Is Snapchat Dead for Social Media Marketing?

Snapchat has over 300 million monthly active users and still today, approximately 30% of all millennials in the United States use Snapchat regularly. To say that Snapchat is dead for social media marketing would suggest that it’s no longer in use, which certainly isn’t the case. Many Facebook and Twitter users are leaving those social media platforms for Snapchat and they are doing so because it offers a far more realistic view at a user’s life. Rather than posting only the highlights, which we often find with Facebook, Snapchat is used for casual conversations, daily events, and far less glamorous updates. It’s a platform where users simply feel more comfortable glaring into the lives of their friends and family because there’s less bragging and it’s more authentic.

Let’s explore why Snapchat can’t be considered dead yet

Snapchat is targeted toward younger users

Snapchat is a far more modern social media platform. It’s popular with younger users and it’s targeted toward those generations. It has a mostly female user base who are under 34 years old. This often results in frustration from influencers, content creators, and marketers. Businesses have a difficult time marketing to a user base of kids and those in their 20s and 30s. These generations simply aren’t making enough money yet to support a consuming lifestyle. Often, the users of Snapchat rely on parents and small-time jobs for their income. Your marketing strategy and perhaps even more important, your product or service, has to be catered to this unique subset of individuals.

Snapchat is less inviting to creators

if your content creator and you often share articles, videos, and other content on social media websites, Snapchat might not be the best platform for your marketing campaign. Snapchat is simply less inviting to content creators. It doesn’t offer the performance of other networks and it’s missing analytical tools to optimize campaigns. In comparison to Facebook or Instagram, it has serious shortcomings that have to be considered from a content creation standpoint. Until recently, the platform has relied on its users and word-of-mouth to project the company forward. Only recently has Snapchat begun to explore the benefits of influencers.

Snapchat is receptive to a unique product or service

one of the unique aspects of Snapchat is the type of community that it fosters. This is a place where young people can simply be themselves and share their lives with their friends and family. It’s very different from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For a business that expects to promote a product or service in the conventional fashion of marketing it to their target audience, this can make the product less desirable to the user. Snapchat users respond extremely well to personalized and casual sales. They do not respond well to serious products and attempting to use the platform for this type of product could lead you to believe that Snapchat is dead for social media marketing.

Test marketing campaigns on other social media networks

If you’re not getting results with Snapchat, it’s extremely important that you test your campaigns with other social media networks. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter each have their own unique audience. Different products and services perform better on specific social networks. Learn how these individual networks can help your brand and propel you forward. Don’t take too much unnecessary risk and find out what works best for you and your products.

Newer social media networks always threaten what’s familiar

When a newer social media network comes along, there’s always a tendency for people to believe that what was there before will fall out of style. Just because there are new apps and online platforms targeted toward the social networking community, doesn’t mean Snapchat is completely dead. There are many businesses still using Snapchat to turn a profit, build their brand, and generate interest in their product line. There’s no need to panic every time a new platform is introduced. It takes consistent effort for a social network to gain the popularity that Snapchat has produced. With that being said, alternative networks like LinkedIn can be greater for a more conventional and serious product. You should always branch out and consider newcomers, as look what LinkedIn has turned into. It’s massive user base has changed the way B2B businesses approach social media.


Believing that Snapchat is dead for social media marketing would be jumping to a conclusion that simply untrue. In the US, approximately 18% of all social media users have downloaded Snapchat and there are over 1 million snaps created every day. The average time spent on Snapchat on a daily basis per user is approximately 30 minutes and Snapchat has raised over $1.8 billion to support their cause. Remember that 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old and most users are female. Snapchat is certainly not dead for social media marketing but it has to be approached with the right marketing strategy.

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