How to find someone on the internet?


Looking for someone in the world is possible!

After a repeated change of address or when you go to live in another city, when you have a very busy life, you often lose sight of certain people. However, for professional reasons or simply to revive good memories, we often want to reconnect with our friends.

To learn about someone in particular, here are our 10 tips for finding someone on the internet. 

1. Do a Google search

find someone

The first thing to do to find someone on the internet is to use search engines. Google is still the most popular and used to start a search. To do this, simply type the surname and first name of the person you are looking for. Several results will be displayed next, and with a little luck, you can find his coordinates. To increase your chances of finding this person, you can add a city, region, or other relevant information with the first and last name.

2. Facebook … Best way to search someone on the internet

More than a billion people in the world are currently on Facebook. This is the best way to get back in touch with your old friends. To find a person on Facebook, simply type his name on the area reserved for this purpose and send him a request to add to friends. Of course, as there is a billion people on Facebook, you can refine your search by adding for example the city or region, the workplace or the name of a school, a university. To find someone on the internet, Facebook is certainly the best technological way to get there.

3. Find a person’s address using Skype

find someone

Instant messaging services like Skype can also search for someone’s contact. As with search engines, just type the name of the person on the interface and his email address appears if it has an account on the mail. However, in order to get in touch with her, the person in question must accept your request. There is usually a profile picture with the username of the person, so it will be easier to know if it is the right person or not.

4. Find someone with LinkedIn

The Social Network for Professional LinkedIn is another place online where to search for someone you have lost sight of. If you know this person’s job sector and his full name, LinkedIn just like Facebook, is a quick and effective way to find someone online.

5. Search someone on Google image

We talked a little earlier about research on Google, but it is important to look especially Google image! It is easier and especially fast to find a person on the Internet by seeing his picture. So, go to Google image and start a search with the name of the person sought. If this person is active on the web, you will necessarily find a photo of it in the search results.

6. Search for a person via his employer

Of course, if you know the name of the company that this person is working for, start by finding the contact information for that person. Address, phone, website, Facebook page, profile on Twitter, whatever! A good way to communicate with the person you are looking for.

7. Do you know the site Jet research?

The site is a search portal, ideal to find someone on the internet, provided that person also knows this website.

8. Maybe this person is active on Twitter?

If search on Facebook and search engines do not work, why not try your luck to find this person on Twitter? Many people prefer Twitter and not Facebook. Like other social networks, you can search on Twitter by entering a name or nickname. Who knows, maybe this is the solution to find that person.

9. Scan the yellow pages and directories

The classic method of consulting phone books still works. Indeed, almost everyone subscribes to a mobile operator and must in this case appear in online directories such as 411 and the Yellow Pages.

10. Find out from relatives or former colleagues

And finally, you can always find out from relatives if you meet them by chance or if you can contact them. If he’s a childhood friend, try to reconnect with his parents, family or friends in common.



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