Tips on using Machine Learning in Mobile Applications

  Machine Learning (ML), a sub-application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a system to improve and learn from its experiences without being explicitly programmed. In simpler words, it focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn on their own without any human intervention. There are several machine learning courses ...

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9 Mistakes you are Making with your Product Photographs and how to Avoid them

How many times has it happened to you that you have finished that beautiful job you do (stationery, crafts, craft), you imagine the beautiful photo you want to make? : with good light, background, adequate exposure, divine complements, clear … you prepare everything, camera in hand, illusion to rage,   and in the end the result is very far from what you imagined ? This type of ...

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Many times we have heard about an API, but what exactly is it?

We have probably seen the term API many times in the updates of the operating system, the web browser, or sometimes the applications announce new APIs for the developers, but what is really an API? We can weigh in an API like in the menu in a restaurant, this one offers a list of dishes that we can order along with a description of each ...

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How Not to Destroy Your Website Design

How Not to Destroy Your Website Design With a vast number of websites on board and crowds of active users around, a process of building an attention-getting website can turn into a huge trouble. A huge trouble from which you desire to hide in Far-Far-Away Land where the Internet, web-design and everything related to it don’t exist. As you may ...

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Latest WordPress Course in Urdu 30 Days [Link Updated]

Hello guys this is Ali Hassan my lot of friends, helpers and visitor  ask me to teach us WordPress Course in Urdu with detail, but i always reply them i will teach you as soon as possible. but i’m very busy in my studies there for video tutorial take lot of time and i don’t have much time for video tutorial. Someone uploaded ...

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Professional PowerPoint templates for business – Free download

  Our templates make it simpler to create incredible presentations instantly. The business Professional PowerPoint templates demands some helpful things in it. These PowerPoint Business templates are prepared to download at no cost. A great deal of PowerPoint templates can be found the internet that are available not free. It’s possible to acquire unique PowerPoint templates on the net and ...

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Jumping a car Battery if battery failure

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Jumping a car Battery if battery failure These are various solutions that are useful to know how to start a car without a battery. Anyway, it is important to perform regular maintenance at the car and its equipment to avoid damage as much as possible. Car problems can happen at any time. This is the case when the vehicle will ...

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Tic Tac Toe Game In Java Download With Source Code

tic tac toe game in java

Tic-Tac-Toe is a very familiar game that we all are well aware of playing in our childhood, but that was on papers. The rules were very simple even young kids can play it, and they know the way to win it. But as we all know that this is the age of the computers so how it could be possible ...

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