Why should one blog owner should use logo

Why should one blog owner should use logo

Hi I am Jimmy, I am blogger and I am blogging since 2014 January. I really love blogging, it is one of the most important part of my life. Like blogging is one of the most important part of my life, I feel logo is must need for any blog.

Why should one blog owner should use logo

Why Blog should use its unique logo?

Logo will represent your blog someday, logo is a sign you and your blog will be known for someday. I believe any blog without logo is still incomplete, when I see Nike logo without its name I recall in my mind it’s “Nike”.

Logo is not the name but a sign so that your readers know your blog, it helps in being recognized by others.

You know one thing, I did not use logo in my earlier blog. I was not aware of its need, I was unknowing moving a wrong way actually. But truth is having a cool logo is always going to help you in your whole life.

When I see a blog without logo my impression goes down. However, when I visit a blog having its unique logo my first impression is good. I feel like I can trust the blog more, such as “Hostgator” do I need to read the name? No, just a logo makes me remind of it.

Benefits of using logo in Blog:


1. Build brand:

Why should one blog owner should use logo

I mean just think for a while which company you remember more? A company having Logo or a company without a logo. It is quite clear you will surely choose a company with logo. Today if all the country around the world are in competition, how will you recognize someone?

But you will know by a Logo on a dress, you are not going to read the name one by one. So it is quite simple an obvious if you want your brand to grow, you must use logo.

2. Impression:

It will always leave good impression to your readers, yes I am reading to a blog who have its identity. It is very much important to grab the first impression from your readers. This will help you to know your blog just by a small symbol.

3. Identity:

When you are in a business you must have your own identity. Identity means trust, I guess you know very well how important it is to build trust. If your readers don’t trust you why are you in the business??

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Its meaningless and worthless, You must also have your reputation in your site which will build trust.

Add one cool picture of yours in the About authors section too.

This are few important points I noted why every blog should use logo. Using logo is need for every blog today, so get one cool logo quickly.

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Why should one blog owner should use logo

I actually tried my best to keep things simple. So that you can get it easily, it is my genuine opinion about this topic. I am really thankful to you for holding your breath and reading hard works.

I am really excited to get connected with you, if you have any doubts or problem feel free to ask me anything about blogging tips, I will give my 200% to help you out. You can contact me in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Please let me know how did it help you?

Or it was useless?

Or you feel I missed out any points?

I am very excitingly waiting for your comments.

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