Graphite, the decentralized office suite in the Cloud that takes care of your privacy

For many years now, when we talk about sets of applications related to office automation work, the first thing that comes to mind is that solutions like Microsoft offer with its popular Office suite or the free OpenOffice.

However, in the market, we can find other alternative solutions of the same type that sometimes offer us a series of features and functionalities that we do not find in the most widespread. And it is necessary to bear in mind that these suites focused on the office, are used daily by millions of users, largely thanks to all the functionality they offer for work in offices, or for students, among other sectors.

It is for all of this that in these lines we are going to talk about a new alternative that, with the passage of time, seeks to gain adepts thanks to the peculiar functions that it offers to everyone, we refer to Graphite. In this way and after staging, what the top managers of this project want, is to attract the usual office solutions from Microsoft or Google towards their proposal.

Specifically, we speak of a decentralized suite of applications based on Blockstack that allows users to make use of their personal documents from anywhere, as it works in the Cloud.

Graphite, a decentralized office suite that wants to fight with Office

Initially, it makes available to registered users, a total of four individual toolsDocumentsSpreadsheetsContacts, and Conversations, in order to carry out all types of office work. One of the main objectives of this project, as indicated by the creator of it, is that the users own their own documents created with Graphite, thus avoiding the use of other similar centralized services, such as the solution office of the giant Google.

At the same time this is an alternative software that supports work in the Cloud, but all without having to give up the privacy of our data. Due to the fact that this is a project that is in full development, its leaders point out that new functionalities will be arriving over time. And for the moment the applications that we have mentioned, in terms of functionality and performance, still do not offer the power of other older proposals such as those mentioned by Google or Microsoft.

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