How To Create A Blog

You all may be thinking how bloggers create a blog and earn a decent Income from it.Well, it is not that much difficult as you may be thinking. It is too simple and you doesn’t require any skills or experience but the most important thing is that you should have good writing skills in any category,subject or niche.Creating a blog  is both free as well as paid and it is upon you which one you will choose.Many websites are created by directly pasting HTML codes and linking the pages without using any web platform.This direct method requires special skills,web designing experience and knowledge plus it is time consuming.On top of it this method  also costs you some money for hosting,domain and other charges.So, I will today explain you how you can easily create a blog with many blogging platforms without merely having much knowledge of web design and development.I will below pen down many platforms of creating a blog online:

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Best Platform to Create a blog

Below are the best platforms to create a blog:

With Blogger Platform

Blogger is the best,easiest and a free blogging Platform to create a blog.It comes with total free hosting and you also get a desired blog Name and an available  URL with that name.Many top blogger’s have their blogs created and hosted in Blogger platform. It has many more features like multiple templates available,easy to Customize,multiple widgets ,text customization and editing features. You don’t need HTML and Web designing skills here , the only thing you require is to have a Gmail account.You can easily create a blog in

blogger with the following steps:

  1. Login to Blogger with your Gmail account
  2. Click  on New Blog on the left side of the blogger dashboard page.[watch screenshot below]


  1. A new window will appear for creating a blog.[watch below screenshot]

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  1. Give the desired blog title,blog URL(note -the blog address you will choose should be available and it will automatically check its availability) and choose a template and click on create blog.
  2. Yup, you have successfully created a blog.Now you can easily

access your dashboard and start writing posts.

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With WordPress Platform

WordPress is another best platform for creating a blog online but

It is much different than blogger.You also have to pay few bucks

wordpress blog you should have to purchase a hosting plan and domain name.The best hosting sites which WordPress itself recommends are Hostgator and Bluehost.For domain name purchase I suggest you to buy it from Godaddy or Bigrock.

WordPress has more features than Blogger but if you are a beginner or you can’t afford hosting and domain charges then you should go for blogger.

Follow the below steps to create a self-hosted wordpress blog:

1.First buy a hosting plan (from bluehost or any other hosting site)

and a domain name(from godaddy or other DNS sites). You can also get a free domain name with purchase of a hosting plan from

many hosts like Hostgator.

2.Now you have to download wordpress from its official site  and then unzip the files.

3.Upload these unzipped files to a desired location on your

Web hosting server(that you have bought earlier:your hosting site) i.e on your root domain(e.g or

  • on your own wordpress installation subdirectory


4.Next,run the wordpress installation script by accessing the URL in the web browser.This will be the URL where you have uploaded

the wordpress files.

5.That’s all.You have successfully created a blog in wordpress.

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With Other Blogging Platforms

There are yet many other good platforms for creating blogs like

After Blogger and WordPress, Joomla is given preference.It is also an nice platform for blogging as many

top bloggers have installed their blogs with Joomla.Here you also need to install joomla on your hosting server with your

domain name like wordpress.Other blogging platforms mentioned above are also good but they don’t have awesome features as compared to Blogger and WordPress.

90 % of the bloggers have created their blogs on WordPress

and Blogger. If you  are a newbie and don’t know much about web mastering and blogging then I suggest you to go

for Blogger. Now , hurry up and start a blog today.

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