies

Make use of the search tool to locate people on Facebook. Searching by title, company, school, and much more. You don’t have to know an individual before you decide to request to become friends with them on Facebook. The worst that may happen is they decline or ignore your request, and also the better if can occur is they explore your Facebook network! There are also individuals to friend by searching with the buddies of individuals you are already buddies with and searching through Facebook groups and pages to locate individuals with similar interests for your own. Whenever you find individuals who suit your criteria and can want to consider your site content, proceed and send them a buddy request!

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

3. Join Groups or Make Your Own Group

You may create an organization for just about any subject or reason on Facebook and enable individuals to join it. Look for groups associated with your blog’s subject, after which join individuals groups and obtain mixed up in conversations happening in individuals groups. If you cannot find the perfect Facebook group to aid your time and efforts to drive traffic towards your site, create one! You are able to distribute group invites to all your Facebook buddies.

4. Produce a Facebook Page and be keen on Other Facebook Pages

The Facebook page feature is yet another fantastic way to network using the Facebook audience. You are able to become keen on existing Facebook pages (just look for your associated with your site after which join the converation), and you may make your own. Facebook pages are only able to be produced by official reps for an organization, brand or celebrity. Your site could be described as a brand, so proceed and make up a Facebook page for the blog. Then make sure to feed your blog’s content to your Facebook page status updates and constantly add interesting information into it to help keep the conversation going.

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5. Link Other Social Accounts for your Facebook Profile and Page

You will find many tools available that will help you develop a great Facebook profile and/or page that may bring customers directly and not directly for your blog. Take time to link your blog’s Feed for your status updates, link your Twitter feed, SlideShare content, and so forth for your Facebook profile or page. By doing this, your updates come in your status stream for all your buddies to determine. In some instances, a brand new tab is put into your Facebook profile or page, so content from another services (for example SlideShare) is definitely simple to find.

6. Market Your Facebook Link

Incorporate your Facebook link inside your blog’s sidebar, inside your email signature, and elsewhere you are able to think about to inspire more and more people to locate you and also give back a Facebook friend request.

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Facebook

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Latest Facebook Tricks 2015

Latest Facebook Tricks 2015

Latest Facebook Tricks 2015

Latest Facebook Tricks 2015
Latest Facebook Tricks 2015

Hello Friends I am Saqib Baloch and I am back with new intresting topic.Facebook a Social networking website from whom no one is unknown these days.  It allows you to connect with anyone all around the Globe and Chat with them, Share Videos & movies and many more. As everyone know How to basic things on Facebook, Here we will Share some of the Latest Working Facebook Tricks which make your facebooking more interesting. There Tricks are well researched by our team all Tricks working. So let’s Go through these tricks once and use in your facebook account.

1.Trick to update blank status:

Now you can update your Facebook status as blank.first login to your Facebook account.

  • now enter @[3:3: ] in your status box

  • if you want to update your blank status as long statement the paste the code again below the code just like below
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]

2.Post animated (.gif) images on Facebook:

Many other Social networking websites like Google plus allows you to Share animated gif’s images which really looks pretty Cool, but if your daily Facebook you would be knowing that gif images are not allowed on FB. Don’t worry here is the trick to Post gif images on Facebook:-

  • Simple visit giphy website.
  • Now select a animated gif image which you want to post on FB.
  • Paste the image the link on Facebook Status and Voila its done !!

3.Invite all friends to Like a FB page with Single Click

You created a new Facebook Fan page but don’t have any likes on it. The best way to get Likes is to invite your all friends to like a Facebook page, but inviting your each friend manually takes a hell lot of time. But you can use the this Latest trick to invite all friends to like facebook page by a Single Click

  • LogIn to your Facebook account and Open the Page for which you want to send invitations to your Friends.
  • Now Click on Invite friends Option and a pop up will appear.
  • Now simply press f12 key from your Keyboard and Chrome Console window will Open.
  • Copy the below posted Code and paste it in the Console window and you’re done !!

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

4.Download facebook photo Album in a single click:

now you can download  facebook photo album with a single click,all you need is to just go to app named Facebook2zip.com
check the process:
  • Step1: As soon as go the above app you are asked to Login with facebook just like in above picture
  • Step2: Now choose your friend from whom you want to download photo album you can see an arrow 2 pointing in the above picture
  • Step3: Now choose the album what you want to download
  • Step4: Just click Download button and save photo album to your desired location.

