Top 5 Most Popular Google Chrome Extension


Hey Friends. Today I Will Show You Something Very Special That Is Extension Of Google Chrome. There Are Many Google Chrome Extension But Which I Will Show You That Is Top 5 Extension. The Extension I Will Listed Below And Show You Some Importance About Them.


1 : Adblock Plus

Some declare that ad preventing is eliminating the free Web, others say that ad blockers are basically eliminating bad promoters. Whatever your place, anyone looking for an comparative of Greasemonkey for Firefox should begin with the AdBlock Firefox expansion. It pieces out most ads from almost all sites, creating for a better, quicker (and, thanks to obstructed autoplaying movie ads, quieter) surfing around encounter.

2 : Speed Dial 2 

Speed switch 2 is greatest alternative of new tab page with instant access to your most frequented webpages, favorites and surfing around history.Appreciate the new Rate Switch for Search engines Firefox with a fast and user-friendly design.

3 : SwiftPreview

Don’t start a new tab! Perspective any weblink of the world wide web in the same screen. Hit CTRL to pin and communicate with review. SwiftPreview is a simple expansion that reveals a personalized review of any weblink online so you can see the web page behind the weblink before you just click and so that you only just click through to excellent material.


4 : Hover Zoom

Surf images exhibits with ease: move the computer mouse pointer over images to view images in their full-sized without running a new page. Pictures are instantly resized if they don’t fit the window.


5 : HTTPs Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a free web web browser expansion for Google Firefox, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, a cooperation by The Tor Venture and the Electronic Frontier Base.[3] Its objective is to instantly make websites use the more protected HTTPS relationship instead of HTTP.

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