These are the news that will come with LibreOffice 6.1

For some time now, The Document Foundation has been fully working on the new version of LibreOffice 6.1 for its launch in August of this 2018 and has promised that it will add many improvements and some new features to the popular office suite open source.

In fact, this is a program that has already reached 1 million downloads in version 6.0 in just two weeks after its launch, so due to this success, are at full capacity for the next version, LibreOffice 6.1, you will see the light officially in August. Say that this will be the first major update to the 6.x series of the office suite, and will add new features and improvements to the current version. This is a multiplatform open source office suite that is used by millions of PC users around the world today.

Well, among the new features and improvements that will be implemented in the next version, we can highlight the optional “on-line advice” for the Writer tool , the ability to order images in Calc , along with a new implemented option called “Insertion of Image “, to allow anchoring the image to a cell or page in the same tool.

Also, Writer is also getting a basic list of styles, which can be accessed from the ” Styles ” menu option, in addition to the ability to insert page numbers in documents or support for new text formats.

On the other hand, the user interface of Calc is also receiving some new options in the context menu in the form of commands designed to work if the mouse cursor is in a certain range, in a field with validation attribute, or in a field that has a condition, for example.

More improvements that will come to LibreOffice 6.1

As far as the Impress and Draw applications are concerned, they will receive a new menu that will allow exporting text to the DOCX format, in addition to the Microsoft Excel 2003 XML import filter has finally been revised, and the ” Link to Calc’s ” External Data ” now supports Text / CSV files.

On the other hand, it seems that the new LibreOffice 6.1 will further improve the ” LibreOffice On-line ” component, which allows users to use the basic functionality of LibreOffice through a web browser, adding new features such as the grouping of columns and rows in Calc, among many other things that we will know. These are some of the most outstanding novelties, although a good number of functions will be added when LibreOffice 6.1 is released this summer.

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