How to Activate Battery Saving Automatically on Android

Battery consumption is something that concerns all users of phones and tablets. Unless we have a smartphone like the Ulefone Power 3 or the

Vernee X , the battery is a factor that we must watch closely if we do not want to stay hanging at the most inopportune moment. Today, we will see how to activate battery saving mode automatically on Android. Of the best thing to prolong a little more the useful life of the terminal until the next load.

How to activate the battery saving automatically

When we access the Android settings menu, in the section dedicated to the battery we find several data and configuration options. If we click on “ Battery saving ” we will access a new section.

Here we must click on the text “ Activate automatically ” so that the system offers us 3 options:

Never activate automatically.

Activate the battery saving when you reach 5%.

Activate the battery saving when it reaches 15%.

It is not that Android has a lot of broadband in this sense, but at least we can manage to extend the life of the battery a good pinch if we configure the automatic saving from 15%, for example.

Finally, remember that the battery saving must be left unchecked , with the tab “NO”. Otherwise, the battery saving will be activated regardless of the remaining battery level.

What happens when we activate the battery saving mode?

When we activate the energy saving mode we help to prolong the battery life by deactivating certain functions of our device. In this way, phone performance is reduced and things like vibration, location services and data transmission in the background are limited.

To give us an idea, if we have the battery saving activated, the mail apps will stop synchronizing with the server and we will not receive new emails, nor will we receive new messages on WhatsApp or new notifications from other apps. Unless clear, we enter these applications to see if there is any news.

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