Tips on using Machine Learning in Mobile Applications


Machine Learning (ML), a sub-application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a system to improve and learn from its experiences without being explicitly programmed. In simpler words, it focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn on their own without any human intervention. There are several machine learning courses that enable one to incorporate ML tools in the development of mobile applications.

In recent years, machine learning has evolved its applications in various areas, ranging from speech recognition, web search, to self-driving cars. In addition to these, Machine learning is now being incorporated into many mobile applications to provide a personalised experience to their users. How then, can one use the benefits of machine learning to augment their mobile applications? Following are some tips that you can follow for using machine learning in your mobile applications:

Incorporate Individual Approach:

If you ever wonder how Netflix comes up with relevant recommendations for the next TV series for you to binge on, machine learning is the answer you’ve been looking for. Machine learning (ML) can be utilised to make the application appealing for each user by incorporating an individual approach. This will allow the app to customise content for individual users based on their personal preferences. The users are thus provided with relevant content that’s based on their interest and lifestyle. Apps like YouTube, Instagram also work on a personalised individual approach to increase user traffic.

Faster and Efficient Searching:

Machine learning can help users search for information more efficiently through the various tools it has to offer. Users can be provided with the most relevant information by adding filters like spelling correction, ranking, suggestions, voice searches, etc. Machine learning can thus help to make the searching process far more intuitive for users.

Personalised Recommendations:

If you’re into e-commerce, then you can incorporate machine learning into your app to benefit your business. Generating recommendations for your users based on their purchase pattern and search requests will show them products that they are most likely to be interested in, which would help drive your sales. Amazon and Flipkart are some examples of mobile apps that focus on individual customer approach to increase their sales by influencing buying decisions.

Word Predictions: 

Tired of always correcting your typos? Machine learning tools can be used in predictive texts to predict the next word a user is most likely to type. The neural spatial model makes use of the user’s typing history and matches it with the word currently being typed by the user to make its prediction. This facilitates faster typing and fewer spelling errors. Google’s GBoard is one such example of predictive text, which also enables users to find the right emojis by drawing an outline of the same.

User’s Assistant:

The next time you talk to Siri or OK Google, you can ask them a question or two about machine learning as well. A lot of application developers are using artificial bots which incorporate ML algorithms to deal with customer queries. These digital chat assistants provide customers with the information they need by making use of the repository of data that is gathered in their systems.

Financial Assistant:

If you feel that you need help managing your finances, look no further, for machine learning is here to assist you. ML techniques can also be incorporated in mobile applications aimed at assisting users with their finances. With the use of ML algorithms, the mobile app can track and observe an individual’s spending habits to make suggestions on making smarter money-saving decisions. Such apps understand the behaviour and lifestyle of the users to generate a personalised expenditure plan that helps the users to save more money. Applications like Walnut and Oval Money are examples of apps that provide such financial assistance.

Education Assistant:

Machine learning tools and techniques can be incorporated into your mobile application to assist students in understanding the academic concepts. The ML algorithms can be used to design chatbots that answer students’ queries, check assignments, and keep a check on the students’ grades and assignments. These bots can collect real-time data to suggest personalised learning plans for students.

Fitness Assistant:

Machine learning algorithms can be used by fitness app developers to provide a new dimension to their apps. Merely listing exercises that one can perform has become a digital passe, machine learning is now being used to customise apps based on specific needs and habits of the user, ranging from sleep pattern to dietary habits. Based on the customer’s inputs regarding aims and physical state, machine learning algorithms can generate a personalised training program, thus effectively acting as your very own personal fitness assistant!

Health Assistant:

Incorporating machine learning algorithms in mobile applications can help provide users with interactive healthcare assistance as well. The ML algorithms can be designed to access healthcare databases pertaining to various diseases to help diagnose health-related issues, and can suggest users the necessary steps to be taken for treatment and medication. These apps can also use machine learning tools to keep track of blood pressure and sleeping patterns to make personalised suggestions. IBM’s Watson provides a similar service to cancer patients which uses its extensive database to provide an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Battery-saving Suggestions:

Reduce the amount of time your phone spends connected to the charger by incorporating Machine learning techniques to suggest battery life-saving recommendations. The ML algorithms can be designed to collect real-time data from the device to analyse usage patterns to provide users with useful tips that could save their phone’s battery life. Carat by Carat Team is an app that uses ML tools to provide personalised battery-saving recommendations. This app also reminds its users when any other app malfunctions and needs re-downloading.

