Learn about the news that will come to Office for iOS and Android

Undoubtedly the Microsoft suite is the most used worldwide both from the PC and the mobile. And is that today there are many users who edit or create new Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or even worksheets from their phones. Microsoft knows this and does not stop working to add new features that facilitate these tasks to users. Next, we will show the Office news for iOS and Android that will arrive this March.

New functions are expected in the Microsoft Office applications for iOS and Android that will arrive later this month. Functions already being tested by Office Insiders users, among which some of them are worth mentioning.

These are the main novelties that will come to Office for iOS and Android

One of the most important features or functions is that it will allow users to see from the mobile where other users with whom they have shared a document are working. That is, they can see what content a user has selected while editing so that they do not work on the same text at the same time. A function that will be extended to the Excel tool for both iOS and Android.

In addition, the Microsoft Word version for iOS is receiving the ability to read documents aloud. For devices with the Apple operating system also, PowerPoint will also receive the famous feature known as Segment Eraser, a new feature that allows iOS users to remove any stroke we have previously painted with a single click.

In the iOS version, you can also configure the Mobile View mode as the default view so that the text of the documents is adjusted to the screen of our device. Office for iOS and Android will also come with more RSVP options, that is, we will find more ways to respond to meeting invitations, edit a response, include a comment or choose not to send a response from your mobile.

As for the version of the Microsft suite for the Google operating system, it must be said that Word will also allow users to know how many unread messages they have of their email without having to open Outlook. A new search tool has also been implemented in Word for Android that allows smarter searches, includes personalized suggestions and shows us a new search icon in the Word taskbar. Word for Android also includes other improvements that have to do with the improvement of conversations, options for events, faster navigation, etc.

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