5.Post and Create Fake Facebook Status:

Now amaze your friends by posting Fake Status on your FB profile with anyone’s name whether it is Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerbergs. Just follow below simple instructions:-

fake fb status

  • Visit  The Wall Machine website.
  • And Connect it with your Facebook profile and Log in to it.
  • Now you’ll able to create any kind of Fake Fb Status and post on your profile.

6.Create a Video with your Facebook pictures:

now can create a video with your facebook pictures it is so easy you can go topixable.com and login with your facebook account.

7.Find who unfriend you on facebook:

  • If you think that someone of your friends has Unfriend you on Facebook and your not able to find who is that.
  • Now you can use this Application to find the one who removed or deleted you from your Profile.

8.Post your staus in all facebook groups at once:

  • it is easy to post your status on your wall.when comes you have to post status in all groups it takes much time and even it is hard task.by using simple app it is easy you can post in all facebook groups at once
  • Go to Multi Auto poster application and login with Facebook.
  • you can also use another app click here

9.Sync Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar:

If you have been using Fb calendar as well as Google Calendar I’m sure it had been created a big mess to manage your important reminders, appointments and birthday.

  • Open your facebook and Simply go to Events and head towards Calendar tab.
  • Now just Tap on setting and Click on the export button.
  • Now you have to Choose what you want to export “Friends birthday” or “upcoming events” select one which is appropriate to you and then Copy their link address.
  • LogIn to your Google account and visit Google Calendar page.
  • Now Simply Click on Other Calendars and tap on the drop down button and then Choose Add by URL.
  • Here you’ll paste the link which got from the FB calendar and Click on Add Calendar button.

11.How to Delete/deactivate Facebook account?

  • Most of people think that deactivating and deleting are same but in practical they are different.
  • click here how we can delete/deactivate facebook account.

12. Accept all friend request at once

  • Login to your FB account and visit your Friend request page.
  • Now Copy the below Code and Post it your friend request page address bar.

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0);

  • And press enter…That’s it !! Now check all your friends would be added to your friend list.

13. Restore deleted Facebook Messages and Images

  • Simple Login to your facebook account and head towards general setting page through this link.
  • Now Click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data
  • At the very next page a Download archieve button will be visible, Click on it and they might ask you to enter your FB password again, Just enter it.
  • When you click on Submit button and you will see download link for your data will be sent to your email id.
  • Now log in to your mail account and download the archive from the link which you received in your mail.
  • That’s it..!! Extract or Unzip the file and there would all information of your FB account such as messages, image, videos, etc.

14.Cool Facebook Chat tricks:

  • Send your Friends Cool messages in different Style like Upside down or flipped text and many more.
  • Visit this website from your Computer browser.
  • Now here type your desired text in dialog box and choose appropriate style.
  • Now Simple Copy the text and post it to FB status and it will appear in different style.

15. Visible Online for Whom You want:

Now you can visible online for whom you want.By using this trick you can chat with only with the persons whom you want.
  • Just go to Advanced chat settings by clicking on Gear icon below chat bar.
  • Then a pop up arises  just like below screen capture
  • Now click Turn On chat for Some Friends
  • Now add your friends in the options
  • finally click save option.

Final Words

So that’s all for this post.stay connected with us. don’t forget to like us on Facebook. if i missed any best facebook trick let me know in the comments below.so that i will update them on my list.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account

How To Delete Your Facebook Account
How To Delete Your Facebook Account
How To Delete Your Facebook Account

Hello buddies i am Saqib Baloch here with an intresting topic ” How To Delete Facebook Account “,Many of facebook users did not want to get notification and annoying messages so they want to delete their facebook account,So I am Introducing:-

How to delete your Facebook account

Facebook may boast 1.28 billion monthly active users, but the social network isn’t for everyone. Maybe you don’t find it all that useful, or you’ve received one too many FarmVille requests. Or perhaps the June 2014 disclosure that the company messed with users’ News Feeds as part of a research experiment proved to be the final straw (even if monkeying with News Feeds is what Facebook does all the time). Whatever the reason, you’ve had it with Facebook.So how do you make a clean break? You’ve got two choices—deactivating your Facebook account or deleting it outright.

Deactivate your account

facebook settings menu
Click the downward arrow to access the Settings menu in Facebook. From there, you can deactivate or delete your account. 

Deactivating your Facebook account puts it on hiatus: Your profile will be removed from the site, as will most of what you posted to Facebook (though messages and other things will stick around), but Facebook will retain your data in case you decide to come back. You can always reactivate your account later by logging in to Facebook.