Security and Authentication:

If you’re amazed by Apple’s latest face recognition feature, machine learning is again to be thanked for! Machine learning is being actively used in user identification and authentication processes through the use of recognition techniques. Apple’s biometric recognition, and recently, face recognition softwares are stellar examples of how machine learning can be used for user identification, without the need of manually keying in a password.

Fraud Prevention:

You can use machine learning to protect your user’s data against malware and spam.  Machine learning algorithms allow your app to monitor ongoing processes in the background without the need of constant control by the users. This allows the detection of any suspicious activity that could potentially pose a risk to your data. While traditional apps only prevent the user’s information from threats that are already known of, machine learning can protect user data from previously unidentified malware attacks in real-time.

It is evident that machine learning algorithms can be used in a variety of ways to provide users with improved mobile application experience. The implementation of ML tools can thus help one in setting their mobile applications apart from others.

9 Mistakes you are Making with your Product Photographs and how to Avoid them

How many times has it happened to you that you have finished that beautiful job you do (stationery, crafts, craft), you imagine the beautiful photo you want to make?

: with good light, background, adequate exposure, divine complements, clear … you prepare everything, camera in hand, illusion to rage,   and in the end the result is very far from what you imagined ?

This type of situations I have lived on more than one occasion, especially in my beginnings. It joins the feeling of “I can not”, “this is impossible” … makes that level of frustration is high. And it goes wrong.

Do not worry because today I’m going to talk to you about 10 of the most common problems we find related to the theme of craft photography every day .

The best that this type of errors cover basic very basic issues, but no less important. These types of errors are most commonly related to:



Composition and

Camera configuration It is particularly important if you market your products via online store or shop (I love that name :)) or if you sell on Etsy or any other online craft market, that your photographs are successful, striking, beautiful … that you curres them, and work them well.

The poor composition, bad lighting, style problems, will not only make possible customers leave  , but in the end also other bloggers and colleagues in the industry will not want to talk about your products.

I have noticed that if people see a beautiful picture, they comment it, share it, tell other people about you, about your work. Bloggers look for beautiful and eye-catching images. If your photograph is not up to the task, you can also lose some opportunity in this way.

Come now with some very common mistakes and simple to fix . The solution to each of them uses simple techniques that you can find at home, and a professional team is not required. I hope these examples help you, and if you suffer this problem, these solutions will help you.

1. Accessories that do not add, but subtract

In the course “Photographing the beautiful” I talk a lot about this. Your objects, along with the work that you want to appear in the images, have to tell a story. Accessories can help tell the story of your work, and also your brand.   Think well when you add a supplement if it adds up, if it adds value. If you think it does not add up, it’s probably that it does not. I sometimes, if I doubt, I make the same photo with and without that complement, and then I stay with the one that transmits me the most

When you start and do not know very well what add-ons you can start by putting some detail of the materials or ingredients with which that product has been made.

We can completely change the appearance of a photo when we eliminate the prop that does not change and we put the appropriate

2. Use an inappropriate background

Many people use a base without thinking much. With a fabric with spots, wrinkled, folded, different materials that mislead.

Think that the fund does not have to call attention too much, but be a subtle base that makes your photographic composition something beautiful.

If the background is too dark, unless you take pictures of still lifes or just look for that mystery effect, those backgrounds act as a distraction. Neutral and soft backgrounds are a better option. And now the marble background is fashionable. I have got a piece and I love it. (it is the base of an old bedside table)

In case of doubt, remember that the simplest is generally the best. If you use a simple background, you allow the client to completely focus on your product.

3. Edit the photo a bit, do not miss it

On everything related to trimming .

In my case it’s the first thing I do, I remove from the image what I do not like and distract .

I usually photograph the area well, and so I avoid that I forget something, but then at the end when I download the pictures on my computer if I see something that I do not like I usually cut out the photo.

Seldom do I not do the truth . By doing this, you already have the base to later put more light or see what you want to do with that picture. See the space that you have left for example to put a beautiful phrase. When you cut a lot, and a small photo is left, it’s worth shooting the photograph again.

