How to Show File Downloads in a Nice Grid Display

Hy Freinds , This Is Jimmy Rapper and today i,m gonna show you how to show file downloads in a nice grid display.

How to Show File Downloads in a Nice Grid Display

In this tutorial I will show you how you can easily create a nice grid display and showcase your digital file downloads. This grid display will be responsive and you will also be able to track and monitor the download count of each file.

How to Show File Downloads in a Nice Grid Display

This will be very useful if you want to showcase some digital files to your visitors for free download.

Below is an example screenshot of how the grid display of your downloads will look like after you complete this tutorial.


Steps to Create a Grid for Your Downloadable Files

Step 1) Install the Free Download Monitor Plugin

We are going to use the free download monitor plugin to configure some downloads and then display them in a grid. So install the simple download monitor plugin (if you don’t have it already).

Step 2) Configure a Few Downloads

Go to the “Downloads -> Add New” interface from your admin dashboard and configure your downloadable files.

When you create a download, you can also create categories and assign the download to one or more categories. Lets say, you have created a category called “download-category-1? and assigned your downloads to that category.

How to Show File Downloads in a Nice Grid Display


Step 3) Create a WordPress Page to Showcase Your Downloads

Now that you have some downloadable files to offer to your visitors, you can create a page to showcase them. Go ahead and create a WordPress page then enter the following shortcode on this page:

[sdm_show_dl_from_category category_slug="download-category-1" fancy="2"]

In my example the slug of the category is “download-category-1?. If you used a different category name, adjust your category slug in the above shortcode.

Save and Publish this page then view it. You should see your downloads in a nice grid display like the following example

How to Show File Downloads in a Nice Grid Display


Step 4) Send Visitors to This Page

You have a nice showcase of downloads, so your next step is to let the visitors go to this page so they can download the files you are offering. You can do the following so that your visitors can easily find this page:

Go to the “Appearance -> Menu” interface and add this page to your site’s navigation menu
Add a link on your sidebar widget so that the users can click on it and go to this page

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