To deactivate your account, log in to Facebook, and select the settings menu in the upper-right corner (represented by a downward arrow icon). Choose Settings from the menu, and then on the next screen select Security from the list along the left side of the window.

Once there, click Deactivate your account toward the bottom of the page. Facebook will try to guilt you into staying by showing you photos of your Facebook friends, and then ask you why you want to deactivate your account. Once you tell Facebook why you don’t want to be friends anymore, click the Confirm button, enter your password one last time, and Facebook will proceed to deactivate your account.

Was it something I said? When you deactivate your account, Facebook will ask you why you don’t love it anymore.

Kill your account altogether

Deleting your account, on the other hand, kills it completely: You won’t be able to log back in to retrieve or view anything you’ve posted to Facebook, and if you want to use Facebook again, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Facebook recommends that you download a copy of the data you’ve published to the site before you delete your account. Open the Settings menu on Facebook while logged in to your account by clicking the downward arrow icon. Next, select Settings, and on the General Account Settings page, look for Download a copy of your Facebook data and click the link. The service will then guide you through the process of downloading an archive of all your Facebook data.

facebook general account
A link at the bottom of the General Account Settings page lets you download all of your Facebook data before you take the drastic step of deleting your account completely. 

The company doesn’t make it immediately obvious as to how to delete your Facebook account, but to do so, log in to Facebook with your account, and then visit Facebook’s account deletion form to carry out the process.

Final Words

Keep in mind that once your Facebook account is gone, it’s gone, so you should delete your account only if you’re really, really sure that you won’t use Facebook again.


4 Ways How To Make Money On Facebook

One of many easiest ways to generate income is by doing something you might be already doing daily, spending time about Facebook. Facebook is the greatest social network in the world and there are poisonous of people that contain account on Facebook. People log in their Facebook accounts daily to have fun by updating the status and placing photos and video lessons. Because Facebook has a great number of members is also a fantastic ways to generate income.

4 Ways How To Make Money On Facebook

There are a number of ways how anyone may use Facebook to make money. Here are many of them:

1. Use Facebook to come up with traffic to your website or blog.
Many bloggers and also webmasters are generating massive income online by monetizing the websites/blog. There are many ways to monetize an online site or blog such as: Adsense Ads, internet marketer links, CPM ad networks etc. To get started on making money having a blog just developing a blog is not enough. To start earning money with a website or perhaps a blog you need to have traffic or put simply people must become visiting your blog to start with. Driving traffic for a blog is where Facebook might help a lot. Facebook is a terrific way to promote your content to thousands of people and reach your audience. Lots of blog writers and business use Facebook being a promotion method together with great success. Once visitors click on a advertisement as well as buy something at a merchant website after you refer them you can make money.

2.. Make money expressing your videos about Facebook

Aside from driving traffic for a blog using Facebook and monetizing together with advertisements another good way to generate income with Facebook will be sharing your videos to obtain additional views. There are quite a few video sharing internet sites that reward their contributors with regards to videos. The greatest video sharing website will be Youtube but you can find others. The contributors are paid with a per view basis meaning the amount of money you make depends on how many periods your videos are generally viewed. There isn’t fixed amount, but you could earn few dollars for every thousand views. To start making money you’ll want to join and distribute your videos in comparison with use Facebook to have many views by means of sharing your video lessons. Every time people upload new video share it together with your Facebook friends to boost the views plus your earnings.

3. Make money selling stuff about Facebook

Another way to make money on Facebook should be to sell items. For those who have something to advertise like used products, coins, stamps, wood or metal things, gadgets, furniture, books or an ebook you’ve written yourself, Facebook is a fantastic place to come across interested buyers from from any location. There are both equally paid and free methods you may use to promote the things you need to sell on Facebook and reach interested buyers from from any location.

4. Make dollars by sharing your current links on Facebook

Probably the simplest way to make dollars on Facebook should be to do something you might be already doing, that is sharing links with other people. You can mke dollars from yor links the use of link shortener that will pays you pertaining to sharing your back links with others. Among the finest paid link shortening companies is adf.ly of all. If you get a website or a video you enjoy and you need to share it with others you can shorten it and post the link. When other click on this link before they demand website they will likely be redirected to companies website. You earning is dependent upon the number associated with clicks your links may have. The more people click on your links the greater money you will make.