See the same cropped photo

4. Avoid whenever you can use the direct flash. We use the direct

flash believing that we give light to the photograph, especially when we are in a dark room. And the “flash” what it does is burn that part and get it white more. If you also photograph objects that shine (mirrors, glass, fruit …) be careful with the use of the flash so that rare flashes do not come out.

My photo of the apples on Instagram, you can not imagine what it cost me that there were no strange reflections in the photo.

To avoid it if I use flash, what I do is put a little piece of kitchen paper in front of it, and that makes the strong light of the flash diffuse.

5. Moved photos, more focused

This I see so obvious, it happens a lot.

I see photos moved, and that dizzies a little. Balance the exposure, maintain an adequate distance between the lens and your product, choose the appropriate aperture setting, the focal point and stay still.

Using tripod if you have it is perfect. And if not bad a box. Sometimes I use my children’s shoe box as a basis to leave the camera.

6. Photos in low light

Under-exposure is one of the easiest problems to detect . These types of photos are very dark . Just without color, and the colors tend to be black or gray.

To avoid this problem, try to use the natural light that comes in through your window (provided it is not direct, to avoid shadows) and reflector to reflect the light through all the parts of your object.

The reflector that I use is homemade, a poliespan board. In Leroy Merlin you can buy it for four dollars. You can also move the camera settings if you shoot in manual mode to allow more light to enter through your lens. If you raise the ISO value, as long as your camera accepts it and does not create “noise” (grainy) in the photos, it is very effective. Normally I have 200 but sometimes 400 gives me more luminosity in the photos and it looks very good. You can also lower the shutter speed or raise the aperture.

The first with low light, the second with more light.

7. Overexposed photos

I have to admit, and I’ve said it more than once that I like photos that are a bit overexposed. I really like the photo where the dominant color is white. But you have to be careful because if you are very overexposed at the end the image is burned and information is lost and you stop seeing parts of the photograph. There is no data that creates the photo.

To avoid this, you have to do the opposite to the previous case, lower ISO, raise the shutter speed, or decrease the aperture. This kind of thing can only be done in semiautomatic or manual mode.

8. Very blue photos

When you take a picture, you have to try to make the color as true as possible. I also see many photos with blue or orange tones.

You can solve that by setting the white balance well. Depending on the light you have, use one another: neon, cloudy, sun, shadow … The white balance tells the camera what is pure white. Neither bluish, nor pink or orange. And the drawings that appear help you to know what kind of light you have.

In the photo below you can see the blue but very little. However, the one above is totally bluish. 9. Very hard shadows

Another problem that I see is also the subject of very hard shadows. When it gives the direct sun to your objects this makes you see very dark shadows and it does not usually look pretty. Very dark shadows are black and “sharp”

You have to try to avoid direct sunlight . Think of a cloudy day, those days are perfect. Those days when the sun passes through the white clouds and fades is perfect that light.

Pay to the window, put your hand, if the light creates a very strong shadow that window is not correct. You have to find the window where the sun comes in softly

And here’s what I had to tell you today. How are you? Do you make any of these mistakes?

If you have a camera in which you can play with the parameters of the manual mode you have a lot of won. I hope you get the game right from that camera and your photos tell stories, your stories.

If you need a little push to make the photos of your dreams,   the second edition of “Photographing the beautiful” begins at the end of the month and it comes with a great offer if you have a SLR photograph machine and you do not know how to use it. 

All the info by clicking on the image :). Two sensational courses if you want to learn once and for all to make beautiful beautiful photos of your work.

Chinchin for some beautiful and wonderful photos


Many times we have heard about an API, but what exactly is it?

We have probably seen the term API many times in the updates of the operating system, the web browser, or sometimes the applications announce new APIs for the developers, but what is really an API?

We can weigh in an API like in the menu in a restaurant, this one offers a list of dishes that we can order along with a description of each one. When we ask for the ones we want, the kitchen of the restaurant provides them, although we do not know how that food is prepared, nor do we care.

Well, similarly an API lists a set of operations that developers can use together with a description of what they do. Thus, the developer does not need to know how, for example, an operating system builds and presents a dialog box, you just need to know that it is available to use in your project. Of course, in this case, developers may have to provide their own data to the API to obtain the results, so it would be more like a luxury restaurant where we can provide our own ingredients with which the kitchen will work.

