Cheap Essay Writing Tips – Steps to create an Essay

Essay Writing Tips

To create a quality essay, basic writing and continuous training skills are required. Here’s a basic guide to cheap essay writing.

Structure An Essay

Essentially, an essay is divided into five paragraphs:

1. First paragraph

In this paragraph the author introduces the topic to be put forward, as well as his thesis. This thesis should be put forward in a short, clear sentence, as far as possible in the first sentence. Furthermore, readers are introduced in the next three paragraphs that develop the thesis in several sub-topics.

2. Second to fifth paragraph

These three paragraphs are called the body of an essay that has the same structure. The supporting sentences of the thesis and its arguments are written as an analysis by looking at their relevance and relation to each sub topic.

3. The fifth paragraph (last)

The fifth paragraph is a conclusion paragraph. Reread the theses and sub-topics discussed in the second to fifth paragraphs as a synthesis to convince the reader.

Steps to create a Cheap Essay Writing

1. Define topic
2. Make an outline or outline of your ideas
3. Write down your thesis in a short, clear sentence
4. Write down your thesis body:
  • Start with important points
  • then make some subtopics
  • Develop sub-topics that you have created
5. Make the first paragraph (introduction)
6. Write the conclusions
7. Give the last touch

Selecting Topics

When a topic has been determined, you may no longer have the freedom to choose. However, that does not mean you are ready to go to the next step.
Think about the type of script you write. is it more like a general preview or topic of specific analysis? If it is just a general overview, you can go directly to the next step. But if you want to do a special analysis, your topic should be really specific. If the topic is too general, you can narrow down your topic. For example, if the topic of “Indonesia” is a topic that is still very common. If your goal is to write an overview, then this topic is correct. But if you want to make a brief analysis, you can narrow down this topic to “Indonesian Cultural Wealth” or “Political Situation in Indonesia. Once you are sure of what you are writing, you can move on to the next step.
If the topic has not been determined, then your task is much heavier. On the other hand, in fact you have the freedom of choosing a topic that you like, so it usually makes your essay much more powerful and character.

Set Goals

First determine the purpose of the essay you will write. Is it to convince people to believe what you believe? Explain how to do certain things? Educate the reader about a person, idea, place or something? Whatever topic you choose, should be fit for purpose.

Write down Your Interests

If you have defined the purpose of your essay, write down some of the subjects that interest you. The more subjects you write, the better. If you have problems finding the subject you are interested in, look around you. Are there interesting things around you? Think of your life? What are you doing? There may be some interesting to be topics. Do not evaluate the subjects, just write down everything that comes to mind.

Potential Evaluation of Topics

If you have any topics that are appropriate, consider each of these topics. If the goal is to educate, you must understand correctly about the topic in question. If the goal is convincing, then the topic should be really exciting. Most importantly, how many ideas do you have for the topic you choose.
Before you proceed to the next step, look again at the form of the script you wrote. Just as with the case where your topic has been determined, you also need to think about the form of the script you wrote.

Creating Outline

The purpose of making an outline is to put ideas about your topic in a script in an organized format.

Start a cheap essay writing a topic at the top

Write the Roman numerals I, II, III on the left of the page, with a fairly wide range between them
Write an outline of your idea of the topic you are referring to:
If you try to convince, give the best argument
If you describe a process, write down the steps so readers can understand
If you are trying to inform something, explain the main category of the information
In each roman, write A, B, and C down on the left side of the page. Write down facts or information that support the main idea.

Writing Thesis

A thesis statement reflects the essay contents and important points to be conveyed by the author. You have defined the topic of the essay

Recover your files with EaseUS Data Recovery Free 12.0

In the XXI century and in the midst of the digital era in which we live, the uses of the folders and large file cabinets, with bulky records on paper, reels or photographic rolls are decreasing day by day. Now emails are part of everyday life. We exchange documents, photos and videos through Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp on our mobiles, all within the reach of a click. In the same way, every day we can store more and more information in increasingly smaller devices, 64GB of information on a pen drive as small as the nail of your thumb. Having records and files digitally multiplies the storage capacity, but can violate the availability or privacy of information. If you have the information stored in a server or cloud, in theory you could access it from anywhere in the world. Of course, you would depend on the availability of a computer, cell phone or tablet (with battery or access to electricity).

