How To Start a Blog
How To Start a Blog

how to start blogging for beginners

how to start blogging for beginners

So, you need to begin a blog huh? Good idea!

But…how the heck would you get began? There’s a lot info available on the internet, and everyone’s suggesting to complete various things. That do you pay attention to? Where’s the beginning point?

Damnit, perhaps you should just no way – it’s too confusing!

Well, endure. I had been a blogging newbie too. I’d exactly the same problems. I began my blog( in 2006, and that i understood under nothing about blogging. Actually it had been just the week before I’d learnt exactly what a blog was.

Now we all know a lot about the subject, and my blog’s doing pretty much – I receive greater than 200,000 unique site visitors monthly making me consider myself someone you can pay attention to and discover from the time it involves building your personal blog. I am not some kind of Guru, however i certainly can say for certain the fundamentals.

I promise it’ll the simple, relatively simple, and certainly clear to see (no stupid jargon). Seem good? Awesome, let’s move ahead.

Well, endure. I used to be a blogging newbie too. I’d the identical problems. I started my blog ( in the year 2006, which i understood under nothing about blogging. Really it absolutely was only the week before I’d learnt just what a blog was.

how to start blogging for beginners

It’s true that a great deal regarding the subject, and my blog’s doing virtually – I receive more than 200,000 unique site site visitors monthly making me consider myself someone you are able to give consideration to and uncover from the moment it calls for building your individual blog. I’m not some type of Guru, however certainly know for several the basic principles.

I promise it’ll the straightforward, easy, and definitely obvious to determine (no stupid jargon). Appear good? Awesome, let’s proceed.

Why you should start a blog and join bloggers community

So below, I will outline exactly what you ought to do in order to get began and hang up your very own blog. Before we join in though, I actually want to discuss Why you need to begin a blog.

Note: If you have a sense of the whys, then skip this and go right ahead using the guide.

  • Blogging has rapidly become probably the most popular methods for interacting and distributing facts and information. You will find literally countless blogs online (take it easy, you may make yours stick out and obtain observed!).
  • It’s a terrific way to express yourself as well as an excellent way to share information with other people.
  • You feel a much better person along with a better author.
  • The very best reason? You may make money doing the work!

I wager you already understood all that, but it’s nice to become reminded.

The Steps Covered Within This Guide

There’s five primary steps you have to undergo to be able to generate a blog. Should you follow this informative guide and also the five steps, you’ll have your personal blog placed in half an hour or fewer. It’s nowhere close to difficult as establishing an internet site on your own (there’s hardly any technical ability needed here). Actually, there isn’t any coding needed on your part. Great news, huh?

5 Steps:

  • Choose your chosen blogging service
  • Choose whether you need to self-host along with a compensated domain, or obtain a free blog
  • Establishing your blog by yourself domain (when you purchase self-hosting along with a custom domain)
  • Creating your site (the enjoyment bit!)
  • Helpful assets for blogging

So, we managed to get. Phew. Better late than never! So, without further ado, let’s jump into step one.

Step One – Choose your chosen blogging service

Selecting where you need to blog is virtually the very first factor you need to do. I will have a leap and assume you’ve heard about WordPress, which is the woking platform I advocate. It’s massive. It’s undoubtedly among the greatest blogging platforms on the planet, with numerous plug ins and add-ons and almost infinite methods to design and layout your site.

You will find greater than 82 million active customers using WordPress – a great deal, essentially.


How To Start a Blog

You will find other options however, and they’re the following:

  • Blogger – Certainly the following best factor to WordPress.
  • Tumblr – Half social networking, half blog. Interesting, and incredibly easy to use.

Despite the fact that WordPress is larger (and most likely better) than individuals two, listed here are my reasons why you need to still opt for WordPress:

how to start blogging for beginners

Quite simple set-up.

  1. A lot of free styles and designs (I am not kidding, there’s gazillions).
  2. There is a massive discussion board just in case you find yourself in trouble (you will not, but it’s nice to be there if you want it).
  3. Your site is going to be insanely fast and it’ll also look Functionality and form – perfect!
  4. People can communicate with you easily. Your articles could be shared, said on, and so forth.
  5. Here’s articles about different blogging platforms (including WordPress), provide a read: How to find a Blogging Service (up-to-date 2015)

Now, Step Two (see, we’re moving fast now!)

Step Two – Self-hosting or perhaps a free alternative?

Whoa, decelerate there! This is actually the greatest decision you’ll need to make before we go any more. You have to decide whether to cover your site or grab a totally free one.

WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for anybody. Awesome, right? It’s ideal for individuals people who aren’t super seriously interested in blogging. However it comes with disadvantages:

1) You will not have the ability to get the OWN domain title

On the free blog, your blog’s website (your URL) is going to be butt-ugly. Like, really ugly. In a nutshell, produce a free blog with every other the above mentioned free blogs and it’ll seem like this:


I understand, ugly right?

