Sea of ​​Thieves pirates dock in Windows 10, and you can play it free for 14 days

Sea of Thieves is one of the most anticipated games by Xbox (and PC) players. This title developed by Rare and distributed by Microsoft puts us in a series of exotic islands full of treasures and dangers where alone, or in groups, we will have to survive and do with the best possible treasure.

After a long wait, and an expectation heavily fueled by the two betas that have been released from this game during the final stages of its development, two hours ago Microsoft confirmed the final release of Sea of Thieves for Xbox One and Windows 10.

For those users who do not know this title, Rare and Microsoft put us in the shoes of a pirate (from sea, not computer) who, in a multiplayer action environment through the Internet, will have to explore a series of exotic islands, search Treasures, face all kinds of threats and even protect your ship and your treasure from other players who will not hesitate to try to take away your riches.

This game is now available to all users of the two Microsoft platforms, and then we will explain how we can buy it, and even try it for free for 14 days.

How to start playing Sea of Thieves right now

This new Microsoft game can be purchased today from the Microsoft Store, the application and games store for Xbox and Windows 10. Of course, playing this game is not going to be exactly cheap, and is that the game has a price in the store of 69.99 euros.

Xbox Game Pass users who pay the license of 9.99 euros per month to have access to the free Xbox games (and PC, provided they are Play Anywhere) can start playing for free this title.

In addition, if we want to try Sea of Thieves for free for 14 days , we can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for free for two weeks, enough time to try this game in an unlimited way and, if it convinces us, renew the subscription to continue playing at him, or else buy it if we do not want to have to pay monthly 9.99 euros.

If you are going to play on PC, it is recommended that you update your graphics drivers to the latest versions ( AMD Radeon Adrenalin 18.3.3 and Nvidia GeForce 391.24) since both updates are focused on improving the overall performance of this new online multiplayer title. Microsoft that surely gives much to talk about over the coming weeks.

Have you already tried Sea of Thieves? What do you think about this new Microsoft game?

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