Microsoft Office 2019: Everything we know about this new version

The office is Microsoft’s office suite, the best known and used all over the world. Unlike other applications, it does not usually release new versions every year, but usually does it every 3 or 4 years, being able to give better support to the current versions and launch the new ones with as many improvements and new features as possible. It has been 3 years since the release of the current version of Office 2016, and for this reason, Microsoft is already finalizing the launch of the next big update of its office suite:  Microsoft Office 2019.

In September of last year, Microsoft spoke for the first time about Microsoft Office 2019, which will be the next Office update. This new version will reach all users this year, although at the moment we do not know very well when. Anyway, although we can download and use it in the coming months, for the moment Microsoft has been releasing information from the new update with a dropper.

Next, let’s see everything we know, so far, of Microsoft Office 2019.

Everything we know about Microsoft Office 2019

At the moment, the only official information from Microsoft about this new update is that Office 2019 will only work in Windows 10, a very hard decision but that makes a lot of sense, considering that support for Windows 7 will end in 2020.

Regarding the novelties of Office 2019, no official information of Microsoft is known, although according to the rumors and leaks that have been known, we can summarize them, for now, in:

  • New functions for drawing and writing by hand, such as ink effects and pressure.
  • New tables and formulas of Excel.
  • More and new animations for PowerPoint.
  • Greater integration with Cortana and new voice recognition features.

We can not know for sure anything related to the price of this new office suite, although, if you look at the launch price of Office 2016 Home, it is very likely to remain at 150 dollars if we want the independent license, without subscriptions. Users who already pay for Office 356 every year will be able to download this new version of Office as soon as it is available without having to pay anything else for it.

We remind you that the subscription to Office 365 is $ 99 per year with the possibility of sharing it with 5 teams or 69 euros in the Personal version for a single user. This new version sure works as a universal UWP application that we can download from the Microsoft Store, although we do not know if we can also use it as a classic Win32 application or we will only receive the UWP version.

As for its launch, it is estimated that it will be around mid-2018, although we bet it will be after summer, probably even at the same time as Redstone 5. In addition, users who subscribe to Office 365, if they want, can download Right now the Insider version of Office 2019 to be able to have a first contact with what will be the next update of this office suite.

The useful life of Microsoft Office 2019 will be 5 years in its main support, and two years more (3 years less than the previous versions) in its extended support. Thus, we will have Office 2019 support until 2025.

Over the next few months, we will learn new data related to this new version of Office, a version that will not only mark the future of the office suite but will be an incentive for lagged users to make the leap to Windows 10.

What are you waiting for the next Microsoft Office 2019?

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