Therefore, APIs allow developers to save time by leveraging the implementation of a platform to perform their development, which helps reduce the amount of code that needs to be created. In addition, they help create more compatibility between applications of the same platform, since, among other things, they can control access to hardware and software resources.

APIs make life easier for developers

For example, if we want to create an application for iPhone, Apple’s iOS system provides a large number of APIs, like any other operating system, to make the work easier. So, if we need a web browser, we will not have to program our own from scratch just for our application, since the “WKWebView” API is used to embed a browser object ( Safari ) in the app.

At the same time, if we need to capture photos or videos from the iPhone camera, we will not have to write our own camera application, Apple provides a camera API so we can embed the iPhone in our project.

Therefore, if the APIs did not exist, the application developers would have to create their own camera software, for example, and interpret the hardware entries of the same, but thanks to the work of Apple’s operating system developers, the creation of third-party apps is much simpler, in addition to gaining quality and integration with the system itself.

Of course, this applies to all platforms, with special emphasis on Windows or Android. In addition, these APIs are also used to control access to hardware devices and software functions that a third-party application does not have permission to use.

How Not to Destroy Your Website Design

How Not to Destroy Your Website Design

With a vast number of websites on board and crowds of active users around, a process of building an attention-getting website can turn into a huge trouble. A huge trouble from which you desire to hide in Far-Far-Away Land where the Internet, web-design and everything related to it don’t exist. As you may know, sometimes web turns out to be a competitive place. It transforms itself into a battlefield where people are fighting for their popularity and rankings in search results. On a positive note, these struggles don’t end up with blood. On the contrary, people start looking for something that can allow them to stand out from the crowd. Some of them start surfing the Internet in order to find fully-functional and stunning unbounce templates. Some of them start searching for valuable tips that will give them a chance to return to the battlefield and finally, pull off a win.


For this reason, our experience warriors in the web-design field decided to create an ultimate list that consists of essential pieces of advice that will assist you in creating your future website or refreshing the existing one. Anyway, by means of these tips, we make certain that you won’t destroy an appearance of your website.

#1 An easy-to-navigate and user-friendly website can turn out to be your key to success

First of all, let’s imagine that you have decided to go on a trip to another country. When you turn out to be in a country that you have never visited before, you will not be able to do anything without a map. Or let’s imagine that you find yourself in a dense forest (twilight, wild animals, and other not really great things). In such a trip, you will not be able to do anything without a compass.

As you can understand, every journey is impossible without something that will guide you through it. Thus, a proper navigation system will allow you to guide your users and let them to not be puzzled over a structure of the website.


In such a way, your website won’t turn out to be a complete mess and you will be ready to save an incredible takeaway from your online-project.

#2 Don’t clutter your website’s design with some unnecessary videos, images, links, and ads

Have you ever faced some problems regarding websites? We talk about some awful pop-ups that make you forget about the main content because they just hide it from themselves. Or some irrelevant images or videos that look like a web-designer has mixed things up late at night (when he was trying to finish two websites at once). Or various inappropriate links that you clicked by accident and got tons of new tabs and, moreover, you couldn’t even understand from which of them, music was playing.


In this way, a vast number of users get extremely irritated. In this way, you lose a great part of your traffic. Due to this, keep in mind that there is no need to make a chaos out of your website. Everything should be up to the point – images, videos, links, and ads. By means of this, you will be able to catch the attention of various people and make them click and click and click on your website over and over again.

#3 Forget about a wide variety of colors and hard-to-read fonts

Color is considered to be a crucial tool in web-design. It assists people in generating ideas, delivering messages, bringing out emotions and, of course, highlighting the most exciting points of information. So we prepare for you some tips to keep in mind:

  1. If you want a user to gawp at your website, don’t forget that there is no need to make them do it by means of acid colors.
  2. There is no need to do it by means of mixing various hues – users will mist over this plethora of shades and no one won’t cry because of their magnificence.
  3. To cut a long story short, you can easily mix up colors and create stunning palettes (by the way, bring into your view jazzy colors). Yet you shouldn’t forget that their number should be not enormous but moderate:
  1. Duotone has come into fashion these days. It became popular to use it to not only convey the concept and identity of multiple brands.
  2. People think that they spent less time reading if the article is written using easy-to-read fonts.
  3. No one wants to sit against a laptop together with a magnifier in order to read at least some sentences.