As for storage devices, although they do not need an Internet connection, these devices are prone to being infected with computer viruses that could erase your information. When something like this happens to us we usually go quickly to the recycling bin to try to recover the file we need, if this does not work because we have already emptied the bin, we can find ourselves in a bind. However, this situation does not have to mean the end of the world, since on the Internet there are different methods of recovering deleted files, including data recovery software.

Today we present one of the best alternatives: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0

EaseUS is an international software company founded in 2004, which specializes in software recovery, backup and data transfer, with excellent service quality with more than 100 million users and presence in more than 160 countries around the world. One of its latest versions, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.0, is a fundamental tool when recovering lost files from any device:

– Hard disk from the PC
– External drives and laptops
– Cell phones and tablets
– Memory cards and cameras
– Mp3 players

Basically any device that stores information and can be connected to a computer. It allows you to recover files that have been lost, due to structural disk damage, infection with a virus, operating system failure, disk fragmentation or accidental formatting. It is available for Windows and Mac operating systems, in two versions; the free version and the pro version (which also brings an option to use a free trial for 14 days).

It supports files of DOC / DOCX formats XLS / XLSX PPT / PPTX, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, AVI, SWF, MPG, MP3, WAV, ZIP, 550, etc.

It works with FAT file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32) exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2, ext3 and HFS, among others.

How to recover lost files?

To start using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you must download the program, which you can do from the official EaseUS website in a safe and virus free way. If you want to recover a file on time, and you have not lost it a long time ago, you can download this free data recovery software which allows you to do a superficial scan and recover up to 2GB in files. Depending on the complexity of the circumstances in which you have lost your files you may need the Pro version, which you can buy with a credit card from $ 69.95 with a free trial as said above.

Broadly, data recovery steps can be divided into 3 parts; selecting a location, scanning, previewing and recovering lost files.

What to know:

– The program interface will show you the different storage units connected or integrated to your computer
– Select the drive you want to scan for deleted or damaged files
– A quick scan of the selected unit will start and the recovered files will appear, this part is really fast
– When finishing the fast scan the program will proceed to perform a deeper scan with which you can access more files

We hope you can be helped after reading this article. Thanks for reading!

How Edtech Can Revolutionize the Way of Learning in India

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela


The education sector in India is at a crucial stage in its growth. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the country has over 1.5 million schools, and is home to one of the largest higher education systems in the world with 751 recognised universities and 35,539 colleges. In spite of these figures, there is still a huge potential for the development of education in the country. Until the past decade, India’s education system was restricted to archaic, simple classrooms with blackboards and eight-hour school days. However, with the internet boom, this scenario is rapidly changing to a shift towards digital screens.


When it comes to being a part of the global online community, India is only second to China with 384 million internet users. With easy access to smartphones and reducing data rates, the emergence and influx of edtech companies in India have been nothing short of a revolution. Edtech has come a long way from using computers to teach subjects and has now expanded into interactive videos, mobile learning applications, online degree courses, and is even used by students to prepare for competitive exams like JEE, CAT, CLAT, and IAS.


As a result, edtech is now becoming the preferred mode of learning by students. Through easy accessibility and comfort, edtech is now bridging a massive gap in the education system. Here’s how it can further change the landscape of learning in India.

A shift towards a quality-driven education:


One of the most significant problems faced by Indian schools is the skewed pupil-to-teacher (PTR) ratio. According to an independent study performed by the Azim Premji Foundation, classrooms with a PTR ratio between 15 and 20 showed the best learning levels, while performance decreased sharply as the PTR ratio increased. Now, the statistics for the PTR at the national level for elementary schools is 24:1, while it is 27:1 in the secondary schools. This debilitates the learning experience students can get from schools. In this respect, edtech offers a fresh change by focusing on each student. For the first time since decades, the education system is shifting from just clearing exams to a more quality-driven education for learners.


Smartphones driving learning:


As more time is spent by people on their smartphones, the adoption of edtech has become inevitable. When smartphones are used for everything, from banking to online shopping, education is only a natural evolution. This has further contributed to bringing a new shift in perspective towards education. The availability of low cost and high speed of internet gives edtech no geographical boundaries. A student sitting in a remote corner in Assam can now attend online courses offered by Colombia, and this is only one facet. Smartphones enable people to learn on the go, an IAS aspirant can now listen to educational content on his/her commute to work, and can later come home to take mock tests, all with one smartphone and an internet connection.


