wordpress temporarily banned in pakistan
wordpress temporarily banned in pakistan

why wordpress temporarily banned in pakistan

WordPress.com has been temporarily blocked in Pakistan

Every one to know why WordPress temporarily banned in Pakistan

Within an unfathomable turn of occasions, famous cms (content management system)platform WordPress.com
continues to be blocked from access in Pakistan. WordPress.com, the first option for
countless writers all over the world, cannot ‘t be arrived at from inside Pakistan
any longer, we’ve confirmed during the time of publication of the piece.

wordpress temporarily banned in pakistan

wordpress temporarily banned in pakistan

The drastic prohibit around the famous content platform comes just days after
Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) was presented with within the responsibility to
handle the neighborhood internet content. PTA was entrusted using the content
management following the committee accountable for YouTube prohibit was restrained
from the activities by Islamabad High Court.

We’re still attempting to confirm whether it would be a deliberate act and why the
necessity to block an internet site that is reliable by countless customers globally
came about to begin with. This will be noted here that WordPress is among the most
widely used blogging tool in Pakistan and 100s of 1000’s Pakistanis are utilizing it
to make a living.

This can be a developing story. We’ve approached PTA management when it comes to
this, and can update our visitors the moment we hear back.

UPDATE: 7:33PM – 3 – 22- 2015

WordPress temporarily banned in pakistan

An insider has confirmed that additionally to WordPress.com other websites are also
temporarily blocked in Pakistan because of national security issues.

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