  1. Focus your attention on attention-getting and modern-day fonts that will allow you to reach out to users all over the world.
  2. Keep in mind that bold fonts that come alongside with some marvelous content block and headers will certainly catch the attention of the online-community.
  3. A big typography that comes together with interesting colors will definitely make it possible win the hearts of your readers with no hassle.

#4 Check out your website design using various mobile gadgets, tablets and, of course, browsers

If you are familiar with various web-developers who provide people with high-quality designs, you may probably be aware of such a thing as a fully-responsive design. Once upon a time, people would be surprised to have one single website that can work in a proper way on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Nowadays a state-of-the-art technology has achieved such a high level of development that there is nothing to prevent you from creating a marvelous design.

You never know what device your readers are going to use while visiting your website. Actually, you can try to predict that, for example, most people will make use of their mobile devices. You will be right making a stake on mobile phones but, to say the truth, you cannot underestimate those people who use laptops or tablets.

A fully-responsive website will make sure that your website design won’t transform itself into a disarrangement where it’s practically impossible to find a menu, sidebars, contact form and so on and so forth. If you don’t provide your users with such kind of the design, it means that you will lose a great part of them and the reason for it is quite simple. No one wants to view some particular elements that are not combined into one single design.

Details | Demo

#5 Don’t plug away in order to create something creative

Some people got used to believing that web-design is all about creativity. Actually, sometimes these attempts to create something unusual turn out to be ordinary mistakes. You should draw the line between a creative and original design because sometimes users are not very keen on complex layouts, exquisite typography or extraordinary color schemes. These things only turn their attention from your website. Yet how is it possible to build something tailor-made and get positive results together with this aim?


Researchers say that users admire design that has both non-complex and familiar look. Arrays of users will understand whether they like your design or not within seconds. This first impression decides a fate of their interaction with your online-project – some of them will click it off, some of them will scroll it to see more. For this reason, we would advise you to create a draft of your website. There are some typical structures that are repeated throughout various sites. Contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, multiple widgets have their fixed place and it won’t be a mistake to place them on their stand-in.

Yet don’t forget about your core audience. If your readers expect to see a creative design, you should provide them with such a thing. If you build a design for people who have nothing to do with a trend-perfect design, it would be better to give them something typical and intuitive.

#6 Don’t underestimate the power of design regarding SEO

You should never forget that search engines value text, not images. Without any doubt, your audience adores various visual tricks and, in such a way, they keep engaged but… There are such wicked creatures as search engine spiders that like ignoring all your flash things, pictures and videos. They got used to turning their attention only to texts. Thus, it would be better to present the most crucial information by means of text. For a certainty, if you use images instead of text on headers, your website will look marvelous. Yet Google crawler won’t bother to find some keywords and include your website in its search results.


Furthermore, as it was mentioned in the previous tip, you should make certain that your design is a fully-responsive one. Don’t forget to check it out on various devices and assure yourself that multiple special options are also fully-functional.

You may be a little bit surprised but such a feature as an Error 404 page should also look extremely eye-catching. Let us guess. No one wants to lose those visitors who have used a broken link to visit your website. Or those who have made a few mistakes in the link. You should always prick up ears and build an amazing 404 page in order to make people stay. In this case, this very thing that might assure people to not click off your website is a link. An ordinary link that will give them a chance to return to your website’s homepage.


In addition to this, you should throw away a thought about featuring some unpleasant ads on your website. As you may know, people are not over-enthusiastic about various pop-ups. Especially, these ones that cannot be closed. Especially, these ones that are re-opened after you’ve closed a plenty of times. It looks like Santa Claus knocking your door in the mid-summer. Or something like this. Anyway, there are some important points that you should pay attention to.

  • A Timing of Pop-Ups

Actually, you can display your pop-ups in a few seconds after the first click on the link. Yet, believe us, people will get a little bit irritated. They haven’t viewed your website yet, they haven’t gotten familiar with your content and… Voila! You offer them to subscribe to your newsletter. In general, it would be nice to let users surf your website for at least five seconds and only then, show them a pop-up.

