This is how Microsoft wants to become the Netflix of videogames

For many of the experts in the video game sector, the console owned by the firm of Redmond and developer of Windows, the Xbox, is not the most attractive or accepted proposal of this type in the world, although little by little it has been gaining many adepts.

Microsoft indeed has cost a lot of work to fight Sony and its PlayStation before it hit the Switch from Nintendo, so now the Nintendo console is another concern for the company’s Redmond. However, this firm does not want to surrender in these playful environments, so it is working on another important project in this same direction.

From what we have just learned, Microsoft is fully involved in what could be a very interesting game service for fans of them. It is a kind of service similar to what Netflix offers series and movies, but in this case for games. This is a project that would go far beyond the Xbox, because for a monthly fee, users can, not only play the games they want but also bring that gaming experience to any device, not just the console of the firm.

Thus, the Redmond is creating a whole division in the Cloud with a clear focus on the world of video games, and may even be ready to talk about all this. It’s something they’ve been thinking about for a while, a job they started last summer and from which they started to create the new structure of the organization at the end of the year.

How Microsoft wants to revolutionize the video game sector

Phil Spencer is now the head of Microsoft’s games, reporting directly to CEO Satya Nadella, while the Cloud division is headed by Kareem Choudhry with 20 years of experience at Microsoft.

From the company, they affirm that ” there will be 2,000 million players in the world and our objective is to reach each and every one of them. We are looking for ways to make that content available to anyone, no matter what device it is on. ” Therefore, in addition to selling the Xbox, they want to go a step further to carry out that goal, creating a streaming service based on the Cloud that would work on many devices, including the console itself.

Say that Game Pass, the company’s subscription game service, could be one of the products that will be integrated into your future Cloud games product, a platform with which they say they are very happy so far. Of course, for the moment we do not know when the new platform will be launched or what it will be called, we will have to wait a while.

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