Top 5 iPhone Controlled Toys

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Are you missing your old remote control cars from your childhood? There are great iPhone controlled toys on the market these days, and you can find an excellent model to fit your budget. Normally such a toy car comes with an adapter for the iPhone and a free app which helps control the toy car. How can you do that? Either with the help of the touch screen joystick or by tilting your phone.

1. Wltoys L949 Racing Remote Control Mini Racer RC Car for iPhone iPad iPod

Remote-Control-CarThis speedy and stylish Mini Racer guarantees you much fun and joy. It is very convenient and easy to operate. The vehicle can be perfectly controlled by Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad Touch Series within the distance of 15 meters. It displays great performance due to reliable selection of frequency and strong anti-interference ability. You can charge it by USB cable. It is also equipped with a large-capacity battery. See more information at Oz RC Toys Store.

2. Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank

That is James Bond’s dream! Equipped with a microphone and built-in camera it streams data in real time to your iOS device so that you can hear and can see all that is being said. You can take photos with the help of the camera. Furthermore you will see items at night as the model is equipped with an infrared vision sensor. The Spy Tank creates a secure connection with your iPhone using Wi-Fi and travels up to 200 ft. You control it either with the screen joystick or the iPhone’s accelerometer.

3. MyDeskPets Tankbot

This quite affordable toy is designed to accurately navigate through obstacles. It uses the technology of optical navigation. Also the model emits special sounds. You control the toy with the iPhone. It communicates with the device via an infrared bug which is plugged into the headphone jack. Each model of Tankbot uses a separate frequency. You can control three tanks at a time (they come in green, blue or orange) by switching channels of the free app.

4. iRemoco helicopter

A remote control iRemoco helicopter is very durable as it is protected in the crash by the motor protection system, plastic landing skids and durable metal chassis. A single charge flight lasts 4-6 minutes. The helicopter and the controller are charged as connected to the computer via included USB cable The toy uses a simple infrared controller that connects to the iOS device. You can control three toys at a time with the help of iRemoco controller by switching channels on the remote.

5. Sphero

Sphero-300x218An ultra-intelligent robot of a baseball shape is controlled by the iOS device. The toy uses several free apps which include different modes. 1. Drive: use your iPhone as the joystick pretending Sphero is a remote control car. 2. Golf: Turn Sphero into a golf ball whilst the phone is a club. Swing the phone to hit the ball. 3. Cam: Sphero serves as a wireless camera that takes snapshots. There are new programs coming to market making Sphero’s possibilities endless.