  • A Color of Pop-Ups

To cut a long story short, you should choose a contrasting color (to a color of your website) for your pop-ups. In such a way, they will stand out and capture more attention.

Wrapping Up

From now on, you are aware of the most important things that will save your design from being destroyed. On the contrary, your website will play out in fresh colors and turn out to be one of the most well-known projects on the web.


In a nutshell, if you considered a process of creating a website and not killing its design on the way to be nothing but a complete mystery, a secret that cannot be revealed, the biggest fear, muddy waters… Anyway. If you considered a process of creating a website and not killing its design on the way to be an impossible task, everything would change now.

For this reason, we wish you good luck with your designs. Our web-design warriors did everything to help you with your stunning web-designs that will make everyone agape with wonder. It’s time to join their team and become a craftsmaster in this field.


By the way, if you are interested in some additional information about UI and how it can allow you to build an attention-getting website, you should certainly click on the image below and get this incredible ebook here and now for free. There you will find:

  • a vast number of useful guides regarding fonts, colors, logos and everything related to it;
  • a plenty of resources that provide web-designers with high-quality logos, some free tools that will assist you in choosing a perfect color scheme for your future online-projects, and a few resources that will help you in working with typography;
  • some information on navigation elements for those who don’t know how to create a user-friendly navigation.

All in all, we tried to throw away this unnecessary theory and give you the opportunity to learn from various practical things that work so much better. Our skilled and talented team collected the most helpful pieces of advice and the most popular services. Every person – an experienced web-designer or an amateur one – will find something brand new and useful.

Believe us, you’re going to win all possible web-design battles if you give credence to these tips presented on the top. Combat with your competitors and, maybe, you will even win without striking a blow. Each of them will guide you through the process of building a website and give a chance to create something fully-fledged and impressive. Thanks for reading!

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Jumping a car Battery if battery failure

jumping a car, jumpstart a car, jumping cables, battery jumper cables, jumping car batery, how to use jumper cables , jumper leads, car booster cables, jumpstart, cable car

Jumping a car Battery if battery failure

jumping a car, jumpstart a car, jumping cables, battery jumper cables, jumping car batery, how to use jumper cables , jumper leads, car booster cables, jumpstart, cable car
These are various solutions that are useful to know how to start a car without a battery. Anyway, it is important to perform regular maintenance at the car and its equipment to avoid damage as much as possible.

Car problems can happen at any time. This is the case when the vehicle will not start due to battery failure, while it is in a location away from the city or a specialist. With a few tips, everyone can fend for himself without the help of a convenience store. It is useful to know how to start a car without a battery.

The types of problems with the battery jumper cables

Several types of problems can occur with a car battery, and make faulty or unfit for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The most common of these is unloading, which results in a weak electric current supplied, making startup difficult or impossible car. A battery can discharge for several reasons, such as immobilization of the car for a long time, prolonged use of electrical equipment while the engine is off, or the failure of the alternator, the device for constantly recharge the battery over its uses. Another cause of battery failure is reaching its lifetime, necessitating a replacement. However, in the meantime, it is still possible to use it to bring the car in a garage or at home, to make the necessary interventions. (Please work carefully for jumping a car batteryHow to jumpstart a car without battery When the battery is defective, it is the start of the car that can be affected. Indeed, this approach requires a very powerful electrical energy, and low battery cannot provide this energy. It is therefore important to know how to start a car when the battery is not capable of. One of the means possible is the use of a tool as a booster battery, which can instantly provide the energy needed to start. In the case where there is no available tool, the use of another car having a powerful battery also constitutes a solution. For this, use a jumper cable to plug-on batteries of both cars. Once the connection is made, you must first start the car up and running, then start the one that has failed. If this approach is not yet possible, second car or cable fault, we must then try to push the car down, with contact and engaging all speeds by engaging thoroughly. When the car reaches a speed of about 10 km / h, it proceed to the progressive clutch, and the car should start.

