How to become famous on Facebook

Hello guys this is Shah Zeb Raza. and today i will discus about how to become famous on Facebook.
Mostly people ask me please tell us how to get free likes, followers, share, comments etc. and they use Auto Programs i.e auto bots, auto likes, auto followers, auto comments, auto share etc.
but these all things are temporary. now a days become famous on Facebook is too easy.
my mostly article is too short. because i just give main point to my viewers.facebook famous

To become famous on Facebook i called this proses Exchange proses. add more and more friends. and like there posts they will also like your’s. Facebook allow you to add up to 5000 Friends. but when people try to add people as Friend. after sending some request Facebook block your account. then Question is that how….? how can i add 5000 Friends? is there any way to make Facebook fool? and they con’t catch you..?

Yes i will tell you a trick which is help full for you. but this need little time, not too much  2 or 3 days if you work properly.

When you are going to add some one as a Friend then remember if He/She con’t accept your request in 24 hour Facebook note your 1 point. as i know mostly Facebook note 30 to 50 points if you send many request. in a day you send upto 100 or 200. and 130 or 150 people accept your request. now after 24 hour Facebook team note other,when they accept your request if they con’t accept your request that’s means you don’t know these people. there for you get blocked.

But if you follow my own rules Facebook never block your account.
if you are ready to follow my rules then ok if you con’t follow these rules i’m not responsible if you get blocked.

  1. First day when you add people as a Friend only add 50 people. and after sending one request wait for 1 mint and then again send 2nd request and wait 1 mint. if your account is new.
  2. When these 50 people accept your request in 24 hour then its ok if then con’t accept your request in 24 hour then cancel all pending friend request. how to cancel pending request easily.? you will find this answer at the end of the post.
  3. Now add only those people as a friend. who’s already added with your friends or those which you many know.
  4. After getting 500 or more then 500. like all those picture, Status and Videos which posted by your Friends. they will think wao you always like and comment on his posts. and He/She will also comment on your posts.
  5. Regularly update your account with good status picture and videos.

If you are not going to follow my rules and you want an other way which is easy… then there is a way which is easy and this is not temporary this is also a good way but this way also have some rules.

  1. Simple goto (
  2. Register your self. and log in to your account.( this website never ask you to give your Facebook account password)
  3. if you want to know how works then open it and ready text on there home page you will also get a video.

This website will provide you Likes, Followers, Share and other. this website not give facebook followers, likes, etc this website also provide likes followers traffic for twitter, youtube, google+, your website, must check it.
In this website you will get some categories like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ if you want Facebook likes, Followers, then click on Facebook. you will see some like option or follow buttons. click on then you will get coins for following them. now when you get some coins upto 100 or more then 100 then go to add page and add your page for example i want followers then select type to Facebook Followers, and submit your details.

Enjoy if still have any problem then feel free to ask in comments. Don’t forget to Rate this Post and Share.

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