How to edit PDF for free using LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite platform of open source that works in many ways like the popular Microsoft Office. So you have applications to work with spreadsheets or Word documents, but we can also use the application to create, edit and save documents in PDF format.

And this is a functionality that this suite supports by default since it opens them in the LibreOffice Draw application. In this way, we can open the integrated Draw tool and use the “File” menu to load PDF documents, or from the start wizard. In the same way, we have the possibility of associating this productivity suite with the PDF file format so that it is the default application to work with them so that by double clicking on these PDFs, they open automatically here.

To say that if the PDF document with which we are going to deal with is large, the opening process may take a while, and although a PDF of one or two pages opens almost instantly, PDFs with hundreds of pages may take up to more than a minute The funny thing is that we can create a new document from scratch using the Draw tool , so we only have to make sure to select ” File / Export as PDF ” when we have finished generating it.

Create and edit PDF files in LibreOffice

In addition, LibreOffice Draw shows the pages of the PDF document loaded to the left of the interface, in a sidebar, while the content of the selected page is in the editing area.

This content will be seen without problems in most cases, but it is possible that sometimes we notice that the editor may have some problems with more complex page designs. Therefore editing documents with rendering problems can be more annoying due to the faults that we will find in the visualization and editing of them.

On the other hand say that editing PDF documents work as it should since we can click on any position to add, edit or delete text, and even use advanced functions such as inserting images, changing the format, or adding tables. Of course, we must not forget that once we have finished, we must select ” Export as PDF ” in the ” File ” menu, because if we do not do this, we will save the document as a file in ODG format, the default used by LibreOffice Draw.

At the same time and when selecting export as PDF, the options corresponding to these files are opened, among which we can find the sign with watermark, establish the level of compassionencryption, or permissions, among many other options.

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