How to get free games if I have Amazon Prime

That the games for the PC platform are booming again and after several years of stagnation, it is not a secret for anyone, hence a large number of services related to all of this that we can use today through the Internet.

By almost all, the popular Steam platform is already known, which offers us an enormous amount of titles immediately, both for payment and free, as well as many tools to manage our library in the most effective wayAt the same time, other technology giants, such as Sony and Microsoft, have for some time actively supported the use of games in general, as well as their own consoles, with various services and promotions with which they intend to call the attention of the users.

Well, from what we have learned from ADSLZone colleagues, Amazon will be the next firm to join this type of movement through the service of their property, Twitch. Specifically, now Amazon, for its Prime clients and from its Twitch Prime platform, will start giving games to its customers every month, so we will show you how to take advantage of this new initiative.

This is something that will occur from March 15, that is, from tomorrow, so first and as a prerequisite, we have to be Amazon Prime users paying the 19.95 euros per year.

Get free games every month with Amazon Prime

Well, in addition to free shipping and other benefits offered by this mode, now we will have some free games. For this, the first thing we need is an own account on Twitch, independent of the one we already have in Amazon itself, something that we can carry out from this link.

Once we have filled in the corresponding fields , we will have to confirm the new account in the email that arrives to the emai address specified in the registration in order to activate it. Now, once we have both Amazon online services, in order to receive those games that we have spoken to you for free , we have to link both.

This is something that we can also carry out through the following link , so that on the day of tomorrow and later months, we can already benefit from the titles that will be given among those that we find Superhot , Shadow Tactics , Tales from Candlekeep , Oxenfree or Mr. Shifty for this day, March 15.

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