10 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube


Have you created an account on YouTube?

Do you post videos on YouTube and you’d like them to be popular? You want to have good visibility and the maximum of views?

Well, here are 10 very interesting tips for you to maximize the views of your videos on YouTube and increase your subscribers on YouTube!

1. Share your videos on social networks



Want to have more views on the videos you post on YouTube? And share them well through your social networks! Share them for example on your Facebook wall, but also on the wall of your friends! One by one your videos will circulate from one person to another.

2. Have an interesting title for your video

Put titles that will attract attention and that will pique the curiosity of people! This is essential to the success of your videos on YouTube and on the web in general!

3. Write a good description

Write a brief, but complete and explicit description of your YouTube video. So about 2 or 3 descriptive lines with links to your sites or social networks, additional information and of course the credits of the video (names of music for example).

4. Put tags

Tags are keywords. Users will be able to more easily locate your videos if you put tags during publication on YouTube.

5. Have a nice YouTube channel


The visual is also important. So, use a chain background, logos, clickable banners, and so on. It is essential that the look of your YouTube channel is irreproachable!

6. Make good use of settings

Several parameters will be good for you. For example, you can set your YouTube feeds so that subscribers are directed. Explore all your settings to maximize your videos.

7. Notify YouTube Contacts of What’s New

Notify all your contacts and YouTube fans (through your address book) that you have posted new videos.

8. Have good quality videos

For good picture quality, always put your videos in HD. And at the end of your titles, add the mention HD so that it is more attractive. The 720p is strongly recommended

9. Respond to comments on YouTube

It’s taking the time to respond to people’s comments and questions that you will also make a name for yourself. People will appreciate more what you present.

10. Make multiple videos

The more videos you make, the more you will be recognized on YouTube. Simply by your name, people will go to see your videos before they even know what they are planning.



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