2) Limits and much more limits

You will find some limits to free blogs. You cannot fully monetize it, and it’s not necessary the chance to upload all individuals videos and pictures you need to show everybody – it’s all limited. Even worse, you will not even have the free styles provided by WordPress.

3) You Do Not OWN your site

It could seem silly in the beginning, however, you don’t really own your site. It’s located on another person’s web property plus they can remove it when they want so. They’ve done this previously, and doing the work later on. Meaning all of your effort in your blog, all individuals numerous hrs of writing blogs may be disappeared within a few moments. Sad…

However, having a self-located blog by yourself domain title – you’re the REAL who owns your site. You’ll have the ability to title your site anything you want, for instance “” or “ You are able to finish it with .com, .co.united kingdom, .internet, .org, or almost any other web suffix. Additionally limitless bandwidth for videos, images and content as well as the free styles and you’ve got a fantastic combo.

Just how expensive is hosting along with a domain title? Less than you’re thinking, fortunately. It always calculates to around $4 monthly, based on your host company. Any in addition to that, and you’re getting conned.

If you’ve still got questions, here’s some additional information that you should take a look at:

Must I Select a Located or Non-located Blogging Service?

Step Three – Establishing a WordPress blog by yourself domain (should you chose self-hosting along with a custom domain)

wordpress blogging service

I will push ahead in line with the premise you’ve selected WordPress, and when you haven’t, you need to. Seriously, it’s the very best.

If you are still just a little confused in what a self-located blog is, let me explain and just how you are able to start setting one up on your own.

It’s important to develop a website title you want as well as select a webhost that may host your site.

Domain: The domain is essentially the Website. Good examples: ( may be the domain), ( may be the domain). See? Simple!

Hosting: Hosting is essentially the organization that puts your site on the web so everybody else can easily see it. Everything is going to be saved on the website. Think about it as being a pc hard-drive on the web where your site is going to be saved.

Personally, I personally use iPage (in my blog domain and hosting), and There is only good stuff to say of it. It’s most likely among the least expensive (under $3 per month) hosting companies available. A website title will definitely cost around $12 annually, however with iPage they throw that set for free :). Large smiles for your! They’re the companies I personally use its my blogs, such as the one you’re reading through at this time.

For just about any odd reason you shouldn’t opt for i Page, you can choose your personal web host. Most, if not completely of these, must have “one-click” WordPress install around the admin panel.

That button will instantly install WordPress in your blog. Did I only say it had been simple or what?

All that you should do is register with iPage (or perhaps your selected provider), choose your hosting plan along with a domain title and search for the main one-click WordPress install button around the admin panel.

Website necessities aren’t frequently needed, but I’d recommend whois privacy (that’ll keep all of your particulars private) and certainly automated backup copies (this’ll save your valuable website just just in case anything fails or vanishes, which means you won’t lose any or hardly any of the blog).

Once WordPress is a component of your site, all you need to do in order to start blogging is visit world wide and begin writing with the addition of a brand new publish.

In the beginning, design looks confusing, however it will get very understandable rapidly. Take it easy!

Step Four – Creating your site

Now, the enjoyment bit. Let’s help make your blog look just how you would like it to. To select a brand new theme, you may either mind to Appearance > Styles or mind to some premium theme website like ThemeForest.internet.

It’s my job to choose something which looks professional and pretty simple to personalize. WordPress also offers this awesome feature that enables you to definitely change styles with only a couple of clicks. If you get fed up with your present blog template, you can easily change to a different one without losing any precious content or images.


Remember, your blog’s design should reflect you and your personality, but additionally exactly what the blog is all about. There isn’t any point getting a football-orientated theme in case your blog is all about tennis, understand?

In addition, it ought to be simple to navigate if you would like individuals to hang in there. If it is tricky and hard to maneuver it, people won’t stay. Design is really a subjective art meaning everybody likes various things.

But nobody likes ugly websites, plus they especially hate websites that require a college degree to navigate. Allow them.

For additional reading through, I’ve come up with 3 blogs about creating your site. You can check them through.

  1. Blog Design: Ensure That It Stays Clutter Free and Easy To Use
  2. Advice for Blog Design and Blog Goals
  3. Can there be any software I’m able to use to create my very own graphics, button, and banner?

Last step! Woo!

Step Five – Helpful Assets For Blogging

Writers arrived at blogging arena with different levels of on the internet and social networking experience, but we have all made greater than a couple of newbie mistakes – there’s always room for additional learning and improvement, whether you’re a novice or you have been blogging for a long time.

This content will let you avoid a few of the growing pains if this involves the first blog – enjoy!:

  • 5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Are Able To Fix
  • Selecting a Blogging Niche
  • The Way We Communicate: Frequently asked questions for Beginning Writers
  • 7 Methods to Improve your success like a Blogger

And that’s it! I’m greater than certain that your initial blog setup should certainly be finished and able to go, and all sorts of which should happen to be really damn easy (unlike my very first time, lucky you!).

If by a few unfortunate chance you find yourself in trouble and have any queries, just make contact with me. I’ll assist you with any problems.

Enjoy your brand-new blog!


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