How to download Facebook Album to your PC

Facebook is widely used social networking site. It has million of users and is on top 2nd list (Alexa) in the world. Users share their life stories in Facebook with their friends and family and share their best and memoraible moments with them. Sharing pictures, videos and updating status is common on Facebook. Mostly users uploads their pics in an album, albums contains hundreds of picutres and if anyone want to download all these images, they have to open that image, click on option and then download the picture. This is too much long process if the pictures are more than 20 – 100. Today, here we discus that how we can download all the Facebook album with a single click. Dosen’t matter how much pictures it contains.

So lets start, first you have to download Google Chrome with an extension given below.


Step # 1

Download the Google Chrome and install it on your Computer.

Step # 2

After installing Google Chrome, Open it and go for “Extension” through above link and install it in your browser.

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Step # 3

After installing “Facebook Album Download” extension, extension installing notification will appear on success installation. Also an icon will appear just with your bookmarks icon.


Step # 4

Now go to Facebook’s Album that you want to download, extension icon will automatically appear when you are on Facebook Album.

Step # 5

Click on the extension icon. After click on the icon, few options will appear.

  • If you want to download Normal Size Images
    [box type=”shadow”] Click on Normal button [/box]
  • If you want to download in High Quality then
    [box type=”shadow”] Mark on Large Album Optimize and then click on Normal Button [/box]


Step # 6

Another window will appear, now Ctrl+S and save that new windows webpage on your hard drive.

Hurry! You have downloaded all the picture that are on the album. Go to your downloaded webpage files, you found all the album images there.


I hope you like this tips for downloading Facebook Albums. Send your feedback through Comments 🙂


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