Here is the several solutions are available to you for jumping a car using jumping cables. Contact a store, buy a new battery, and use a charger or a booster. But the most economical solution remains booting using cables, one black and the other red, terminated at each end by a clamp which can be easily stored in the trunk. Prefer models of sufficient length (at least 3 m) and 25 mm minimum found in car centers for twenty euros. However, this technique requires another vehicle of which the battery must be of the same voltage (typically 12V).

Here is the procedure and the order of operations of jumping a car Battery that must be observed:

  1. After donning a yeljumping a car, jumpstart a car, jumping cables, battery jumper cables, jumping car batery, how to use jumper cables , jumper leads, car booster cables, jumpstart, cable carlow vest and placed a triangle, put the car assistance so as to connect cables and turn off the engine, the headlights, the radio and all electrical equipment, securely tighten the handbrake and put both vehicles stalled.
  2. Open the hood and locate the battery. Take this opportunity to clean the hulls from that HS.
  3. First connect the red clamp to the positive terminal “+” of the battery of the car down, (please work carefully for jumping a car battery)
  4. Connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery to the spare car. (please work carefully for jumping a car battery)
  5. Place one of the black clamps to the negative terminal “-” of the battery in good condition.
  6. Attach the other end to a ground point, that is to say an unpainted metal part of the engine compartment of the defective vehicle.
  7. After having verified that the cables are not close to moving parts (belts, fan …), start the vehicle works and let it idle.
  8. Turn the ignition of the car down.
  9. In case of success of the operation, jumper cables should remove in the reverse order, that is to say, start by removing the black clamp connected to the ground to finish with red on the “+” terminal of the disabled vehicle.
  10. Roll last several kilometers to allow time for the alternator to charge the battery.

 Modern cars are filled electronic, equipment may require reprogramming using jumper cable to jumping a car battery. A passage from the garage will be required. After several unsuccessful attempts, your battery is probably dead. He should be replaced.


Tic Tac Toe Game In Java Download With Source Code

tic tac toe game in java

Tic-Tac-Toe is a very familiar game that we all are well aware of playing in our childhood, but that was on papers. The rules were very simple even young kids can play it, and they know the way to win it. But as we all know that this is the age of the computers so how it could be possible for the gamers to not include this all time famous game in their world of zero’s and ones. The codes are very simple and easy that can’t hinder the game for anyone. The game Tic-Tac-Toe is developed in Java scripts that you can easily learn from this article tic tac toe game in java.

Free Download Source Code of Complete Tic Tac Toe Game In Java

tic tac toe game in java
tic tac toe game in java

Tic-Tac-Toe is also known as Xs or Os specifically for two players who take their turns by marking the spaces of 3×3 grids. Any player who succeeded in scoring their three marks in sequence from the horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, he/she wins the game. This game is often played by young children, but somehow the elders are also interested in the Tic-Tac-Toe game as it doesn’t require much effort.

It is also taken as the pedagogical game for teachers because it teaches the sportsmanship and it is also a branch of the artificial branch.

In different countries this game has various names like in USA and Canada, Tick-tack-toe, Tic-tac-toe, Tick-tat-toe, or Tit-tat-toe is used to call this game. In United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa it is called as Noughts and crosses. Similarly in Egypt, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Zimbabwe it is named as; Xs and Os. And in Northern Ireland, you can call it an Exy-Ozys, Xsie-Osies.

But before going into the coding of Java, you must have a little bit of knowledge about Java coding as this will increase the chance of learning about the coding.

Tic Tac Toe Game In Java

Create your project

In coding, you have to start with creating your project, name it Tic Tac Toe. Now in your main project, create two classes, Main Java, and TTT java. Main Java will be able to host the main method whereas the TTT Java would be handling the Tic-Tac-Toe objects which manipulate the game.

TTT class

Include two members inside the TTT class that will represent the 2D array of the characters of the game. These variables either holding an ‘x’ or ‘o’ variable.

Avoid using magic symbols

The character; “x and o” would be going to appear in the coding throughout. It is much better for the coder to use them in the form of constants for the better and easy coding.

There are three different ways through which you can check the winner; that is rows, columns, and diagonals. The computer system separates them into singular conditions. For check for win method, you have to make sure that there is a return statement present which calls on the all three different functions. If the rows that are specified for the win doesn’t return, go for the columns. If the columns couldn’t get back, then go for the diagonals.

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Tic Tac Toe Game In Java

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