Changing education in rural landscape:


One of the factors crippling development of the country is the reduced availability of quality educational content in rural areas of India. The influx of edtech industry is changing this picture by bringing nifty educational solutions in the form of online classes and course content. Many non-profit organisations are dedicated to providing the students in remote areas with quality education through volunteer programmes. Edtech mixed with “each one, teach one” enables lecturers and educational professionals alike to deliver online lectures to rural classrooms. Through quality education, edtech is investing in bringing about a knowledgeable and empowered rural India.


Assistance on test preparation:


One of the most recent and upcoming trends in edtech is its growing usage for test preparation and assistance. Be it any major competitive exam; there are as much as 2-3 lakhs aspirants every year. When competition is on such a massive scale, students resort to every means of preparation that can help them. Edtech helps students in saving time through mock tests, webinars, and video lectures. The online space is full of preparation content for every competitive exam, from medical and engineering entrances to CAT, CFL, and IAS as well. The advancement of the internet has provided access to these resources to students from Tier II and Tier III cities as well. When every imaginable preparation material is available online, aspirants hardly need to wander elsewhere.


The internet has shrunk the entire world into a single screen, and given the scope of education in India, edtech will continue to play a defining role in the industry. Unlike the limited knowledge offered by traditional learning methods, edtech offers students a plethora of options to learn in a stress-free environment. As the nation shifts towards digitisation, edtech is slowly redefining the way in which Indian students learn and in turn, widen their horizons.

Can You Make Real Money from Real Estate Investment? Find Out How!

Real Money from Real Estate

As the name suggests, an alternative investment is not the same as a conventional investment like stocks, cash, and bonds. Alternative investments an asset that is complex. It has limited regulations and includes hedge funds, private equity, managed futures, commodities, derivatives and real estate.

Embracing an investment that gives you both present and long-term profits

When it comes to real estate, you will find that this type of investment contains some short-term and long-term advantages. If you wish to become a savvy businessman, it is essential that you embrace this form of alternative investment for your unique needs. The decision to invest in real estate, of course, is not a simple one and with it, you effectively can build wealth. It is crucial for you always to consult experts who are well versed and experienced in the real estate market so that you effectively can get the best deals for your needs without hassles at all.

Why should you invest your money in real estate

One positive way to earn consistent income when it comes to housing is to rent out properties. Of course, it is implied that you must be the owner of these properties first. Once you have the properties under your control, you effectively can enjoy the following benefits when it comes to renting out your properties-

  1. Consistent cash flow- When it comes to renting out properties, you will find that you can get a positive cash flow even after you have paid all the bills. This cash flow will ensure that you get an ongoing monthly income. With the extra cash flow you receive, you have the option of buying more real estate, traveling or building your business entity. If you compare the cash flow from real estate, you will find that it is stable and fixed. Many businessmen often go through lots of ups and downs and with the aid of regular cash flow from real estate properties you can remain afloat in the market without any hassles at all.
  2. Taxation benefits- Do you know that the government rewards owners of rental properties? This might seem surprising however it is true. When you get income from real estate rental properties, you are not subjected to any form of self-employment tax. Besides the above, the government also gives you tax benefits in the form of depreciation and low taxation rates for better profits in the long-run.
  3. Loan- If you buy a rental property with a mortgage, your tenant is the one paying the mortgage. This means the net worth of your property increases every month. The pay down for the loan is small and this makes the property like a savings account in the bank that grows on its own. This means you do not have to deposit money in the property every month.
  4. Appreciation- Esteemed experts from a reputed company in the USA, says that when it comes to the income generated from the real estate rental property, the value of your property with the passage of time will climb higher and higher. This means the value of your real estate property will not depreciate, unlike other assets.
  5. Inflation- You know that inflation tends to push the costs of goods higher and higher. However, if you are an owner of a rental property, you do not have to tread inflation at all. The good news is that when you face inflation for your real estate property, your cash flow will only increase. This is why financial experts often refer real estate property to be a hedge against inflation.
  6. Be in control- When you are in the real estate rental investment industry, you will find that you are in complete control over both success and failure. You can control the financial future of your business. You can choose to improve your property and wait. The choice and decision are always yours. This gives you an added advantage as you do not have to wait for anyone’s consent to make all the decisions that are crucial for the present and the future of your real estate business.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that real estate investment is a wise and prudent choice for you. Ensure that you are aware of the trends and the financial market to get the best deals. Also, ensure that you are actively involved in controlling and monitoring the cash flow that is generated every month for you when it comes to consistent and fixed profits. This is ideal for people that are looking for ways and means to earn a secure and fixed income every month. When it comes to real estate investment always take your time and never rush.

