Do not you see applications in the Windows 10 volume mixer? So you can fix it

The volume mixer of Windows 10 allows us to control the volume of each application individually. However, when opening the Windows 10 volume mixer, we may find that some applications are not available to control the volume of them independently. Next, let’s show what we can do if there are applications that do not appear in the Windows 10 volume mixer.

To open the volume mixer, all we have to do is click with the right mouse button on the speaker icon that appears in the Windows 10 taskbar and then clicks on the option Open volume mixer that we are shown in the context menu.

How to fix the problem of not showing certain applications in the Windows 10 volume mixer

This will open a window in the bottom right of our desktop that a volume controller for each of the applications that the system itself detects that its volume can be controlled independently. If we miss some application there, the truth is that this window does not show any menu option or access to the settings.

Therefore, what we are going to have to do is open the Windows 10 Control Panel and navigate through the options Hardware and Sound> Sound> Manage audio devices. This will open a new window where the audio devices of our team are displayed. By default, we will have the speakers marked as an audio reproduction device, so we are going to select this option and click on the Properties button.

Inside the window of properties of the speakers, we select the tab Advanced options and there we will be able to select the sample speed and depth in bits to use them when running in shared mode and an exclusive mode section in which we are Two settings, Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and Prioritize applications in exclusive mode.

In this case, the one that interests us is the first one, allowing the applications to take exclusive control of this device. Therefore, we make sure to check this option and click Apply and Accept so that the changes are saved. Of course, to be effective, we will have to reboot the system and the next time you start Windows we can see how to right click on the speaker icon and open the volume mixer windows 10 and we all the applications appear in which we can control the volume so that we can do it individually for each one.

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