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How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

Hello Buddies,  This is  Jimmy Rapper  ALONG WITH   my partner and i  posted  your  article  on the   ask   regarding   MY OWN   Best  freind.  inside   your  article  You\’ll   recognize   Tips on how to  fix  an  incorrectly oriented photo  from  facebook

Have  you  ever uploaded  an  photo  for you to  Facebook  single   in order to   identify   This   This is  upside down?  You may  delete  This   AND ALSO  re-upload  your  photo, but  The item  would delete  virtually any  comments  or even  likes. Isn’t there  a   way to  rotate  a good  photo  from  Facebook? Yes, there is.

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook


01.Be sure  you might be  signed  in  Facebook  through the   account   It  originally uploaded  your current  photo.  people   are unable to  edit photos  That  were uploaded  via   different  accounts.  a person   can\’t  edit  other  users’ photos photos even  if   you were  tagged  with  them.  You may   lone  edit  your current  photos

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook
How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

02.Click  to the  photo  The idea   you wish to  edit.  That  doesn’t matter  if   you\’re  viewing  from the  wall  as well as   on the  Facebook photo album.  the  photo  In the event that  “pop out”  in to   That  familiar viewer window, photo  on the  left,  specifics   ALONG WITH  comments  towards  right.

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook
How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

03.Mouse  over the  photo  without having  clicking.  As   anyone  hover  throughout the  picture,  an  row  involving   menu   possibilities   Just in case  appear  on the  bottom  of a  photo.  the   label   of an  Facebook photo album  is actually   on the   straight down  left.  with the   down  right,  The idea   In the event that  read: Tag Photo |  chances  | Share | Send | Like.

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook
How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

04.Click  to the  word “Options”. Another  food list   Just in case  pop up  The idea  reads: Edit  location  | Change  day  | Rotate Left | Rotate  right  |  Download  | Make Profile Picture | Make Cover Photo | Make Album Cover |  carry   Associate  | Move  to   different  Album | Delete  the  Photo | Enter Fullscreen

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook
How To Fix An Incorrectly Oriented Photo On Facebook

05.Click  in  “Rotate Left”  as well as  “Rotate Right”. Repeat until photo  is usually  oriented correctly.

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Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto-commentor

Facebook Auto-Liker Plus Auto Commentor

Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto Commentor

Hello Friends! Yesterday i was researching on google i found that most of the facebook users are requesting Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto Commentor ,I thought about it and Finally I Got this website.So I am here with new new trick to increase likes of your fanpages,photo,status and auto commmentor on your photo or status.I am sharing an auto-liker,auto commentor,Moeliker.net.

Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto Commentor :-

An Auto liker is an website which will increase your likes on photos,status or fanpages.An Auto will Increase your likes.


Let us Start Follow me step by step….

Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto-commentor

First you have you login you facebook account and make sure that your follower settings are set on public,if not then set it,And also make the privacy settings of photo,status to show to public.


Click on this link MoeLiker

How to increase facebook fanpage likes
Click on Generate token you will be redirected to new window there you have to wait 5 seconds for ad survey then click on skip and then you will be redirected where you get your access token.Copy It 

After Getting your token just paste it in the blank bar on the homepage of website.
Facebook Auto-Liker,Facebook Fanpage auto liker
 Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto-commentor
Click on submit,Done now the new windows will be opened and you have to chose what you need Auto-Liker,Auto Commentor or Fanpage Liker.
Now You Have to select your opinion i mean the status,photo or fanpage on which you want to get increased likes,Done Now You Have to just wait 2 mint,You Can Get 200 Likes on One Submit you can submit again and again after 15 Minutes.Now Its Your Turn Enjoy Facebook Auto-liker plus Auto Commentor ,If you are facing any problem just comment below i will help you immediately.Thanks I will Soon Upload New Post ,Stay Tunned 🙂

Facebook Coloured Text


Facebook Coloured Text

>>>How to write coloured comment in FB app and mobile?

>>> Friends today i will guide you that how to write coloured   comment in FB app and mobiles
>>> In order to write Facebook coloured text in comments and messages you need to get the codes which i will provide you for FREE
>>> This trick is really very simple, you just need to copy paste the code and write whatever you wish right next to the code
>>> Due to Java script errors i cannot upload the codes here so you would just need to do a little thing
>>> Just click the link below, wait for 5 seconds and press SKIP AD, then a new page would come and press download
>>> FACEBOOK COLOURED TEXT file would be downloaded, get the codes from there and apply them in chat, status updates, comments etc and enjoy
>>> And please comment me your feedback about Facebook Coloured Text as this is very important to me and my team
>>> If you face any problem regarding Facebook Coloured Text then do please comment below I would love to help you