Ask help from an expert

Always remember that real estate needs expert advice and guidance. This is the reason why you must ensure that you have the right professional to guide you. When it comes to real estate, ensure that you are aware of the financial market and the value of your property. You should also have a legal professional by your side so that you effectively can make salient decisions for your real estate rental properties. You also have to prepare rental agreements, and it is here you need to guide and the mentorship of a skilled and experienced professional. Take your time and never rush through your decisions. Ensure that you have a professional to help and guide you. Real estate investment is indeed lucrative, and this is why you should go in for it.

Therefore, if you wish to make a consistent income every month, it is prudent for you to invest in real estate rental properties. They will mostly help you to get the regular cash flow you deserve. Ensure you are aware of market trends and conditions so that you can effectively receive the benefits both today and in the long run!

Most Convenient Logo Making App for Mobile Users

Logo Maker app is an easy to use application that provides you with a space where you can design your original logo. The logo maker gives you logo ideas which you can use in generating your own cool logos. If you are looking for an application which can help you with free logo ideas and logo designs, then you should opt for logo maker as it is offering you many categories.

Today, we are going to share with you about one such logo making app that is available for both Android and iOS user. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to experiment with logo designing. Read what we have to say about the app before trying it yourself.

You can use the sample logo ideas which are absolutely free and create logos, stickers or labels for your brand or company. It is a handy tool which helps you to create a customized logo in just a few moments. Deciding on a logo is a challenging task for any business or company. But now, with the introduction of the logo maker application, we bet that logo making was never this much easy and fun before. With the help of Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator, you can design a business logo by yourself in a few minutes instead of spending thousands on designers and still not get the satisfactory results.

The logo generator helps you generate logos on your own. It allows you to type the text as a template in your logo, add a label or sticker to make it more eye-catching. The logo generator also enables you to resize the text you have entered. With this logo designing software, you can add various shapes to your logo designs.  Our logo designing software also provides you with multiple backgrounds, overlays, and colors to create a logo. The logos you create with Logo Maker – Pro Logo Creator will be saved in your phone’s photo library, making it easy to access and use.

You can find Logo Maker – pro  Logo Creator on both Google Play Store and App Store respectively. It is free to download and provides a variety of logo ideas for free to all the users. The Android, as well as iOS users, can download this amazing logo creator app for free on their devices.

The logo generator never involves any tool or designing program with itself. There is an option of redo or undo for the users which can help them to revert the last action. You can generate logo ideas in just a few minutes with logo maker. You can create cool logo ideas with using your creativity and hundreds of design elements on our logo creator. Logo maker is the most convenient way for the users to get a logo idea. There are several options provided by this logo creator which makes itself best for the people generating a logo.

If you are looking for designing a logo for your business or your brand; you can download our application from the play store or app store. We recommend you to use the logo maker application which is absolutely free, instead of relying on Photoshop professionals and paying them heavily when there is an alternative available.

We hope you’ll enjoy this app just as much as we did!

Enhance online business with professional internet marketing SEO & Web Design services

It is very important to give better performance to the website with the help of wonderful web design services.

To achieve the goals you need to hire highly-skilled web design service provider which have great experience in creating a website similar to your business. To enhance the website performance, it is required to have website maintenance as well as ecommerce web design USA for the better quality website.

The website design should be user-friendly, search engine friendly and interactive so that it cannot only attract visitors to turn potential customers as well as help you in impressing the search engines.

Therefore, it is extremely required to do essential research and find the exact quality and productivity of your website. Don’t forget to note all of your observations. If you don’t know how to write or check a research paper for plagiarism you can use many services, for example, Ptimetimeessay. It is also your responsibility to study the levels of effectiveness and skilled descriptions provided by the web designers.

