How to Protect your data in the Cloud with this Android, iOS and Windows application

In spite of the security measures that we usually take in the daily work with our technological devices, the risks are still there, since the cyber tailers are on the watch at all times waiting to find a security hole through which to access to our data and private information.

We can not forget that, as the years have gone by and to a large extent thanks to the Internet connections that we already have, the amount of personal data, and not so private, that we handle in all types of products, every time is older. That is why in parallel we have to launch a greater number of measures that protect us against possible attacks against our privacy.

To all this, we must add the constant treatment that we are doing with all kinds of services and platforms related to the Cloud since, through this way, we transfer large amounts of private and sensitive data. Well, for all this in these lines we are going to talk about a new application for the main platforms of mobile devices and desktop that will be of great help to safeguard our information on a day to day basis.

Protect your data in the Cloud with get2Clouds

In particular, we are going to talk about get2Clouds, an application focused on online protection that offers us an additional layer for all these tasks related to security and privacy. In fact, we refer to an app that has been developed by the firm specialized in these issues, NOS Microsystem, and which is designed to offer us a series of encryption functions for data processing through the Cloud. Thus, we can have secure transfers both when dealing with large files that we send to online storage services, or for texts that we exchange in instant messaging applications.

Its mode of operation is quite simple for the user since once we have downloaded and installed the application, it is responsible for encrypting that information transferred to the Cloud.  At the same time, it offers us the possibility of integrating an access password for the files we consider most sensitive or identifying contacts through FaceCheck technology

At the same time, it should be noted that on the other hand, we can generate our own custom timers to carry out these information transfers or send messages safely. To finish we are going to mention that the get2Clouds tool is available for Android  or iOS mobile devices, as well as for Windows desktop systems

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