What Experts are Saying About New SEO Tactics?

What Experts are Saying About New SEO Tactics?

Online presence has become even more crucial for entrepreneurs. Strong online base is a necessity for an effective PR, internet marketing and sales enhancement. The ROI (return of investment) depends largely on how well you perform in the virtual world. I have been researching and found a lot of articles with the similar title, ‘Is SEO dead?’ and I am like what! How can SEO of all the things be dead? Search Engine Optimization, if we use a little common sense, is required even more in today’s world where internet is actually ruling the business world.


What Experts are Saying About New SEO Tactics?


No, I am not saying that SEO is still the same as the traditional practices. It has changed a lot in the past few years but where do the things remain monotonous in business? It is undeniable and even I am not refusing that the scenery of search engine optimization has changed and is still changing. All Google has done is that it has started penalizing low-quality and quantity based SEO tactics. But who doesn’t appreciate quality? SEO is now no more limited to keywords and link building as it has got its diverse components such as mobile optimization, social media marketing and other things we are going to take a closer look to in the following write-up.

Link Building is a thing of past

Not exactly the link building but yes, merely link building is past. Long gone are days when your website did well on ranking pages solely on the number of links you made. Today, not only quality links are required to lead but also a strategy to build your brand image. Since the launch of Google authorship where the content is linked to the authors’ profile, the ranking game has changed. Building your brand is a pre-step to rank well.

What Experts are Saying About New SEO Tactics?

What is SEO then?

Let’s say SEO is dead and believe it also. Then what is the SEO industry all about today if not just link building? The real and effective SEO stands on three things and links building is one of them. The other two equally important components are content and social media. The catch is not the three individual elements but the relationship between them. The content which you must write keeping yours’ and yours’ target audience’s need in mind – if gets shared on social media more and more – will generate back-links and credibility for you. Links from high quality sources and sharing by real users is becoming a key factor to rank well, after all the basic SEO is about generating traffic and improving ranking in search engines.

All of this starts with one thing – Content

If you have done SEO and internet marketing ever, you will relate to this. The key to successful SEO today is good content. Above design and other things, users stay engaged with your website due to content. Even the social media shares are content driven. The why not give this more importance? Content marketing like SEO is not same as it used to be. The industry is maturing and now marketers focus on savvy and engaging content which brings higher ROI. Again the competition is not of quantity but the quality. It is recommended to always post good content and not even average things which are inevitabilities for building your brand.

Do not get limited to computer screens

Number of mobile users are exceeding every other day. Mobile devices are best ways to reach wide spread of your customers. Heard about Google’s Hummingbird update? It has got difficult than ever before to rank well without mobile optimized strategy. The responsive design is must but not enough. You need a different and effective strategy for mobile devices. Look around you and see how many are not using cell phones? You will hardly find anyone. Since it is very obvious, then why not do proper investment on this side of search engine optimization.

What Experts are Saying About New SEO Tactics?

Social Media – the new addition

To rule spywares and malicious content, Google has started relying more on human signals. Hence it is of extreme importance to tell your SEO Company to make a subtle and tested plan for your social presence. Make sure your blogs have built-in sharing options to reach Google’s and other search engines’ notice. As I have explained above, social media has started intersecting with SEO in the ranking race.
At the same time as developing the SEO strategy for your website, try to compose balance in the three components from writing excellent content to building reputable links to maintaining social media presence. Customize your strategy according to your company’s strength and weaknesses and invest in a way to go closer to your niche audience. The above tips are helpful even if you are outsourcing your SEO services.

This article is written by Shara Roy. She is internet marketing strategist, working at Crocuss. She loves to share her ideas on new technologies related to internet marketing and web development. Visit author’s website

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