If you want to sell your products or services online to the millions of customers, ecommerce web design USA services make you able to build the high standards ecommerce website. Not only this, you can also promote these products and services through effective and ethical internet marketing Search Engine Optimization techniques.

You can find numerous companies which offer complete web solution to design develop and promote a prominent, suitable and good looking website. You need to add unique and informative content in all web pages of your website so that more and more visitors can find interested and valuable information of their needs.

All the required internet marketing services can be easily achieved with the help of cost-effective Search Engine Optimization packages designed in a professional manner. Internet Marketing SEO has its own importance and is carried out to build a strong backbone of the business website. The targeted keywords enable you to attract visitors to your website. Role of Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization in website performance allows you to have great success in your online business.

Without proper SEO, it is really very difficult to reach your products/services to the targeted customers. Getting high ranking in the search engines helps to a great extent to increase your online sales. If cannot be done on your own, it is advisable to hire internet marketer that ensure you to help at every stage of promoting your website and improve the business brand.

If your website is earning good profit, do not stop working on its improvement processes. To make it much better performed in the future you have to keep it updated with the professional website maintenance and web design services.

The adequate tools and techniques are applied to modify, correct and improve the content, design and other changes to meet the current demand of the business as well as the customers. You can easily find the customized web services as per your requirements at the affordable Search Engine Optimization packages.

Make sure to get the prior inquiries about the desired services before making any final decision. Always choose the appropriate services provided by the reputed and experienced IT company.

Tips on using Machine Learning in Mobile Applications


Machine Learning (ML), a sub-application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a system to improve and learn from its experiences without being explicitly programmed. In simpler words, it focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn on their own without any human intervention. There are several machine learning courses that enable one to incorporate ML tools in the development of mobile applications.

In recent years, machine learning has evolved its applications in various areas, ranging from speech recognition, web search, to self-driving cars. In addition to these, Machine learning is now being incorporated into many mobile applications to provide a personalised experience to their users. How then, can one use the benefits of machine learning to augment their mobile applications? Following are some tips that you can follow for using machine learning in your mobile applications:

Incorporate Individual Approach:

If you ever wonder how Netflix comes up with relevant recommendations for the next TV series for you to binge on, machine learning is the answer you’ve been looking for. Machine learning (ML) can be utilised to make the application appealing for each user by incorporating an individual approach. This will allow the app to customise content for individual users based on their personal preferences. The users are thus provided with relevant content that’s based on their interest and lifestyle. Apps like YouTube, Instagram also work on a personalised individual approach to increase user traffic.

Faster and Efficient Searching:

Machine learning can help users search for information more efficiently through the various tools it has to offer. Users can be provided with the most relevant information by adding filters like spelling correction, ranking, suggestions, voice searches, etc. Machine learning can thus help to make the searching process far more intuitive for users.

Personalised Recommendations:

If you’re into e-commerce, then you can incorporate machine learning into your app to benefit your business. Generating recommendations for your users based on their purchase pattern and search requests will show them products that they are most likely to be interested in, which would help drive your sales. Amazon and Flipkart are some examples of mobile apps that focus on individual customer approach to increase their sales by influencing buying decisions.

Word Predictions: 

Tired of always correcting your typos? Machine learning tools can be used in predictive texts to predict the next word a user is most likely to type. The neural spatial model makes use of the user’s typing history and matches it with the word currently being typed by the user to make its prediction. This facilitates faster typing and fewer spelling errors. Google’s GBoard is one such example of predictive text, which also enables users to find the right emojis by drawing an outline of the same.

User’s Assistant:

The next time you talk to Siri or OK Google, you can ask them a question or two about machine learning as well. A lot of application developers are using artificial bots which incorporate ML algorithms to deal with customer queries. These digital chat assistants provide customers with the information they need by making use of the repository of data that is gathered in their systems.

Financial Assistant:

If you feel that you need help managing your finances, look no further, for machine learning is here to assist you. ML techniques can also be incorporated in mobile applications aimed at assisting users with their finances. With the use of ML algorithms, the mobile app can track and observe an individual’s spending habits to make suggestions on making smarter money-saving decisions. Such apps understand the behaviour and lifestyle of the users to generate a personalised expenditure plan that helps the users to save more money. Applications like Walnut and Oval Money are examples of apps that provide such financial assistance.

