When Should you Change Hosting?

To many it has happened to us that after being completely satisfied with a service , we are surprised by some detail that we did not know before and then we must migrate. Despite what we believe, this is more common and more and more companies are joining to make a free transfer of your website to a group of servers with the qualities you need and that were the reason to leave. Today we tell you when you should do it too and avoid some annoying problems.

1. When the space is insufficient:

Most hosting for small businesses, offer a space no larger than 1GB (in the most basic plan). This is because in a few occasions that space is completely consumed by the initial design and it is enough when you only want to have a landing and a blog with news that is not updated too much. But when you see that everything improves and you start to have more traffic, you should think that the load should be fast and the experience for the user excellent. In this case, the space should be extended and be arranged according to the number of monthly visits.

2. When the technical service is very poor:

An essential part of any hosting, is the ability to solve problems in a couple of minutes and avoid losses, both visitors, and money for sales issues. In that case, check what aspects the operational support covers, and in case it is not useful: if your website goes down or if your domain is stolen, then discard that possibility because it will not serve you to succeed in the middle.

3. When you want to have more than one domain:
You would think that this goes hand in hand with space, but in reality many hosting offer up to 10GB of storage … the problem ?: they are only enabled to receive a single web domain. To improve this, change to a hosting that offers a high space, and the possibility of including the amount of extensions you need. In this way you can manage them all from the same cPanel and avoid complications with other supports.

And remember that it is good to compare the price to know who offers you more and of what quality.

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