Tips to Increase the Speed of your iPhone

Is your iPhone very slow for a few days?


The iPhone is a smartphone heavily used by the population. It offers many possibilities of use and it never stops surprising us.

You like your iPhone but you find it lacks speed? Would you like it to be faster? So here are 10 practical tips that will help you increase the speed of your iPhone!

1. Use the Speed Intensifier app

If your iPhone is garbled, you can get this application directly on Cydia. A very good application to improve the speed of your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

2. Free memory on the iPhone

To free up memory on your iPhone, you can use the DisableDaemonsBYI application. This application will disable all programs that are not used on your iPhone thus greatly increasing its speed of execution.

3. Make updates for your iPhone

If you never make updates, your iPhone will not be as good, it will bug and lose speed. No matter which iPhone model you have, 3,4,5 or even iPhone 6!

4. Disable localization

Too many programs that use Geolocation on your iPhone will make it less fast. It would be good to disable them to increase the speed of your phone.

5. Remove actions in the background

There are many applications on your iPhone that work in the background. They download and send data constantly. So better to delete them.

6. Delete animations

If you delete animations, your other programs will open even faster on your iPhone.

7. Disable iCloud synchronization

When we talk about deactivation, of course we talk about disabling the synchronization of iCloud documents.

8. Close multi-tasking applications

By closing these multi-tasking applications, your iPhone will then be faster even much faster!

9. Restart the iPhone


Once in a while, it’s good to restart your iPhone.

10. Sync photos and videos

Too many photos and videos can end up slowing down your iPhone. Synchronize them to your computer instead.


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