Google knows the importance of the Play Store, these are the new improvements introduced

One of the most important sections for the success or failure of a particular operating system is one that refers to the own application store that integrates, something that we have already seen in recent years.

Although it is clear that other elements come into play here, as an example the growth of Android or iOS with its corresponding Play Store and  App Store, compared to the failure of Microsoft’s mobile operating system due, among other things, to the low content of its own application store.

That is why now Redmond is trying to promote in many ways the arrival of third-party UWP applications to your Microsoft Store for Windows 10 in desktop environments. Also, something very similar is happening with Google and Apple systems, so the firms involved do not stop working in order to improve this aspect, both in terms of contentsecurity, functionality and external appearance.

Perhaps the most powerful and used official store in the world is the Google Play Store, among other things due to the widespread use of Android. Therefore, as we have been able to know, the search giant has just introduced a series of important improvements in order to satisfy the needs of its millions of users. First and in regard to its new design, the firm has wanted to adapt the interface of the aforementioned store to the current times, so it has been modernized in many ways.

Google improves several aspects of the Android Play Store

This has improved the quality of the photos of the applications available in the Play Store, something that affects the visualization of the sample captures of the apps that we consulted before downloading and installing them. Now, when we expand some of them, the wallpaper gets darker so we can see the details better, and a series of arrows have been integrated to navigate between them.

Another of the changes made refers to the comments section of the tools we have at our disposal, so now we can order them to our liking thanks to a series of filters that have been introduced. At the same time, we can vote the comments made by other users of the same Android store, or mark those that we consider are spam to help the rest of the community.

To finish, we will say that the section related to the number of downloads that have been carried out on the same app has also been improved, trying to make the figures shown more concise in this regard.

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