Now you can try the Android Play Store games without downloading them

The different official stores of the main-current operating systems are becoming basic elements when assessing the quality and success of this particular software worldwide, whether we refer to desktop environments or mobile devices.

This is the case of Android with its Google Play Store, an alternative that perhaps takes on greater importance due to the wide availability it has in these times since it is the most mobile-centered system in the world, and with Much difference.

And is that these official stores are the perfect elements that serve as complements to expand, to a large extent, the functionality of the mentioned operating systems and thus gain in versatility. That is why the main responsible for them do not stop improving their use because when using these official stores, they not only count the contents but also the user’s reward both the functionality and the design of the same

That is why, focusing on the Google Play Store Android, for a few months now began to implement the possibility of, in some of the applications available in the store, test them before downloading. In this way, users have had the opportunity to try certain apps before finally deciding to download or purchase.

Well, this innovative functionality is now reaching what is perhaps the most popular type of mobile apps, we refer, of course, to games.

Try games on the Android Play Store before downloading them

And in one of the latest redesigns that the search giant has implemented in the Play Store, it included the Google Play Instant feature, which allows users to play test games without having to download them previously. Of course, we must bear in mind that for the moment this is something that is in full development, so it is still only available to be used in some of the titles.

In this way the button called ” Test now ” we will find in a small number of games, among which we can highlight some as popular as Clash RoyaleCrosswords or Mighty Battles, among others. That is why in the case that you want to know how to try these playful contents of the Android Play Store without downloading them, the Android Help colleagues explain it to us in detail.

All this can open a wide range of possibilities both for users undecided with respect to a certain title, as for those who walk a fair bit of space on your device and prefer to try before downloading for good.

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