5 Ways to find Writing Gigs if you’re New


In this age of information, creating quality content is definitely a unique skillset. If you can string and peg ideas in words – passionately – you may want to learn about opportunities that will help you make a fine career in content writing.

First stop – make a blog!

One of the most professional approaches to launch yourself as a credible writer is to establish your own recognisable platform. Your own website or blog means your professional writing portfolio. It will showcase your skills and writing samples; invite people and businesses to look you up and your professional services for projects; and, help you target the right clients for writing jobs in your area of interest. A professional hub will definitely introduce you as a worthy candidate for good, and high paying writing jobs.

Help Tip: Writing for the internet is different from writing for a college essay, newspaper or in your personal writing journal. To be able to improve your skills of writing, do a lot of reading. Look for sites and successful blog writers, follow them on social media platforms and take inspiration from their writings. What worked for them could serve as inspiration for you.
Leverage the power of social media

Social media will help you anchor clients and draw attention to your work. In addition to your personal website or blog, which will be the base of your content, create social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. Use a purposeful strategy to put your content across these platforms, e.g. post your blog on Twitter with the necessary hashtags. This will get your content, and your name, moving in the right circles; also, promote your skills and attach yourself with ideas and brands that show up in various search results.


Help Tip: While social media is free to use, it needs to be managed smartly and consistently for effective results. There are no overnight successes. Read about strategies of using social media to leverage yourself as a service provider.
Finding your niche

More and more people are needed to write content for professional bloggers, websites, businesses and such likes. So, there is special kind of writing required for different purposes and outcomes. Do look up and find your areas of interest. It’s important that you identify and settle in a niche to constantly attract opportunities your way.

But, identifying your niche should not limit you to cocoon yourself in a style suitable [only] to you. Many freelancers first attempt to write different genres to be able to find their niche eventually. For instance, your educational background and interests may be literature but you may have successfully written articles on nanotechnology.

Writing is a skill that requires patience with clarity of thoughts and ideas. So, go ahead and explore different niches at first to channel different opportunities. You could eventually establish your forte and offer various services to attract various clients.

Help Tip: As a new freelance writer, you will find it useful to read stories of successful bloggers and writers about how they embarked on their journeys of freelance writing and making good money. Writers can be more successful if they are careful readers. Subscribe to and follow writers and bloggers who are popular on social media platforms. Get a professional feed in your social media accounts and learn the best strategies of the trade.

Finding the right writing opportunities

There are many freelance writing websites that will help you find good writing opportunities. These are giant reliable hubs that connect writers with the right opportunities. You will be required to make an account with them where you can connect with many professionals who would want to hire you as a writer. Whatever your area of expertise is, you will find many opportunities that will help you find a steady stream of writing jobs.

Help Tip: Money will come to you – in good time – but it will be wiser in the beginning [and otherwise, occasionally] if you choose to contribute graciously as a guest blogger. This will earn you mentions and allow you to move in circles that encourage being picked by Business2Community and establish a great clientele. However, do ensure that you get a good transactional value in this exercise – make wise choices!


Every successful business, no matter the size, desires a strong and pulling social media presence. But not every business can get the right content writers for their publicity. It will be a good idea if you connect with the local businesses which are looking for someone to churn out quality content for their blogs. Opportunities beget more opportunities [and usually better ones!] so don’t hesitate to take up assignments with small sized businesses. The objective is to get you noticed in the Business2Community world.

Help Tip: Birds of a feather flock together – find other freelancers like yourself and co-work on projects. You’ll get friendly advice, get introduced to more people, and definitely, more clients and referrals. Cooperation and collaboration is the key to success – so get networking!

Your effort is what it takes

At the very beginning of your career as a freelance writer, develop a professional mindset to build a professional repertoire. Pay attention to details that are required by your client. Read guidelines they may give you, make notes of their requirements, and review your work critically to be able to give your clients quality that will certainly make them keep coming back for more [and attract many new others]!

And lastly, but most importantly, a disciplined approach is key to establishing a satisfying career. Use a calendar to block off time each day to read, explore the web, improve your writing skills, write for your own self [perhaps the most important way you can help yourself become a better writer!], and search for clients to pitch writing proposals to.

When you approach writing in a comfortable and organized way, you will definitely reap benefits that will be reflected in your content and your work ethics.


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