Education Assistant:

Machine learning tools and techniques can be incorporated into your mobile application to assist students in understanding the academic concepts. The ML algorithms can be used to design chatbots that answer students’ queries, check assignments, and keep a check on the students’ grades and assignments. These bots can collect real-time data to suggest personalised learning plans for students.

Fitness Assistant:

Machine learning algorithms can be used by fitness app developers to provide a new dimension to their apps. Merely listing exercises that one can perform has become a digital passe, machine learning is now being used to customise apps based on specific needs and habits of the user, ranging from sleep pattern to dietary habits. Based on the customer’s inputs regarding aims and physical state, machine learning algorithms can generate a personalised training program, thus effectively acting as your very own personal fitness assistant!

Health Assistant:

Incorporating machine learning algorithms in mobile applications can help provide users with interactive healthcare assistance as well. The ML algorithms can be designed to access healthcare databases pertaining to various diseases to help diagnose health-related issues, and can suggest users the necessary steps to be taken for treatment and medication. These apps can also use machine learning tools to keep track of blood pressure and sleeping patterns to make personalised suggestions. IBM’s Watson provides a similar service to cancer patients which uses its extensive database to provide an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

Battery-saving Suggestions:

Reduce the amount of time your phone spends connected to the charger by incorporating Machine learning techniques to suggest battery life-saving recommendations. The ML algorithms can be designed to collect real-time data from the device to analyse usage patterns to provide users with useful tips that could save their phone’s battery life. Carat by Carat Team is an app that uses ML tools to provide personalised battery-saving recommendations. This app also reminds its users when any other app malfunctions and needs re-downloading.

Security and Authentication:

If you’re amazed by Apple’s latest face recognition feature, machine learning is again to be thanked for! Machine learning is being actively used in user identification and authentication processes through the use of recognition techniques. Apple’s biometric recognition, and recently, face recognition softwares are stellar examples of how machine learning can be used for user identification, without the need of manually keying in a password.

Fraud Prevention:

You can use machine learning to protect your user’s data against malware and spam.  Machine learning algorithms allow your app to monitor ongoing processes in the background without the need of constant control by the users. This allows the detection of any suspicious activity that could potentially pose a risk to your data. While traditional apps only prevent the user’s information from threats that are already known of, machine learning can protect user data from previously unidentified malware attacks in real-time.

It is evident that machine learning algorithms can be used in a variety of ways to provide users with improved mobile application experience. The implementation of ML tools can thus help one in setting their mobile applications apart from others.

Safari In The Desert Of Dubai For Adventure Lovers

Safari in the desert of Dubai is one of the most exciting activities you should try in Dubai. The rugged desert terrain of Dubai is also a source of many thrills on land, including the sand dunes – the rise of sand dunes with soft SUVs And get off them. With cars often slipping from the sides of the sand dunes, this adventure will ensure you stay entertained throughout the trip.

Safari in the desert of Dubai

For those who do not have experience driving sand dunes, the best way to test this activity is to book safaris in the desert of Dubai. There are dozens of drivers providing this type of trekking, including safaris in the desert of Dubai, as well as driving on sand dunes. On the way to the desert camp, outdoor lunches are served and dancers and traditional performers offer a range of entertainment to spend a wonderful evening.

The Emirate of Dubai is one of the most magnificent cities of civilization around the world, built in the middle of the desert. The desert of Dubai is one of the most important features of the city, which is incomparable, as tourists are exposed to many things that can be explored throughout the year, whether you are looking for attractions inside or outside buildings.

Explore the desert of Dubai

Surrounded by charming desert, Dubai is characterized by vast expanses of sand and dunes. Safari is the most popular way to explore the desert. These excursions can be booked in the desert of Dubai throughout the day. The morning safari is ideal for visitors who have a busy schedule, yet safaris in the evening offer you the best pictures you can take and it will become an unforgettable memory.

Alongside the sunset skyline, the safari includes nightly dinners, oriental dancing, and traditional shisha smoking. You can also book a safari that includes camping at night, where you can lie under the desert sky after an outdoor dinner, then return to Dubai the next morning.

Orion Vision Tours offer luxury summer safaris with a host of benefits such as star meditation in the desert and breakfast during safari during Ramadan 2018.