Light streak brushes

High resolution brushes for photoshop. This abstract brushes are very good for abstract wallpapers as well as for digital art and stuff like that. I hope you like them, they were even included in one of the Photoshop Creative issue CD.

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40 lightning bolt brushes

This is my second lightning brush pack. A year ago I made my first one and I wasn’t too satisfied about it so now here comes the good one. 40 high resolution photoshop brushes. Hope you like the. Please give credit if you use them.

These brushes pack was made in Photoshop CS3 but it should be compatible with Photoshop CS4 and above as well.
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Floral Design Brushes

There are 52 high resolution brushes in this set. Average resolution is 1200 pixels.

You have permission to redistribute this brush set on your website as long as you don’t remove or modify the contents of the pack.
You must use the same preview image as in this website (there is a higher resolution image in the pack).
However you are not allowed to sell this set. If you upload these brushes to your site you must specify that Commercial use is not allowed. Also include a link to this page.

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Industrial Smoke HQ Brushes

I didn’t make any brush pack lately but here I go with a new release. This time is smoke brushes, HQ ones. There are 17 brushes in this pack and the minimum diameter is 1600 pixels. Hope you like them


These brushes are made from real photos taken by myself on a nearby industrial area on my town. Don’t forget to credit my website if you use them on your artworks.
Free for personal use only. For commercial projects or special needs please contact me.

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Flying Birds Brushes

This pack of Photoshop brushes includes 10 brushes: 3 high resolution flying bird flocks and 7 individual birds brushes so you can create your own distribution on the canvas.
These brushes can be used for personal and commercial projects. No need to ask for permission but please credit WebsTeach whenever possible. Redistribution of this pack is not allowed.

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